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  1. With that being said, consider switching out 1-2 HH's for Torpedo variants with Ordnance Experts and External racks, for the killing blows after your scouts have made their flyby's. If they come in somewhat behind your scouts, it puts your opponent in a sort of awkward position on whether to fire on the closer Scouts, or take longer ranged shots to hopefully stop your black-dice party before it happens...
  2. I love this list, and I love the Slaved Turrets on the scouts (one of the very few uses I've found for Slaved Turrets).... Only change I'd consider is switching task forces to Organa for the rerolls (and some point savings) and drop a single HH to free up additional points for a small X-wing Biggs gang, to at least occupy enemy squads for a couple of turns. With Rieeken, you have the zombie effect to help mitigate the need to share damage among the HH's, which will be better off being one-shotted than wearing them all down equally and losing them in droves in the final turns. With the command Pelta, you have some squadron pushing ability, just make certain to keep some tokens handy for keeping IF! active as much as possible.
  3. Using Sato at all is sort of a reach really. I don't really care for him, but I've been playing games lately where we have been sort of "challenging" each other to put together fleets with commanders we don't typically play in an effort to mix things up a little bit. Following that "logic", I tossed in the Liberty, another item that seems to collect dust in my collection, though the synergy is pretty dubious I admit. Some bombers seemed the logical choice, since you want squadrons near enemy ships for Sato to trigger, but that was simply a hunch. The flotillas were upgraded to combat variants, to sling cheap black die battery (and if opening salvo pops up, that makes a pretty mean, albeit without rerolls, zinger from a flotilla). I'm wracking my brain to put together something more cohesive utilizing the above pieces of advice, as well as some strategy blogs, but haven't zeroed in just yet. Perhaps the afternoon will bring some new inspiration.
  4. Threw together a Sato list, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have virtually no experience using Sato, and nothing I've put together thus far feels that convincing to me. I'm not after a tournament worthy list, just something that might perform well in a casual game. Thoughts? Experimental Sato Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 400/400 Commander: Commander Sato Assault Objective: Opening Salvo Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Minefields [ flagship ] MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Liberty ( 3 points) - Veteran Captain ( 3 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - Quad Battery Turrets ( 5 points) = 159 total ship cost Nebulon-B Support Refit (51 points) - Salvation ( 7 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 65 total ship cost GR-75 Combat Retrofits (24 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 36 total ship cost GR-75 Combat Retrofits (24 points) - Raymus Antilles ( 7 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 37 total ship cost 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 2 Scurrg H-6 Bombers ( 32 points) 1 HWK-290 ( 12 points) 1 Y-Wing Squadron ( 10 points) 1 Luke Skywalker ( 20 points) 1 X-Wing Squadron ( 13 points) = 103 total squadron cost
  5. I actually like the slower wave releases in Armada. I'm among those that provide all the components for my immediate gaming group, and having enough components to build 2 each of Rebel and Imperial fleets without limiting players too much is rather expensive. It does, however, make for a pretty impressive looking collection. LOL
  6. Well, I have 2 each of Gozatti and GR75. I guess the good news is that I don't have to buy an additional one of each now.
  7. I think the Scurrg is great! I too am somewhat surprised by their apparent lack of popularity. I like them best mixed with Y-wings as well. I really want to like B-wings more, but having to pull some shenanigans to overcome their ridiculous speed of 2 doesn't usually compliment the way I typically play. Plus, getting only one in a pack probably discourages most casual players, who probably opt to only buy one Rogues and Villains pack.
  8. I agree, at least partially. I believe FFG will introduce "combat flotillas" into Armada, if only because "flotilla" is basically it's own ship class (or if you prefer, a sub-class of the small base ship), and each faction has only one type to choose from (fine, one type with 2 variants). A more combat-oriented flotilla without a cap could potentially create a very shooty version of some of the flotilla spam seen now. I DO think the hard cap of 2 seems a little harsh, and agree that 1 for 1 versus capital ships seems better. However, I admit this may be a hard-counter to anticipated problems (probably Ackbar, lol) with upcoming waves.
