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  1. Building the ironman suit

    There aren't any vehicle weapons compatible with Sil 1, thank George.
  2. Vibrorapier/bladebreaker combo

    I'm well aware of the errata and have read it, re-read it, and decided that it seemed reasonable that you applied Defensive/Deflective once (preferably at the highest available value) rather than stacking it with itself, even if it stacks with other sources. The errata doesn't clearly say either way though so you might be right as well. The thing is, if you let dual wielding defensive weapons stack, you open up for quad wielding (for our besalisk and xexto friends) or people using armor weapons mounts as such to mount even more weapons with deflective, or even the dreaded dual-shield wielding. Now, this isn't huge issue since defense caps at 4, but I'd rather not set 4 as a default value. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter which one of us is right until we sit down for a game together (and, really, not even then as it's the GM's prerogative to set the rules). ...but, for curiosity's sake, I passed the question along to the devs. I'll keep you posted on any updates.
  3. Vibrorapier/bladebreaker combo

    I wouldn't interpret it like that. I wouldn't let you stack defense dice from the same source (Defensive in this case) but to each their own.
  4. Help with a melee build

    If you want to stay fairly low profile while still dealing stupid amounts of damage, I'd recommend Blast knuckles from Dangerous Covenants. While it lacks pierce, it deals more base damage than the vibro-ax or vibro-greatsword. Which is pretty damned nice whenever you want to go somewhere a six foot tall vibro-weapon would draw undue attention.
  5. Cool. How long would it take?
  6. D'oh. Of course. Mixed up the numbers. When selling crafting stuff you get material cost +50% for commissioned items and +5% per advantage spent. So... 650 extra?
  7. As it happens, in our current campaign, the PCs have recently found their old ship again, only to find that their mad medical droid is now using it to run a free clinic on Nar Shadaa and has sold off the engines to pay for expenses. As we don't have access to FO just yet, on account of being damned dirty europeans, I was wondering if those who do could give us some ballpark numbers for buying replacements and the time and difficulty for installing them? If it's relevant it's a Ghtroc 720 (Sil 4, Spd 3, Handling -2, SST 28).
  8. Running Rebels?

    While they might be freelance, the writers of DoR (@KRKappel and I forget who else) that went on Order 66 offered the answer I gave, at least as I recall. I think that's as close were getting to an official answer from FFG about pretty much anything like this.
  9. Running Rebels?

    It also had a lot to do that FFG had little to no idea what, if anything, Rebels were going to do or establish about the Lasat in Rebels, meaning that anything they put in a species writeup could be contradicted by the final season (which finished up at around the same time the book hit the stores). Better to play it safe with the comparatively peripheral species from Rogue One where not much was, nor were likely to established.
  10. Is there anything that stops you from building your speed 4, sil 4 ship and leaving a hardpoint for the high output ion turbine attachment to bump it to 5? I mean, the baseline for the Falcon is a speed 3 YT-1300. The rest is aftermarket modifications.
  11. What's in a Kyber Crystal?

    I'd say it takes more than a synthetic diamond to make a kyber crystal. After all, in the new canon, the kyber crystal is also the power source and might even be semi-sentient. That's some freaky space magic you don't get out of any old piece of compressed carbon. So, no. In my opinion you shouldn't be able to just pop a soul diamond in a lightsaber hilt and start swinging. That said... OMFG THATS AWESOME! DO IT! Still, Kyber crystals should be rare and special, so we need to wiggle a little bit to make that particular soul diamond special. As you've established, her father was not force sensitive, so his diamond has no real reason to be fundamentally different from all the others out there, but luckily your player has given you the tools to make it happen. She want's to communicate with her dead father through the force? Good. Encourage it. Have wise sages and mentors mentioned that it could work. Have her try meditating and reaching out with the force. Make her roll for something. Or not. At the appropriate time, or dice result, have her faintly feel her father's presence. No communications, just a faint, reassuring feeling. After all, her father didn't have the means to retain his consciousness after death. Perhaps a bit saddening, and maybe a little bit dissapointing, but she won't be able to communicate directly with him except from that faint presence from soul diamond. Of course, the PC has unknowingly altered and bonded with the diamond, turning it into what is in essence and function a kyber crystal. Of course, such a thing should be impossible, and the PC can't really repeat it. Maybe it'll become a quest to figure out what she did and how to do it again. A good reason to max out the Lore skill and the Manipulate force power tree, methinks.
  12. I'd say that jury-rig applies to the weapon as a whole, so it would reduce the cost of concussive from both crystals. In fact it would reduce the cost of concussive even if you swapped in a crystal that didn't grant you concussive (meaning you couldn't activate it, but if you could, it'd cost one less advantage). I like this interpretation, that Saber swarm applies Linked to the attack, not the weapon. If it was the other way around you should be able to jury-rig a non-linked lightsaber to activate Linked one single advantage for whenSaber swarm kicks in. Not sure I'd allow Imbue item to bypass it though. While it does intuitively make more sense, as it's temporary and force-magicky, to let it imbue the more intangible concept of attack, I'd come down on the "no" side because of the explicit mention of items, and, well, not let Saber swarm go insane.
  13. I think what @Rogues Rule was referring to is that while the Defensive trait does indeed stack with your defense, Defensive Training does not stack with a weapons inherent Defensive rating. So Defensive Training 1 + a weapon with Defensive 1 would still only result in Defensive 1.
  14. Statting out Darth Vader

    It'd be a nice article if it didn't contradict things we see in the movies and, you know, itself.
  15. How would you GM these rolls?

    Took to much strain and blew your voice? Deceit to lipsync. Also works for the very charming frontbeing that hasn't picked up the right skills yet.