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  1. penpenpen

    Death-defying leaps and other "instant death" checks

    It'd take a lot for me to kill off a PC and random, regardless of how many despairs they rolled. After all, my campaigns tend to be based heavily on the backstories of the PCs, so should one of them shuffle off, they might take a good chunk of my plans with them. Also, random death is pretty boring, and the day I can't come up with a fate worse than death on the fly anymore I'm giving up GMing...
  2. penpenpen

    Why do people hate Jedi?

    Hey, some of us happen to like nanny states! I keep all my stuff in one! Having survived the grimdark era known as the 90s, I've pretty much had it with that particular brand of anti-heroes, and most characters I play these days are people who generally try to be good people in bad circumstances. Struggle to be good in most cases. The thing is, being the good guy should be the hard choice in most cases, and playing someone who tries to uphold paladin-esque jedi ideals while being on the run from the empire tends to be very hard. What do you do if a dangerous enemy surrenders? Keep him locked up on your ship? Look around for a prison that will take him? Let him go, potentially putting others at risk at a later date? Execute him on the spot? Playing jedi from a position of power isn't as interesting because there's a system to fall back on. Under the empire you might only have yourself, and starting to give in to the more pragmatic choices might become neccessary. Which, of course, might send you careening down a dark path. Being a noble jedi should be a struggle, with constant temptation to do things the easy way.
  3. penpenpen

    Old School Star Wars

    This caught my eye: "Bomarr cast-off - An insult insinuating that an individual is rejected by the Bantha-worshipping Bomarr religious order, or simply a kind of outcast (Knights of the Old Republic)." By all means, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the thing about Bomarr monks that they remove their brain and place in a jar connected to a spider-like droid? Meaning that the cast-off would be the body, minus the brain? So it makes more sense if "Bomarr cast-off" was just a roundabout way of calling someone brainless.
  4. Half-way into the second episode of ST: Discovery I was fully aboard with it being Philippa Georgiou. Then the rest of the season happened and I went back to team Sisko.
  5. Oh man, sounds like things are going to be tough when he hits the teenage rebellion phase and becomes a hardcore trekkie. I know your first instinct as a caring father will be a re-education camp at Skywalker ranch, but remember, he will need to be allowed to make his own life choices and (as in this case) his own mistakes. Well, unless his answer to "Kirk or Picard?" is "Archer!". In that case, tie him down and call the cult deprogrammer and excorcist right away.
  6. penpenpen

    Lightsaber Colours

    It's just not the same once you have permission...
  7. penpenpen

    Lightsaber Colours

    But he isn't a canon character, nor does he have creative control over the franchise as a whole. George Lucas did have that control, but as he doesn't anymote, anything he has said that hasn't made it into media is also not canon. In one case you accept that the vague and/or contradictory on-screen statements means that the behind-the-scenes comments can't be taken as canonical truth, and in the other case you're arguing for the complete opposite. It's at best unclear whether Filoni is talking about in-universe or design choices when mentioning her lightsabers; seconds earlier he was discussing her armor design, mentioning that he wanted it to look like something she found in an old temple, which does not mean that, canonically, she found her armor in an old temple despite us having no other information on it. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, because behind the scenes commentary is not canon, even if it's correct, because canon needs to be established, and the only media that even raises the point makes it just as likely to be related to the cleansing process itself as some intrinsic quality of Ahsoka. So, canonically, it's inconclusive until directly adressed. Just like Jango. Practical to whom?
  8. penpenpen

    Lightsaber Colours

    No, that means we can take his word for it as a possibility. A fact is something completely indisputeable. Look, if you took the time and effort to properly read the replies you get you'd realize that noone is saying that FILONI's statement is definitely wrong, only that it's not definetly right as the canon is still open to interpreting it otherwise in the future without making it a retcon. Compare it to J.K. Rowling announcing that Dumbledore was gay. Until it was (kinda sort of reluctantly) shown in Crimes of Grindelwald, it wasn't canon. The big difference here is that Rowling has extensive, franchise-wide creative control and FILONI only deals with the animation part of Star Wars. Meaning that he can be overridden by book authors, comic writers and filmmakers if Lucasfilm has a better idea later on.
  9. penpenpen

    Lightsaber Colours

    Well, the problem here is that particular nugget, while he said it, wasn't put into canon. I mean if I make a Star Wars film and put the main character in a bright yellow x-wing and explain in an interview that I made that choice to make her to stand out from the crowd, the in-universe canon reason is not that she was trying to stand out from the crowd. The thing with canon is, it needs to be put into the works to count.
  10. penpenpen

    You get 3500 xp

    Well, RAW doesn't state that the target needs to hear you... I guess yelling at people in sign language is a viable option. Or just the tried and true classic of delivering a sick burn via protest sign.
  11. penpenpen

    You get 3500 xp

    That'd be my interpretation as well, but I'd be interested to hear arguments to the opposite.
  12. penpenpen

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    It makes perfect sense if you're thinking through a straw.
  13. Mostly just the once, but a fail with a good amount advantages may be allowed to spend them to try again ("I just realized what I was doing wrong!"). During structured time, depending on the task, I can let them try every time they have an action to spend, as it wouldn't be structured time if time wasn't a critical factor. This usually applies to trying to acheive something (opening a door, climbing a wall, slicing a computer, decorating a cake) during ongoing combat. The sooner they succeed, the sooner they can contribute to the fight, or just run away.
  14. A dissertation on the practical applications of theoretical endophysics.
  15. Harm is kinda nice and vague and could potentially cover pretty much anything from choking to lightning, not to mention the dreaded "force hernia". I like the idea to use influence to make someone believe they're being choked, but I'm not sure I'd let it do damage. I'd consider using the asphyxation rules though, but I'd also consider making it "imaginary damage" that dissappered the moment influence stopped working.