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  1. ty, for your opinion. Like i said i look at the Chadra Fan in Age of Rebellion Stay on Target Book . May the force be with you PS. I am taking notes on everything what people are saying thank you again I can not wait until the jawa come out in a book
  2. TY, I look/read at the jawa from movies, books, old republic (game), posts, etc. I see the jawas as a nomad race looking for everything. People have heard of them but a very few outside tatooine have seen them. I did not want to give the race a talent or skill tree. so i reworked the talent Utinni to Scavenger. Since most of the Special Abilities in the books do reword talents to help fit/benefit the races better. I do thank everyone who posts. i understand that everyone has a different view on the jawa.
  3. So far I have seen two Jawas on the community forms. So, I looked at the two Jawas and the Chadra-fan in stay on target as a template. I know that some people will like it, others will not that is the nature of the game. JAWA Characteristics: Brawn (1), Cunning (2), Presence (2), Agility (2), Intellect (3), Willpower (1) Wound Threshold: 9+Brawn Strain Threshold: 11+Willpower Starting Experience: 90 XP Languages: Jawa, and Basic Special Abilities: Jawas are small creatures and are considered to have a silhouette of 0. Jawas begin the game with one rank in Mechanics. They still may not train Mechanics above rank 2 during character creation. Scavenger: Since Jawas are practically born and raised savaging goods from the vast dunes of Tatooine the Jawa removes one setback dice from checks made to find or scavenge items or gear. jawa.docx
  4. i been looking for a jawa to use in the game i like yours it can be used in all games i was thinking in doing this. the jawa begins the game with their choice of either mechchant culture or junkyard tinker. if you do not like the talents then give out the skills starts off with 1 rank in just in mechanics or 1 rank in Negotiation & Deception ( see book friends like these pg 7-8 race mandalorian humans). because not all jawas are good in mechanics or talking.
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