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  1. The Clone Wars shorts by [the guy who did Samurai Jack whose name I will not attempt to spell on my phone] which predated the Clone Wars series went up to the opening of Episode III. In fact, I think they were all about how Palpatine got kidnapped and relocated to the flagship while the Jedi characters pursued/fought off invading droids.
  2. No, it seriously is. Commander Beck is really into Krysta Agate cosplay. I’m glad that’s back in canon now.
  3. They don’t, or rather Agate doesn’t. See, on Krysta Agate’s card, that’s not her reflection, it’s Commander Beck dressed as Agate standing on the other side of the window.
  4. There’s some, though. A whole area is miniature painting and miniatures gaming.
  5. I see a couple of X-Wing games, but have yet to spy armada (or legion) all weekend. Not that I’m playing, either...
  6. Actually, if you follow the link and scroll a tad down to go read some of the actual articles, they explain the origin if the term (the Vox article was particularly good in that respect before also moving to the question of whether or not Rey is one). Just typing a word into google is not research, and only reading the first thing that pops up does not make you informed.
  7. I count TLJ as a loss for Rey. She thought she could redeem Kylo Ren but had misjudged things. The revelation about her parents didn’t have the same level of impact on *me* as a viewer as “Luke, I am your father” did but it must have stung pretty badly for Rey. She didn’t lose a hand or anything, but wouldn’t that have been too much?
  8. “Honey, this is a SUPER STAR DESTROYER. We live in it now.”
  9. That looks good to me, and would let you grow into either a squadron-based fleet or a ship-based one depending upon what your adversaries do.
  10. It doesn’t look very “Star Warsy” to me, either. Even less than the Assault Frigate. I can’t out my finger on why, though. It DOES sort of look like a giant Nebula made out of Star Destroyer leftovers.
  11. Well, I dunno about Rebellion in the Rim, but in the CC Campaign, first player went to whichever side initiated the battle, regardless of point totals. I’m assuming RitR is the same, otherwise improving your fleet means always having to go second.
  12. The best thing to bring against an SSD? Two SSDs.
  13. My hasty attempts: Reb 1 MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Lando Calrissian ( 4 points) = 67 total ship cost [ flagship ] MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 points) - X-Custom Commander ( 0 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) = 107 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Slicer Tools ( 7 points) = 25 total ship cost = 0 total squadron cost Reb 2 [ flagship ] CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - X-Custom Commander ( 0 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost Nebulon-B Support Refit (51 points) - Auxiliary Shields Team ( 3 points) = 54 total ship cost 1 Corran Horn ( 22 points) 1 Ketsu Onyo ( 22 points) = 44 total squadron cost Imp 1 [ flagship ] Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - X-Custom Commander ( 0 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 76 total ship cost Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - Advanced Transponder Net ( 5 points) = 78 total ship cost 2 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 18 points) 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points) 1 TIE Advanced Squadron ( 12 points) = 46 total squadron cost Imp 2 [ flagship ] Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer(120 points) - X-Custom Commander ( 0 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) = 127 total ship cost Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 points) = 56 total ship cost 2 TIE Fighter Squadrons ( 16 points) = 16 total squadron cost
  14. Maybe that big central cannon is spring-loaded and fires a little nerf dart.
  15. Each of the last two happened at the first opportunity. Weren’t rollin’ no red dice, that’s for sure!
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