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  1. Thry also have a version whixh includes a KR carrying case.
  2. I just wanted to put 3 on the table for fun, so I threw this together....i had 3 points available after building the list and an open missle spot on Vydner, so I added Prockets for a range 1 threat. Alpha-Class Star Wing: •Major Vynder (42) Advanced SLAM (2) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Push the Limit (3) Extra Munitions (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Proton Rockets (3) Alpha-Class Star Wing: Rho Squadron Pilot (29) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Crack Shot (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Linked Battery (2) Alpha-Class Star Wing: Rho Squadron Pilot (29) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Crack Shot (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Linked Battery (2) Total: 100/100 It was a fun mix of both titles in the 1 game i ran it. Maj Vydner is a bit too high cost though...
  3. Ouch is right...thats a 41 point ship dead at the end of the first round of combat (in epic).
  4. I think it would be interesting to cap VI to ps9, but allow adaptability to move the organic ps9s to ps10...if the player absolutely wants the ps advantage it limits the pilot choices, which could be a good thing. But likewise, FFG would need to be careful about releasing future ps9s.
  5. I never played SWG, I'll take your word for it. I was an Xwing, Tie Fighter, XvT, XWA gamer...
  6. Is the M-12 L similar to the Arc-170? Bullseye vice aux (rear) arc, illicit vice crew, salvaged astro vice regular astro? High health, low agi, ordanance? Perhaps?
  7. I would think about buying one just to cut out the engine to put it into my super scurrg. (WIP)
  8. It made me think of a whole different definition of "dead eye" scurrg....but alas, I was behind the ball of the Kylo blinded pilot
  9. I dont see how that version of Miranda works...she has a missle and 2 torp slots, but you have 3 torps and no missles on her.
  10. Kanan is there to make EI work like AdvSlam...since Miranda now gets a stress after a slam bombing attack. The AdvSlam nerf means that instead of 2 pts to slam bomb without stress you can now do it with 6 points without a stress-restricted dial.
  11. So with the new FAQ - specifically the Adv Slam nerf I decided to throw together a little Nym Miranda list that'll still without further ado: Scurrg H-6 Bomber: •Captain Nym (49) Guidance Chips (0) Veteran Instincts (1) Twin Laser Turret (6) Extra Munitions (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) •Sabine Wren (2) Cluster Mines (4) K-Wing: •Miranda Doni (51) •Experimental Interface (3) Cluster Mines (4) •Kanan Jarrus (3) Harpoon Missiles (4) Extra Munitions (2) Twin Laser Turret (6) Total: 100/100 I dont think this us a finished product yet, just a basic thought really, looking to use Kanan to facilitate Slam bombing on EI, with some alpha strike via Harpoons and TLT add ons for flavor...
  12. His pic from the alt art card on one side and the shoot down pic on the back?
  13. I saw Gosric made this sweet turret pack with 2 nice missle turrets (a fat one and a rectangular 6 tube one)...i thought either type might do well for the OS1 missle boat upper pods.
  14. Miranda did get a nerf with the change to Advanced Slam. The TLT does deserve a slight decrease in power as well - in my book I prefer to see the defender gain a range bonus against the range 3 would balance out the power of the range of the turret while not killing its usefulness completely.
  15. There is no maximum to stress tokens per ship...