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  1. Awesome work on it, I like how clean they look.
  2. Do you have a writeup for the rules/missions/player progression of the RPG that you could share, it sounds interesting.
  3. Will you run it out of Facebook, or is there going to be an etsy shop or some other way to see potential products and place orders? Thanks
  4. And now I want to get a polished gold SSD....at least it would only be slightly more expensive than the original.
  5. Man, your modeling work is amazing. I have been watching the dev work (checking the forum everyday to see if this thread has anything new). Once your private shop is up Ill definitely be jumping into the queue.
  6. Thanks, I must have missed them as the thread has developed.
  7. Do you have any photos of the Mercy class station at the large size? I saw the regular size one on the linked imgur post, and it has a good size comparison with the ships on the board, but I would like to see the large one in comparison to the ships in the same way if it's possible. Thank you
  8. Hey @Norsehound and @Do I need a Username thanks for the feedback on the titles and ship design, it is awesome feedback, and has given me a lot of points to consider with the design. I've made some revisions to the stats, and cleaned up the titles, and added them to an imgur post for further review. Initially I didn't think about how the MC40 would step on the AF Mk2 or the Pelta, but will have to consider that in further development. For the next playtest Ive changed the defense tokens, the speed 3 nav chart, and the upgrade slots, but left the forward battery armament the same, and knocked off a die from the sides. Hopefully the gallery posts... http://imgur.com/gallery/4Oqr5OS
  9. @Norsehound do you have some thoughts about these MC40 variants? I am trying to slot them in as a medium base ship between the MC30 and the AF Mk2 in terms or combat capability and points. And then filling a couple of other niches in the rebel fleet - a forward arc ship with less firepower than the Liberty, and roughly equivalent to the Interdictor if both the INT and MC40 have double arc shots. The blue die version has 2 niches - a dual ion upgrade combatant, or as a light carrier given the Weaps team/offensive retro combo. I have 3 titles, and will add them as well to get your feedback. Both versions have only been on the board once, and I feel like I have a mental wall that is blocking a valid self-assessment, which is why I'm bringing them up here. Thanks
  10. Out of curiosity, what colors did you use for the base coat and accents on the 3 Mon Cal ships in the Ackbar fleet? Thanks
  11. Please bear with me on a long post: TLDR: game balance matters both for individual ships and between factions, and the age of a ship design probably effects how they could be viewed in the universe -ie look at everything when its new, versus what is also new then, and make similar roles in different time periods fall within a similar range for stats and cost. Finally, at the bottom, I have a framework for the Venator. It seems that there is some ambiguity on how ship design can work, or should work, or how it is done. To me, it seems to boil down to some different perspectives: the first - everything is going to be compared to Lore, ie a Venator is larger than a Victory, but isnt as heavily armed, then the Victory was used by the Empire, but was outclassed by the ISD, during the Galactic Civil War, And the second - game balance and playability matters more than Lore. IE: lets consider the ship-building archetypes and the pool of available ships for a faction, then put the ships into a position in the faction where they make the most sense - this plan then looks at ways to differentiate the ships within a faction, and how the factions differ from each other. For instance, a comparison of the Home One MC80 and an ISD2. Both are main line combatants, but have different strengths and weaknesses, and carry out the role differently, but they both fit well in the main line combatant role for the respective factions (and the factions are arguably balanced against each other when considered at the "sum of the parts" level). Honestly, I could see the Venator as a large based main line combatant, where FFG chooses to arm and equip the Venator to fill that role in the game (ie with stats to face off against the ISDs and MC75/80s, but I would also expect that it would do so in it's own way). I could also see the game design created in such a way that the Republic Victor Star Destroyers have different stats than the Imperial VSD - since it could feasibly hold a different role in the Republic fleet than in the Imperial fleet. (And likewise for the Pelta transport and Arquitens cruiser) If folks who advocate for Lore based considerations for stats, over every other way to consider stats, need a way to justify the difference in ships, perhaps 2 comparative analyses of the ship could help justify the change, first in its original role/configuration versus the typical opposing forces at that time in Star Wars history, then a 2nd analysis of the ship role/configuration compared to the newer opposition. I'd be willing to bet there is some differences identified between the results of the 2 comparative analysis exercises. Personally, I would guess the Venator would have offensive firepower (in dice) similar to the Rebels Liberty-class MC80, but have a nav chart more similar to the ISD. Maybe with 2 officers, im not sure if it would have a weapons team or support team, but I'll guess at least one variant will have both an offensive and defensive retrofit, and potentially a turbolaser and Ordnance refits (for a total of 6 or 7 upgrade slots if it gets 2 officers). Command 3, Squadron 5, Eng 4, with Brace, Redirect, and 2 Contains?
  12. There is also the CSS-1 shuttle that could be the Republic flotilla, since it's 80m long and was used throughout the conflict. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/CSS-1_Corellian_Star_Shuttle
  13. By the paintjob it looks like the white/blue RZ2 model also in TLJ.
  14. The opposing fleet...? (Assuming they are within range, arc and LoS).
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