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  1. So, star wars has a bit of an ongoing love affair with multiple barreled vehicle weapons, particularly on starships, and for the most parts, the Linked rule handles this quite well. But honestly, beyond linked 3, it's starting to get a bit pointless, so I'm looking to get input on how to stat ships that take this a step further. What got me started on this was the Theta class shuttle with it's twin, front mounted quad cannons. You could go the path that FFG went with the Lambda shuttles four twin barreled guns and split them into separate weapon systems (which is frankly kind of weird, since they seem rather fixed forward), or try to keep them as they seemed to be intended, as fixed forward guns, presumably operated by the pilot. With the current rules philosophy, this would make them a Linked 7 weapon... which is pretty much pointless unless you're ludicrously skilled. There has to be a better way to represent the torrent of fire double quad cannons should be able to put out. Ill throw out these ideas for you to kick around: 1. Counts as a single quad gun, but with Accurate +1 (so many laser bolts that you're more likely to hit) 2. Counts as a single quad gun, but with Damage +1 (souped up laser cannons that suffer from slow-fire 1, but overcomes this issue by firing half barrels at a time) 3. Counts as a single quad gun, but can cause additional hits (once again, more blaster bolts, more hits) 3a: Linked activates on a single advantage (probably broken for the same reason as jury rigged autofire, even when limited to three hits) 3b: Linked 3 as usual, but 1 triumph can be spent on doubling the amount of extra hits (2 advantage, 1 triumph gets you one extra hit doubled to two. 4 advantage, 1 triumph two extra hits doubled to four. 1 triumph, 0 advantages would net you zero extra hits from advantages, so doubling them is pointless. Triumph can still be spent to activate linked as usual, mening this will only make a difference if you roll at least 1T 4A, 2T 2A or 3T) 4. Make it a Linked 7 weapon, but Triumphs can activate Linked twice. Thoughts on this?
  2. The sap gloves are kind of ridiculous. I can accept that sewing some lead weights into a pair of gloves would make them about as useful as brass knuckles (rounding up, due to the resolution of the system), but +2 damage, concussive and a hardpoint for a mere 50 credits? That is just stupid considering how the system treats something like, say, a knife.
  3. If you go strictly by rules as written, I'd say no, as it it's explicitly no longer banal apparel/cargo clothes/tracker vest etc. It's probably the sanest way to run it, and then the GM can allow base item bonuses on a case by case basis using cautious judgement, common sense and the innate goodness and generosity inherent to all GMs.
  4. penpenpen

    XP for Missing Players?

    This is pretty much a hypothetical situation to me, as among the people I play with, we book a date when everyone can make it, and if someone has to cancel last minute, the rest of might get together anyway and do something else. If someone has to take an extended hiatus from a campaign, their character is written out or we put the campaign on hiatus until they get back. There's, after all, always something else we want to try, and usually someone else willing to jump in if we need to fill out that group. Of course, it's happened that some has had to cancel or even leave the session on very short notice due to some unforeseen emergency and in a situation like that, I'd normally wrap up the session right then and there if possible and if the night is young, maybe we watch a movie, get a board game or just hang out. That said, were someone to miss a session, I'd probably hand out xp to them anyway. After all, if someone jumps into the campaign at later point, I'd let their character start with the same total xp as the others, and use the same reasoning if a player retired their character or got it killed. The new character would have the same xp as the rest of the group (unless the player explicitly wants to play a rookie, and then I'd hand more xp to them until they caught up). To me, it's the rule of fun that matters, and if your fun is ruined by someone getting the same amount of xp as you despite missing a few sessions, I'm not sure I'd want you in my gaming group.
  5. penpenpen

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Eh, since I went back to school this fall and splendidly kicked off the semester with a somewhat lengthy hospitalization, I'm still a bit behind and need to catch up before I can think of GMing my regular afk groups, let alone taking on something new online, so I'm going to have to bow out for now. Which might be to your advantage, because in light of the recent "discussion", I would most likely have made a ruling or two about that lightsaber you probably wouldn't have liked.
  6. penpenpen

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Well, fair warning, not everyone can go out in heroic glory. Ask Aayla Secura, Ploo Koon etc. Sometimes it will just be tragedy. But, hey, not every good death scene is in glorious battle.
  7. penpenpen

    Blaster Suppressor

    While on-screen info is the highest canon, only an imbecile would try to extrapolate in-universe physics such a byproduct of visual effects for anything but humorous remarks. It's like claiming that, in-universe snow speeders have slightly transparent hulls or that, due to the stop motion effects, rancors move in a strange, jerky way. So I'm going to assume that you were trying to be funny.
  8. It's fascinating that americans seem to think that canada and western europe is some kind of medical wasteland, when it's actually compareable or better than the US for a fraction of the cost. It's also funny (not in a ha-ha kind of way) that some people beleive that soldiers contribute more to and are owed more by society than nurses, teachers, firemen or even garbage collectors or the postman. If there's conscription it makes some kind of sense, but if you volunteer you should know what you're getting yourself into. EDIT: Perhaps I should have let this side topic lie, but considering that I am at this very moment enjoying high quality, socialized medical care which could have fincially ruined me in more privatized system, I have a fairly strong opinions on the topic. (Also, I'm coming off some really hardcore painkillers, so my judgement might be a little impaired.)
  9. penpenpen

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Well, finish up your session by all means. As for taking over, my prime consideration is the sheer scale of it. Eight players each with two characters is pretty far beyond what I can deal with as a lone GM. Splitting the charscters into paralell, overlapping groups might mitigate it, but still, it's a lot of characters to handle alone. I could of course up the lethality a few notches and make the campaign into a bleak struggle for survival, which kind of fits the setting, but I'm not sure if everyone would be fine with that, considering many of the master level characters are people's old favourites and might not enjoy having them killed of, especially since not everyone might get a cool heroic death scene. But if everyone is fine with that, I might be able to hammer something out.
  10. I suddenly have the urge to start an Age of Rebellion campaign, establish that the empire, while still being planet-'sploding space nazis have implemented galaxy-wide socialized, free/heavily subsidized health care for everyone. ...and then partway through the campaign reveal that the rebels are planning to return to the old republic for-profit, privatized health insurance system, just to see if any PCs switch sides.
  11. penpenpen


    That was a rethorical "you", not you personally, Trampy. I was going to say something along the lines of "I hope that clears up any confusion/misunderstanding/miscommunication", but given the last five pages or so that would be foolishly optimistic.
  12. penpenpen


    Really? The only ones I can see that don not increase lightsaber combat skills is nobody's fool and sense emotions, and possibly dedication, depending on your choice. I'd argue that force rating, while in most cases is a utility talent, as Niiman also gives you Draw closer, it becomes a pretty powerful boost to combat ability in this case. Of course, you could skip draw closer, but it is pretty much one of the signature talents of the tree. If you skip it, why did you take Niiman in the first place?
  13. penpenpen

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    That too. PM away.
  14. penpenpen

    Female Advice Required - Fashion

    ...sorry, I had memetic flashbacks.
  15. penpenpen

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Feel free to send me your list of demands.