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  1. Hey Wired, great work on the Blue Flame T70, I saw it in the WIP pic on Facebook and it instantly made me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night, the gold on the cockpit fits perfectly with that theme for it as well... Great job!
  2. The Smuggling Compartment precludes the Engine Upgrade on Han, sorry.....
  3. Im not sure this list is really that good... First Norra...for 7 points of upgrades on her youre not gaining much efficiency, Expertise works on the attack dice, but not for defense, so she is going to be the focus of the entire opposing team and go down in probably 2 rounds, because she can TL for her action, but has no way to use her 2nd TL to boost her defense, so in that regard Weps Eng isnt doing anything for her. For a 36 point version i recommend: Push the Limit, R2 astro, and Kyle Katarn. You can end up with a TL and 2 Focus tokens every combat round.... For the T70s, unless you like to T-roll or K-turn very frequentlythe R2 unit doesnt provide much help, I suggest either swapping the R2 units for R5 units or changing Pred for PTL, so you can focus and TL (rerolling all necessary is better than just 1) every round again... and with the frequent TLs the Weps Guidance tech isnt needed and instead could be swapped for pattern analyzer to prhibit stress from stopping an action on a red maneuver. Those are just some alternatives to think about for the list.
  4. Here's a fun to play Cassian centered build: Cassian Andor (38) [Cassian Andor(27), Advanced Sensors(3), Tactical Jammers(1), Rage(1), Finn(5), Inspiring Recruit(1), Pivot Wing(0)] Biggs Darklighter (28) [Biggs Darklighter(25), Integrated Astromech(0), M9-G8(3)] Braylen Stramm (34) [Braylen Stramm(25), Gunner(5), R3-A2(2), Alliance Overhaul(0), Vectored Thrusters(2)] Cassian is effectively a 4 die primary with the reroll/focus from Rage, but he is restricted to Greens....Biggs is pretty tanky with the tac jammer and M9G8 reroll...Braylen does his stress thing, and Cassian help him clear it for the next round. This is definitely frustrating to fly against.
  5. The HotAC AI app is available on Android as well, overall the Interceptor Aces are pretty decent to fly against. On Google Play search for X Wing AI Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
  6. I threw this together... Dash Rendar (58) [Dash Rendar(36), Engine Upgrade(4), Heavy Laser Cannon(7), Push The Limit(3), Outrider(5), Kanan Jarrus(3)] Ibtisam (42) [Ibtisam(28), Heavy Laser Cannon(7), Fire Control System(2), B-Wing/E2(1), Rage(1), Seismic Torpedo(2), Inspiring Recruit(1)] You would have to proxy: Kanan (Ghost Exp), Rage (Punishing One Exp), Seismic Torp (Arc-170), and Inspiring Recruit (U-wing) Ibtisam will probably go down pretty fast, I was thinking about changing the system to Sensor Jammer (also in U-wing) for a bit more defensive punch. Keyan Farlander would probably be a better pilot with this same loadout, but he is in Rebel Aces.
  7. Kanan crew on Dash is great, clearing stress on white moves is huge for him. What sets do you have?
  8. Here's an alternative, it drops Gemmer to a GSP, and makes Norra a bit tankier, while also still creating an opportunity for her to have a TL and 2 Focus every round. Norra Wexley (41) [Norra Wexley(29), R2-D2(4), Push The Limit(3), C-3PO(3), Alliance Overhaul(0), Vectored Thrusters(2)] Shara Bey (35) [Shara Bey(28), R2 Astromech(1), Push The Limit(3), Alliance Overhaul(0), Operations Specialist(3)] Green Squadron Pilot (23) [Green Squadron Pilot(19), Autothrusters(2), Chardaan Refit(-2), A-Wing Test Pilot(0), Juke(2), Snap Shot(2)] 99pts total Alternatively you could put a Weps Engineer on Shara to increase the TL sharing opportunities for the same points, or Tail Gunner and Vectored Thrusters for 100 pts. In your original build, I'd be surprised if Norra survived beyond round 2...she is the clear target priority for the list and doesnt have enough tankiness (or Biggs) (IMO) to survive very long.
  9. Thane, M9G8, Weapons Engineer, Vectored Thrusters, and Seismic Torps (torps optional, they can be fun though)
  10. What are the dimensions on the Sentinel Corvette, it looks awesome?
  11. Rexler Brath(39) [Rexler Brath(37), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II(1), Adaptability(0), Tractor Beam(1), TIE/D(0)] Colonel Vessery(39) [Colonel Vessery(35), Ion Cannon(3), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II(1), Adaptability(0), TIE/D(0)] Omega Squadron Pilot(22) [Omega Squadron Pilot(17), Juke(2), Comm Relay(3)] Omega is there to start the TLs for Col. V...should hit pretty hard...
  12. ATR-6 Assault Transport Gunboat YT-2000 Otana TIE Avenger DP-20 Hammerhead Corvette TIE Reaper
  13. Thane might do more with Weapons Engineer instead of Plasmas/Chimps and Tail Gunner...2 target locks are very flexible with G8.
  14. Yeah, i was overlooking Finn being in arc...ive only flown with him on the Falcon(Rey/sloop/kanan) or an Arc....
  15. Sorry for the necro on this one, but I think it fits. Heres an idea for a Bwing mod Im working to play-test in HotAC, but could feasibly apply as a modification for regular gameplay. Linked Weapons System -1pt (not sure on the math, anywhere from -2 through 1 pt? Depending on effectiveness?) B-wing only. When attacking with a primary weapon you may add dice equal to the 2 minus the attack value of an equipped cannon (Ion cannon adds 1 to primary attack for example, or HLC 2). If the attack hits you must add the special effects of the secondary weapon system to the results of the added dice. All secondary weapons range limits apply. The idea being you get a 1 point discount on cannons, and if using a Mangler, Ion, or Tractor beam, can move 1 hit to crit or add an ion or trackor beam token (respectively), while also boosting the number of red dice to help make an effective shot....this in no way helps prevent the glass cannon syndrome of bwings, but helps make them hit a bit stronger. In my mind equipping a HLC with this would be counter-productive, since I want to card to be written that the crits would become hits, and at range 1 there isnt any bonus dice from the HLC, so range 1 would be a 4 die attack, range 2 and 3 would be 5 die attacks, but the defender would have a bonus defense die available at r3... (It also avoids a r1 Autoblaster with 4 die by specifying the cannon attack value -2).