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  1. Kernunos

    War Rules ?

    Any idea about adding some kind of "War" rules, like recruiting troops, building and capturing stuff, between the players ?
  2. Hi all. I am looking for events ideas for my "expansion" (I am never satisfied with anything, although Runebound almost hit the spot, its a great game) So the idea is this: to expand the living world and epic feeling of the game, through random events, and some special rules. 1/ You don't know what scenario you are going to play when you start a game. So you start with a "prologue", that is, a free, quest less act. The length is the same as the act 1 and 2. The difference is that whenever you are supposed to draw an history card, you don't do nothing. At the beginning of its turn, a player rolls an event die, and apply the result: could be: Disease, Marauding orcs, town or city revolt, undead appearance*, dragon appearance*, town fair, some details draw your attention... * Some events are History related. At the beginning of act1, the players roll to see what History they will be facing. They roll a d20, and the biggest result is played by the players. HOWEVER, every time a special event is rolled, a bonus is added to the proper history. You can see these special events like "hints" that some thing is going on, although the player will learn this only at beginning of act 1. Example: lets say every "undead appearance" adds 1 to the probabilty to get the "necromancer" history, and "dragon fly by" event adds 1 to the "dragon" history. During the prologue, the players roll 4 "undead appearance" events, and only 1 "dragon fly by". So, before starting act 1, the players will randomly roll to see what History they will be questing for. they roll 6 (+4) for the necromancer story, and 12 (+1) for the dragon story. So, they will play the dragon story (despite more events hinting to the Necromancer), and set up the game accordingly. 2/ Some events have their own automated actions: At the end of the players turns, some events are checked: some monsters could move toward town or cities and try to pillage them, or try to attack the heroes, or whatever... 3/ During prologue, Monsters are "weak": before throwing the monster counters, one is randomly removed, every turns (so the monster only throws 4 counters.) Any thoughts ?
  3. I do. I did the math, considering the number of cards and successes printed on the cards. However, indeed, no cards have a 2 successes or -1 success printed on them, and the probability for exhausting a deck of success cards and throwing a die or dice is not the same. However, it is then possible to score some "critical" success (like this time I gained 8 golds from some action, after rolling multiple 20s), or failure, and imho, it adds to the fun, and rpg feel, of it.
  4. So, instead of drawing X cards, the player rolls X 20 sided dice: 1:-1 success. Yes, it can reduce another success. 2-12: 0 success 13-19: 1 success 20: 2 successes, and reroll, and add new result (if the plyer rerolls a 1, then it removes a success, if he rolls a 20, then 2 new successes are added, and the dice is rolled again)
  5. Kernunos

    Loot rule

    So, instead of bluntly receiving some gold when a monster is defeated, we let the player choose some random loot. He will draw an item card, until he draws an item which value is lower or equal than 2 times the value of gold he should have received. ( so, instead of gaining 3 gold, he just draws cards until he draws one that is 6 or less value in gold). The player must choose before if he will get the gold, or the item. Items above the max value are discarded.
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