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  1. When the archmilitant succeeds at acquiring dozens of rare and powerful weapons but repeatedly fails to acquire any ammunition
  2. When the dark eldar in your party is so sadistic he would make Hitler die of a fear overdose at the mention of his name, but he's the sanest person in the party.
  3. When the plot spirals out of control before the game even starts
  4. When forming an alliance with dozens of xenos races in an attempt to stem the tide of tyranids by basically rein acting the plot to ME3 in order to save the galaxy is how your game runs when all you had planed for the start was a one off game about looting a battlecruiser.
  5. Ymgarl.
  6. You know your playing rogue trader when the party installs enough planetary defense guns to one shot a battleship and then when a chaos battleship shows up they miss every shot for three rounds in a row.
  7. You know your playing rogue trader when the dm has to redo all his prep for the next game because his players didn't mercilessly butcher the entire race of xenos they envountered last game
  8. You know your playing rogue trader when your rogue trader is a genestealer, your explorator is a mech boy, your chaplain is a farseer, your archmilitant is an ork commando, and your senichal is a warp entity. -and this is a run of the mill campaign
  9. When the mostly insane rogue trader decides the most cost effective method of destroying his enemies is to throw a sun at them. And the seneshal and the exploritor get together and conclude that he is, in fact, correct.
  10. When the resident Man of Iron fires a tachyon cannon into a star to cause a supernova to destroy a tyranid hive ship that was lured into the system by the party astropath's massive psykic might after the arkmilitant shot it with half a dozen vortex torpedoes to piss it off