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  1. Fingers crossed indeed. The first game is good but I feel like it needs the other enemies to really be complete. I would be all over an Eternal Expansion if we could finally get some lost souls and arachnotrons
  2. I like the ability to adjust compartment size on it and using the foam to cut down on jostling. The type I got only come with a single insert for some reason. Perhaps I can track down more or just make my own.
  3. My thanks for all the info. I settled on this little combo I found in Walmart. Not big enough to fit as much as yours but it's stackable with a handle for carrying. Will need to get a separate container for the barrow wurm/Roc warrior but not bad
  4. Haha I will keep this in mind if I go that route. Some of the card deck holders are really nice but also pricier. A shame because they come in all three pertinent colors. Going to take a little look see today to see what I can find since I finally primed something for paint
  5. Strangely enough it seems my wife has one of these although she is using it right now. Does it travel well? These days if I want to game I usually have to go to someone else's place.
  6. Oh my yeah I could see doing all the runewars minis as becoming a bit of a slog. I thought about it briefly but decided against it. I have painted stuff in the regular 28mm and also some 6mm stuff but I really find myself liking the different scale of the battlelore stuff. Not to mention I like most of the actual models. It can be hard to get through so many models but I do like the fact that I only have to paint three to have a finished unit
  7. So I have finally decided to begin painting my battlelore minis and I have realized this will necessitate storing them in something other than the plastic bags they currently inhabit. I was just wondering what you guys find works well for storage, especially for the army expansions?
  8. Cool. I would assume though that the old 1st edition models are a pretty penny these days?
  9. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does this I had a similar experience although the vp was on a forest hex and the wraiths took it with the swap. They are more useful than I first thought.
  10. I hadn't originally thought of being able to retreat through woods but that is an excellent benefit. I agree with Willange about once per phase. No ents with rocket skates lol. How do you guys feel about it having immovable? I know there has been some discussion of wanting to stay away from abilities that are already possessed by current units but thematically it does seem right to have a giant tree man "rooted" in place in some way. I also kind of like the idea of a tree man striding across rivers. What if it had the extra movement forest ability and then a separate nature walk ability that just said forest and water hexes do not restrict this unit's movement? Would that make him too mobile? Just spit balling.
  11. How about if it had something like the obscene where it is speed one but gets an extra move point if the second move brings it into/out of forest hex?
  12. Haha no I suppose not. Giant possibly exploding arrows are good that way That's kind of what I was thinking was the case from what I'd read in the rules and on here about fighting in woods. Another reason for me to like them beyond just the coolness of the models lol.
  13. I recently was able to acquire Hernfar Guardians and Heralds of Dreadfall and have been having a lot of fun testing them out. I was wondering however whether the Wraith's ethereal ability reduces your opponents combat roll in woods to one die? Assuming a non caster non other ability/condition situation of course. If so it would seem to make the wraiths a really great defensive unit in woods. Played a scenario where the Uthuk had an objective in a wooded hex and the wraiths summarily possessed them and took the objective. Would seem fitting in my mind as pinning down ghosts in the forest sounds like a hard thing to do.
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