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  1. Maybe we’re having problems figuring out what Ozzel did wrong vs what Vader’s expectations were because Vader just wanted to get his murder on before the invasion and said some BS before he did it so it would seem like he had a real reason.
  2. Pack ‘em full of bees. Nobody likes a face-full of bees...
  3. These days, I think your top priority is a 6-foot long stick to push your units around on the table from a safe distance. Alternatively, you and your buddy can each get 3-foot long sticks.
  4. One difference that I don’t think anyone else mentioned: “Armada” comes at the beginning of the alphabet while “X-wing” is nearly at the end. Alphabetically, Armada is far superior.
  5. I think just another experimental retrofit slot. Failing that, as others have suggested, a weapons team or turbolaser slot (maybe add weapons team, switch ions for turbos). If you have to fix it through a title, have a title that adds an experimental retrofit slot (max of 2 such slots), or one that adds a turbolaser slot — it wouldn’t need to be combat refit-exclusive, I think.
  6. However, the rebels can fit Dodonna in an MC75, two flotillas, and 4 y-wings. That might be an okay matchup.
  7. I think the problem you’re going to have is that the Imperial list can pretty much only be Romodi, a Testbed Onager, a Victory I, and 11 points of upgrades.
  8. I’d heard ones with an intact antenna aren’t even considered tournament legal... People think you’re using some sort of 3D printed replacement, like those AFMKI models. ”A Vic with a big antenna? Get that legends-era, non-canon stuff outta here!”
  9. Oh, yeah. Too bad! Maybe they’ll release an evil Ron Swanson...
  10. I think if you exchange Veteran Gunners on the Agent Kallus Quasar for Evil Leslie Knope you can save crits you don’t need against squadrons for attacks against ships.
  11. Maybe a pair of QF-IIs with Ruthless Strategists and about 10 TIE Bombers?
  12. One of ‘em’s naked except for boarding troopers, maybe Stronghold with some TIEs tucked up close, fly it into a Starhawk as a distraction to keep the heat off the rest of the fleet for a turn or two... Could work... could work.
  13. I don’t think the game needs that many more squadrons, but I am surprised we didn’t get U-wings already. And I wouldn’t say no to gunboats if they could do something truly unique.
  14. Well, the funny thing the first two required a lot of effort and medical help. The second two were surprises at the first opportunity.
  15. It covers the good parts, anyway 😛 Once you shift the terrain around, they just get to pick the particular way they get hosed. Especially if they’re playing your objectives.
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