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  1. I also have no idea. My biased opinion is that less access to upgrades leads to substantially more variety. Not sure if thats best done via expensive chassis or upgrades? Thankfully Max is smart and does that stuff for us pretty well.
  2. As the artist who created this map I agree. It assumes your moving last. Not bumped. In open space. Not stressed. And willing to not have a focus sometimes. Its still a ton of coverage though. Boost is to common of an action. And 1 hard turns are way to common to. Also HYPE more RZ2A discussion.
  3. Optics seems like a weird card to nerf. Its only ever been questionable on the RZ2A. Dangit....the 6 Degrees of RZ2A truly is inevitable....
  4. Yea if you scroll back about 1000 pages there was a lengthy discussion about how boost rear arc ships have remarkable coverage specifically when moving last in open space doing a hard 1 turn and when not blocked but the full coverage partly assumes sometimes they have no mods. SFs are substantially more constrained just by not having boost although spoiler...afterburners exists. The king of course is the legendary fat turret Slave 1 Boba. Man I am so glad to be talking about RZ2As again. Has been far to long since we properly discussed that ship.
  5. Probably 6-12 months before we get the First Order RZ2A. Any discussion of any ship eventually loops back to RZ2As.
  6. Seems super reasonable paired with a struts increase.
  7. Yea no question CIS Swarm is above average in Hyperspace. Close to or greater than 60% win rate against alot which is crazy. Either way I don't think Vultures themselves are a huge problem. Only thing I would consider addressing is Struts since that card fundamentally alters core in game counter play for 6-8 pts total in a list which I think is reasonable to question. Discord Missiles, Ordinance, Probes, Tech Relays, base Vulture costs etc. all that I think is priced pretty well and I genuinely don't want to see any increases there. Every faction has simple, non-tech related ship count based options for dealing with a Vulture Swarm even in Hyperspace. The struggle is doing that and maintaining at least a 50/50 matchup vs Boba at the same time. Address the Ace lists and I think the CIS Swarm's matchups start to look alot less consistent as players adjust to not having to tech against a 20+ Pt Bid Supernatural Two Ship Ace Jouster List. Kylo could become a huge problem but I think he should go up in cost to about 80 as well so there is that to I guess. I don't know what Hyperspace would look like if Boba+ was nerfed into the ground but I suspect CIS Swarm would eventually become less effective since it basically does not require specific bids/inits or tech to consistently get to a 50/50 matchup. For Extended I don't think CIS Swarm is much of a problem. If anything its reasonable quality given how ridiculous the relevant things are in that format. But thats a mostly pointless comment since I have absolutely zero idea what costs should look like for Extended.
  8. Ok ill bite. Vultures are not a problem and never have been.
  9. @GreenDragoon Main reason I still think about RZ2A costs is in comparison to other things of similar cost. Its just a weird reference point ship for things between 30-40 pts. Always has been. I don’t think they need a points increase based on how crazy extended is in general. Either way, its cool man your thoughts on Rz2As and other things are always welcome
  10. FFG did an incredible job with 2.0 points/formats during this last cycle and we know all kinds of awesome new content is on the way. I am perfectly happy to wait another month for points or even longer. The game is in good hands.
  11. Its absolutely how they are designed. Im sure there are at least a couple cards or ships in the game your not same team with for primarily design reasons. We all know you and dragoon put a ton of time into playing RZ2As. Kudos for that. @GreenDragoon thread in particular is just awesome. Not liking Rz2As doesnt mean we dont recognize the time yall put in. Also doesnt mean there is a general lack of understanding of their capabilities either. Competitive practice and tournament list selection are completely separate from design discussion or preferences or even meta analysis. Mostly separate topics. Lets move on from RZ2As. Lots of players genuinely don't like their design. Its not shocking. Players didnt like 5 VTG Y Wings or 5 Barrage Bombers either and those couldnt boost with a rear arc at i5. We need a new ship to complain about for the next 500 pages. I nominate the Defender.
  12. They might have been able to but they all got destroyed and did nothing before never being seen again. TLJ is for sure Anti-AOE propaganda.
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