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    Magic system

    Awesome! Thank you three for the responses. I do like having the perspective that the objective is to reduce the difficulty and not entirely to build a bigger dice pool. How have you folks handled shapeshifting? I think that's been my last barrier. We have a 5th edition druid player who will definitely be interested in shapeshifting.
  2. Idar

    Magic system

    Hi folks, I've been considering running a fantasy genesys game, but the only thing I'm struggling with is the magic system. I'm wondering what peoples' experiences have been with the magic system? I think one of the barriers that I struggle with is the lack of progression other than purchasing additional skill ranks. How has this detail interacted with the games you guys have ran?
  3. I love the book. I do wish they would have expanded further on magic, particularly on their method for controlling advancement in magic related skills. I also wish they would have given us some more guidelines on how to create our own heroic abilities if we didn't want to use the ones listed there. Other than that, I love the gear, talents, races, and other content. It helped confirm that we're on the right track with what we're producing for our own genesys game. I haven't read the setting details in general, and I probably will in the future for some ideas. But overall, I definitely don't regret buying the book.
  4. The rules seem simple enough, but I have a few questions. Are you able both attack with your mount and with your character? It also states that you can use a single maneuver to move like you've spent two. Does that mean I can still expend two maneuvers, take the strain, and move like I've done four maneuvers?
  5. Appreciate both responses! It's definitely an interesting system, and quite different from the standard D20 game which is fun. I can already see more of an interest to be narrative/descriptive from my players, especially during combat. I always encourage them to be descriptive, so I definitely should give them a few boosts to encourage it further.
  6. We're a few sessions into our Genesys fantasy game, and people are loving it! We have a handle on spending advantages/threats during combat with the handy combat chart, but my players are having a hard time coming up with ideas for outside of combat. What sort of tips/suggestions would you give your players for spending advantages on skill checks, like knowledge, or lockpicking, or stealth, ect? The second question I had for my side, is how do you determine the degree of advantage? For an example, what's the difference between rolling 1 advantage or 3 advantage?
  7. I've been looking through different forums for an answer, but I'm still a little confused about how the force powers work. I understand that you can spend additional force pip on force upgrades, but how does that work if they've bought additional ranks in a single force upgrade? For an example, if a player has force move and purchased all the strength upgrades, can they spend they move up to a silhouette 4 object with a single force pip?
  8. Idar

    Crafting Rules

    Perfect! Thanks for the responses. I will have to start looking into those.
  9. Idar

    Crafting Rules

    Hey there! It looks like the new setting book will have some crafting rules. In the mean time, how easy do you think it would be to convert the FFG Star Wars crafting rules over to this system for fantasy?
  10. Happy Holidays Forum, I've been running 5th edition DnD with a group for the past few months now, but I would love to drag them over to this system after reading the dice system and rules. What I'm hoping is to have some different questions answered that might help the players ease over into a new ruleset, especially since it looks like the spell casting mechanics will be vastly different. Can Genesys handle the high-fantasy that D&D portrays later in levels? Does the spell system help duplicate a lot of the different type of spells that D&D has? Does the system let players fight all the abstract and dangerous creatures D&D has, like dragons and beholders? Appreciate all the answers! It will help convince them to give this awesome system a try.
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