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  1. You could also just come up with your own Starfighter to fit your needs. Hey, The Engineer sourcebook will have starship crafting rules. Hav ethe ace be some type of Rigger/Shipwright with his own custom TIE
  2. Sapper= Guy with all the mines and the knowledge to detonate and remove them. Think of the application of sappers in real warfare. They're soldiers with mines and Anti-Tank weapons. If these guys don't get Gunnery, Ranged Light/Heavy, Mechanics, and skullduggery as extra career skills, I'll be surprised. Saboteur= Guy who infiltrates enemy territory, places a butt-load of Thermal Detonators on the new TIE Phantom prototypes, and gets the hell out of there. He's a sneaky bomber with enough explosives to make the Cymoon 1 factory go haywire.
  3. I Quite Like the TIE Shadows. All the cool of the phantom without the wonky cockpit. A Souped-Up TIE Droid would be kind of AWESOME. It can pull off fatseer manuvers and such, and the square wings look cooler, just all around awesomeness.
  4. Hate to bring up dead threads, but here we go. I really want this adventure, for the purpose it was made for: Getting people into the game. And what better way to do that then to introduce one of the greatest characters of all time, Darth Vader?! I bet if you dug deep enough, you could find some pdfs of it on some..... untrustworthy..... sources, like Scribd or Docslide or something. Still nothing yet from FFG though.
  5. Personally, at first I liked Age and Edge the best, but I slowly have grown to like Force and Destiny more and more. whichever you want to play first is up to your personal preference. Blackbird outlined it pretty well. Some people float to Force and Destiny because of the fact that the movies are focused a bit on force-sensitives, but those are just three characters in a whole **** galaxy. That's what's great about this system- you aren't in anyway limited to canon or the movie's part of the galaxy. The GM's Kit is definitely worth it, especially for Force and Destiny. The adventure is good, and it also shows Lightsaber Crafting Rules, an integral part of any Force-Sensitive's journey. AoR wone's adventure I don't like. GM's Screen Though- GREAT! Get the three newest adversary decks. I find them the best. Plenty more is coming for the rpg. After the career books are done (five to go!) We'll probably get more sourcebooks for ages (Dar Times, After the battle of Endor) and more modules.
  6. Not true! there is a conversion chart in all of the core rules for using the standard d20 series dice. Though this is time consuming to convert, it CAN be done. Onto what you asked, however. This game is definitely not made for 1 GM 1 Player, but that can definitely be accomplished. You'd need to dumb down the encounter difficulty, run a couple of NPCs and such, but it can be done. However, I think the best way, thematically and mechanically, for you to buy into this game would be this. Get the Force Awakens Beginner Game (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-the-force-awakens-beginner-game/) , not the AoR one, unless that's what you have your heart set on. I'm sure I'll get called out on this, but I think the FA Beginner Game is the best of the four of them for beginning players and GMs. It's characters are a mix of Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion Careers, you get NPCs and a compelling story with it, and although lots see it as a cash grab by FFG, it's actually got a good mix of all of the games. Another thing you could do, though, is look at all of the pdf-based character folios and sequential adventures released for all of the beginner games. They could give you an idea on it's similarities and differences between IA and AoR/FaD/EoTE/FA Beginner's Games.
  7. Maybe a pit full of starved nexu?
  8. Zakkeg also is good, and I believe already started out in Operation: Shadowpoint.
  9. This is a bit of meticulous process. They'd be Okay, but Endor AND Hoth are VERY isolated planets. They'd be a stretch, even for a Hutt to find.
  10. Yeah..... Maybe a bit TOO big.... Even for me.
  11. You posted that at the same time I did mine. Hats off to us!
  12. Don't want Acklay either, so don't recommend them. Something Legends.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm creating a one-off adventure module for fun (might run it as an PBP once I finish, even) and I need a big beast for the characters to fight n the context of "Drop into Hutt's Pit, Fight Big Beats" Cliché, and I don't want a Rancor or Krayt Dragon. Any Ideas?
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