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  1. Thank you! That's what I was looking for! Do you know even if there are similar tools for hyperspace communications?
  2. Are there official rules or not to manage the interception of transmissions and messages? Can anyone explain to me how exactly the interception of messages in the Star Wars galaxy works please?
  3. I do not entirely agree ... but in the end this is a discourse that does not only concern game mechanics, but ethics in general, so it is very complex. regarding the Star Wars philosophy, and the jedi, very often avoiding doing evil, like killing someone, controlling one's emotions is already a step towards the light side. therefore it is difficult to discern exactly the boundary between good and evil. However in "Unlimited Power"SOURCE BOOK P. 95 there some rules to adjust Morality.
  4. I know, but here in Italy there are no translations or distribution of books. the only way to get them is to pay the shipping costs from the US or Uk if you are lucky. and despite this I bought the whole complete collection. so I don't feel like a scoundrel if I simply ask for the statistics of two characters.
  5. Wow great! 😲thank you! I'm running a campaign with Boba Fett and Han Solo couldn't you even put their stats on please?
  6. Wow great! 😲thank you! I'm running a campaign with Boba Fett and Han Solo couldn't you even put their stats on please?
  7. Hello! Can you tell me if a character can have more than one duty? And if there can be group duties? For example, if the group sabotages an imperial factory and no one has the Sabotage duty, is it possible to assign the whole group a single Sabotage duty 20?
  8. Thank you for your answers. What does not satisfy me of the morality system is the D10 roll at the end of the session. So it's too easy for a player to stay on the light side path and also create flat characters without an interesting inner conflict. Being careful, a character like that can use dark side points without ever risking falling into obscurity, or he can ignore someone's request for help. I generally appreciate conflict points, but not doing the wrong thing does not necessarily mean doing the right thing as this mechanic would. On the other hand, however, I would not even use good points, like medals, to represent the rise of the Light... For example, in my party, there is this player, who is not exactly a great performer, he is a jedi (Force Rank 4) to whom the Empire has killed his brother, and his emotional strength and weakness are: Empathy and Revenge. He is part of a rebel cell and uses only a few dark side points per session, and almost never gets conflict points due to his actions. His morality is 100, yet he never shines for courageous deeds and generous gestures to the rescue of his neighbor.
  9. Or save his wookiee friend and his planet... Thank you all. I think I have finally understood how this system works. So far I have used it incorrectly, because for example, as one of my players damaged the Empire, I immediately created a corresponding obligation, like a bounty.
  10. Hello there, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions:- Is it always the player who decides to add a new obligation? For example, if you make a crime lord angry, can not the GM decide to give him an obligation?- When adding a new obligation, does the character always receive some benefits? Also, I seem to have read in the manuals that not only at the beginning, but also during the adventure, if the character increases or decreases his obligation receives XP bonus. Is that it? Do you remember where it is written? Thank you
  11. Hello there, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions:- How do you handle morality when there is only one force-user in the party? For example, how do you perform the morality check? Are there any official rules about it?- Do you know any alternative rules on morality other than official ones? Thank you
  12. Hello congratulations, the character sheets you made are really beautiful. If I can give you an advice you could add to the threshold of wounds and strain a check box to indicate the -1/2 or +1/2 due to the activation of the obligation and the duty of the characters.
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