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  1. You are aware that Krennic's condition probably won't apply to First Order ships...
  2. Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

    The bug slipped my mind...
  3. Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

    First, I want to applaud the thought and effort of the potential combos you listed here, but I thought some perspective on where they could go (and therefore, what they are competing with) could help yield some light on R3s shortfalls: 1 ship can take a droid and crew - the Arc-170. Since PS is important lets look at Norra....ballet Norra is the cheapest effective build at 37pts and can BB8 roll, and gain 2 focus and a TL every turn. With R3, Juke, and Gunner the build comes in at 38 points, but cant reposition during maneuvers, and essentially turns her into a traditional 3 attack ship with an evade token after attacking in a meta that is hanging out at ps11. The y-wing is the only ship with an astromech and turret, but they dont have EPTs, so Juke is out of the equation, so 1 attack is going to weak and probably won't pull the 2 dmg per round the TLT is known for. And i cant think of a missle carrier with an astro slot.
  4. Punish me Harder

    Ive used them in HotAC as an enemy elite with 2 systems (currently Adv Sensors and Traj Sim) 2 mods (LWF and G. Chips) with Bomblets, Concussions, and Proton torps and Deathrains pilot ability - in addition they dont have to discard the TL for any Ordnance, they can make 2 attacks per round, and have a reload action - at that point I feel they are balanced against a standard Nym...having played 2 of them and harpoon Vader versus the Nym/Miranda 100pt list. This Punisher is tougher and does more damage in arc than Nym could, but are still lower PS, cant move well, and are limited to in arc shots... which seems to be a decent balance point if it was cheaper than Nym by an appropriate amount of points (but i dont know what that would look like). It seems that with the limited movement options available that Punishers need the ability to absolutely demolish an enemy they get in range and arc. So to fix that the Punisher either needs oppressive firepower or better maneuverability, or some increased mix of the 2.
  5. Dumb Observation

    6I think the 2 PS1 Xwing pilots in the back row are obsuring a PS7 K2S0 and a PS8 Hera, and the servo sfoil card in the back is another Uwing "fix" they didnt want to release yet.
  6. Vynder

    I'm a fan of VI, Adv SLAM, Harpoons, and Proton Rockets on Vydner - the 4 die range 1 prockets are a good cover for the rang limits of the harpoons. At 38 points he's not the fattest build possible.
  7. Hammerhead for Epic?

    There is a better overhead shot of the Hanmerhead and Cr90 with the Ghost at Chopper base, and a good shot during Rogue 1 of the CR90 and Hammerhead again that lead me to believe the Hammerhead should be approx 100-110m long, in comparison to the CR90 at 150m, the Gr75 at 90m, and Ghost at 44m. There are a few threads on the Painting and Mods subforum where a couple of the guys worked it out.
  8. How Many Gozantis Does a Fella Need?

    The DP-20 is also called the Corellian Gunship, it's appeared in several video games, its kinda like a narrow cockpit CR90 with more guns....
  9. Additional Focus

    It there are an Opspec and a fleet officer on each tie shuttle, and we are counting focus after all the Ties shoot - assuming they all missed it's more like 15 focus. (3 from focus action on Omiron, 3 for the fleet Os, then 3 per missed shot from the tie shuttles)
  10. Hammerhead for Epic?

    I think the Hammerhead could fit as a 1 card ship with a primary weapon, with 2 crew, 1 team, 3 cargo, and a card (either a title or a cargo type) that allows a cargo space to be exchanged for a hardpoint, and a new turreted type hardpoint (exclusive to it). Personally I think it should have TL, Reinforce, Recover, and Jam actions, and maybe add Coordinate on a title. In addition, Im thinking it should be around 11 hull, 6 shield, since in my mind it should be stronger in combat than the Ghost, Gozanti, or C-Roc, but not as tough as the larger 2-card corvettes (CR90, Imp Raider). With those base states and basically a primary and 1 hardpoint it should fit the bill, and i would anticipate it coming in around 70-75 points when loaded with the crews, team, and a hardpoint turret (or cargo) but could easily go up to approx 100 with every slot full. Im not sure if the primary weapon should have a special effect at the cost of energy like the larger corvettes (CR90 - energy for an extra die, Raider - energy to attack twice with the primary), or what would fit. For the model I definitely prefer the Rogue One depiction over the Rebels version...
  11. Is the Star Destroyer Really TOO BIG for Epic?

    Thats the easy part....4 sections, a new upgrade type called a "battery" that can equip multiple hardpoints of the same type and shoots all at once...and it spawns infinite tie fighters (4 per time) and bombers (2 at a time) as the previous wave gets destroyed. It only costs 1000ish squad biggie there.... Please note - this is sarcastic, because the scale of firepower, size, and intrinsic fighter support associated with a ISD doesnt fit in the scale of Xwing in my book.
  12. Maybe this upgrade....

    Not quite, Magnus, AdvSLAM lets you perform another action from the ships action bar, which excludes the upgrade card actions (like these torps). Experimental Interface would allow you to use them after a SLAM action - provided you dont mind the stress aspect.
  13. I thought Arvel initially entered the DS2 behind Lando, but broke off from the core run to try and draw off some of the tie interceptors, got hit by a turbo laser upon exiting the DS2 access shaft, then headed to the Executor while semi out of control.
  14. HotAC Space Station Thry also have a version whixh includes a KR carrying case.
  15. I just wanted to put 3 on the table for fun, so I threw this together....i had 3 points available after building the list and an open missle spot on Vydner, so I added Prockets for a range 1 threat. Alpha-Class Star Wing: •Major Vynder (42) Advanced SLAM (2) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Push the Limit (3) Extra Munitions (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Proton Rockets (3) Alpha-Class Star Wing: Rho Squadron Pilot (29) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Crack Shot (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Linked Battery (2) Alpha-Class Star Wing: Rho Squadron Pilot (29) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) Crack Shot (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Linked Battery (2) Total: 100/100 It was a fun mix of both titles in the 1 game i ran it. Maj Vydner is a bit too high cost though...