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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned but in regards to Thrawn, the civilian casualties at Batonn were not part of his plans. A certain governor did some stuff that resulted in the incident.
  2. Harpoons are Range 2-3, though so it wouldn't affect a harpoon attack.
  3. For reference, this map seems to be pretty up to date: http://www.swgalaxymap.com/ Orange marks are canon planets, blue are Legends. At this point between comics, novels, games, and Rebels, the new canon is well over 50 confirmed planets. Many Legends planets have been brought into canon by a simple passing mention and the assumption that their placement remains the same (there was a tweet from Pablo, I think, a while back about that), so some of the planets on your map may in fact be accurate.
  4. Need a GIF of the gunboat being launched out of the catapult.
  5. Pretty much rules out the Hammerhead from Rogue One. The hinge is throwing me off....Ye-4 Gunship maybe?
  6. Yeah, the "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" and "Bad Batch" arcs are considered canon. Two other unfinished arcs from Clone Wars have been adapted into canon: The Darth Maul arc was adapted into the Son of Dathomir comic, and the 8-part arc with Asajj and Vos got turned into the book Dark Disciple. Most of the rest of the unfinished CW stuff, including the Bane/Boba scene, appears to be non-canon. The Siege of Mandalore got a little adaptation in the Ahsoka novel, but it would've been cool to see it fully implemented. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/The_Clone_Wars_Legacy
  7. It's certainly one way to "row, row, fight the power!" Although if they were to jack some gunboats, I suppose it would be "Rho, Rho, fight the power!" Another interesting note, this article was posted on Friday, and in the third image you can see Gov. Pryce behind taken captive. http://www.starwars.com/news/6-highlights-star-wars-rebels-mid-season-4-trailer
  8. Pause at 2:05. The mural that lights up is the Father, Son, and Daughter from the Mortis arc in Clone Wars. Not sure if it'll mean anything, but it's an interesting detail. Also, KANAN CUTS HIS HAIR?! Now I can finally do this costume without waiting an obnoxiously long time for mine to grow out. Or buy a wig.
  9. Seriously, I didn't even notice the "spoiler" in the back at first.
  10. I feel the same way. I think Disney has been real strict on death in Rebels, or at the very least how it's shown. Sato dies in the explosion of his ship ramming another, the Grand Inquisitor falls into a fire, and Ahsoka behind closed doors. Literally. Even stormtroopers seem to get stunned/knocked out more often than they are shot. Kanan makes the most sense to die, given that Hera was captured prior to the break and him doing a heroic sacrifice thing would fit. It would also give a few episodes of how the rest of the team handles it, especially Hera and Ezra. I'm a fan of Kanan as well, but given the time-line, it makes most sense for him to go. To your point of Sabine's mother and brother dying being "dark," that's exactly why it should have happened. I believe it was Filoni who said Season 4 would be the darkest one, and so far it hasn't lived up to that statement. The end of episode 1 had a chance at setting the tone thinking Ursa and Tristan were dead, but then episode 2 comes around like, "JK we're fine." At least one of them dying would've given gravity to the situation and given Sabine some depth/development.
  11. shadowzeak

    Next Epic Ship

    While you're reminding me of villains that piss me off, throw in Anton Azzameen. Maybe make him a dual faction Imp/Scum crew similar to Maul being Rebel/Scum. He's also got an Action IV, Big Score, so that could be another title/pilot if that's the one released. Could have the ability to sell out your family too
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