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  1. Repulsor blasts look like they have a similar effect to geonosian sonic weaponry. I'd keep it fairly simple and just give them low to medium stun damage, knockdown and disorient, perhaps blast even, with range limited to short, or even engaged. Concussive is a pretty rare and powerful effect that usually requires something pretty powerful weaponry (ignore sap gloves, for your own sanity). Mandalorian vambraces are cooler as a swiss army knife with a few fairly specialized, situational tricks rather than incorporating a bunch of powerful weapons. Consider how small they are; you're probably not going to cram the efficiency of a much larger weapon into them, let alone several. A good blaster pistol should probably equal or surpass most of the weapons available for the gauntlets, outside their specialized niche uses.
  2. I wouldn't bother with soak or WT, but simply make it a straight roll. If a weapon seems on the weaker side to cause enough damage, increase difficulty or demand a number of successes on the roll. For instance, if they use a blaster pistol, a single success may only damage it, while three destroys it outright. A blaster rifle on the other hand may just need a single success to damage it. As for advantages and threats, you might rule that causing a crit would also destroy it, or just use them as you standard "ands" or buts" that cause additional effects that do not affect to success/fail of the roll.
  3. I'd be weirded out if I wasn't so used to it by now.
  4. It should also be considered that heavy laser cannons are limited to short range, and a Lucrehulk isn't exactly the best option for chasing anybody down, even a Star Destroyer. At long range, they're fairly even, but at medium Star Destroyer has a definitive advantage due to it's light turbolasers and ion cannons, despite being a smaller ship. But yeah, the best option is probably to simply tell who ever tries this to stop being an idiot as heavy laser can at best cause superficial damage to an ISD. If they insist, have the ISD commander have his 9,700 stormtroopers line up on the hull and open fire, counting as ship weapons, for a point of damage for every blaster rifle. That's right... Even at personal scale damage, that should take care of business.
  5. The best way I've seen language handled was a who GM portrayed an Ugnaught's speech as porcine squeals, while simultaneously using a text-to-voice app for his translator. I've tried to pull it off myself, but sadly I'm not that good enough at multitasking to pull it off quick enough in a running conversation, but it works for the odd line.
  6. As the armor has a defense rating, it can make an attack fail. That should be narratively enough for it being able to stop a round of anything. Also, just because the wearer takes wound damage doesn't necessarily mean that a shot has penetrated, just that the wearer got bruised and battered under the armor. If you start adding multiple levels of soak and defense, you're going to start mucking with the game balance, making armor a lot more desirable than it already is, basically making those who want to run around in just heavy clothing or less (like most people in the movies) at a severe disadvantage. Basically, it'll be less Star Wars, and more Warhammer 40K, but if you're fine with that, knock yourself out.
  7. That man is a legend and a treasure! You go out back and give yourself a good whipping for your ignorance! Ten lashes. Twenty if you complain. ...kids these days *grumble* something, something, culture, something, something, heathens....
  8. Well, that's why "Don't shoot!" is a check, rather than being a given.
  9. "How dare you insinuate that I'm connected to these rebel... scum!? What is you identification number, trooper? Who is your commanding officer?" Not that hard actually.
  10. It very clearly isn't one, but you're free to house rule it any way you like. I find it a more elegant solution than throwing more firepower at the the problem or inflating skill levels.
  11. You know, there's this talent in the Charmer tree called "Don't shoot"... It makes it so you can't be targeted by combat checks unless you make one first. You know what isn't a combat check? Scathing tirade. In Star Wars, you talk unbeatable combat monsters into submission.
  12. Oh, for the love of all that's sacred, don't push this further and mention the o-word.
  13. You can always leave. Why should we be responsible for your decision not to leave if you don't like it.
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