  9. Definitely good advice is what has already been mentioned above, but worth repeating is putting your list up on the Fleet Builds channel of this very forum. That is an excellent start to get some critique and advice from a WIDE range of players with a WIDE range of experience. In addition, take a look at other lists posted there, particularly ones that are tagged to be tournament lists. If you aren't already using a fleet builder app or website, immediately (right this moment, don't wait! LOL!) set up an account at http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/ . This is my personal favorite site, but there are some others as well that I hear are quite good. If you have access to a printer, this site also give you a few options on how to print out your fleet list based on how much information you'd like available on the print-out. In addition, you'll find a nearly infinite list of fleets created by other players to take a look at for both inspiration and to look for common themes which may give you some good insight on different builds you can reasonably expect to encounter. As soon as you are done with that, get over to http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/ and http://www.steelstrategy.com/ and read some of the articles, especially those concerning the ships, upgrades, and squadrons you are intending to use. These are great resources for strategy and build advice, as well as entertaining reads in general. Finally, if you discover that you would like some upgrades that you don't currently have the cards for (not enough, or just plain lack), head over to http://starwars-armada.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Armada_Wiki and you'll find all the contents of every Armada expansion, and what expansion that the card you seek is packaged with. You can also get singles on Ebay, though I'll warn you now that a few of them can be quite pricey. Remember you'll need genuine FFG copies of every upgrade (and every instance of that upgrade) to create a tournament-legal list. FUN FACT: Turbo Laser Reroute (commonly TLR) upgrade has an "alternate art" version that generally sells on Ebay MUCH cheaper than the standard version packed (sadly only) with the MC30c. This alternate art card is, I believe, legal for tournament use (this has actually been debated somewhat, but I can't imagine an instance where a genuine copy would be disallowed - perhaps someone who has brought one to tournament can shine some light on this). Above all, feel comfortable with your list! Practice with it as much as you can, and preferably against at least a few different players so that you can get a better feel for its strengths and weaknesses, and what tweaks may improve it. Good luck, make some new friends, and have an awesome time!
  10. This is partially true, but remember that Cracken's ability only benefits ships that are currently at speed 3 or above. If you are slowed down by the enemy, or simply feel you need to slow down for your own tactical advantage, EWS would then be beneficial to the ship in question. But in general, yes, if you have chosen Cracken as your commander, it stands to reason you have a high-speed strategy in mind and that EWS may not be your best option when choosing a defensive retrofit. EDIT: Note Grumbledukes response as well. Attacks are either obstructed (regardless of the number of "obstructions" that apply) or they are not obstructed. Only one die is removed. Keep in mind also that other dice-removal/cancel effects (ones that trigger AFTER the attack pool is rolled, such as Evade tokens or Captain Brunson) may still be used after the effect of obstruction are applied.
  11. Great Point. It's certainly a deterrent to your opponent, though in my own experience it never seems to alter my opponents actions much. They willing accept the consequences, probably because most squadrons with bomber (the ones most likely to be attacking ships) generally have at least 5 hull, so they can take a little beating on one of their members if it means getting off a nice bomber run. I particularly find RBD's useful though on an H1MC80 Assault. Pop an ECM in one slot, and the RBD in the other. The RBD's can make purposely swallowing a particularly mean shot without using a redirect a decent strategy to conserve shields for later use. Take your lumps, then discard the damage at the top of the next round, without having to sacrifice your adjacent shielding. Just be sure you that you're likely to survive until the next round before you make that choice!
  12. I very much agree with this sentiment. While I admit Mothma may not be the BEST commander of this fleet, she is who the OP originally wanted to use, and she's not at all a bad choice for the fleet. And yes, it's very nice making the opponent have ANOTHER token to consider locking down with an accuracy , since evade isn't generally considered with any attack that isn't at long range....
  13. Sorry to hear your game went poorly, though I still think your list isn't bad. Your collection may not support it, but I think you may feel a little better towards HH's with 3-4 of them, and using their non-unique titles. When I first got the HH expansion, I struggled mightily to get any useful mileage out of using 2, usually one with no-title and Garels honor on the other. Very unhappy with that, I felt better off using CR90's instead. Then after reading a bit more on others experiences with HH's, I decided to get a second box of them and use them more as I think FFG intended, and started to feel quite a bit better about their usefulness in general. Basically, I'm saying that I feel that HH's are best used either with just one (Garels Honor), or with 3-4 (TF Organa or Antilles). 2 in a fleet just doesn't seem to work particularly well in my experience.
  14. I see your point, though I don't really agree with Cluster Bombs "saving" you three points of damage. I'm pretty sure you mean because CB's typically deliver 3 points of damage to an enemy squadron (4 blues, with crits counting as hits = 3 average damage) though, so I get the comparison you're making. I suppose it's primarily my own personal experience in trying out the cards that guides my opinion, and not necessarily a number-crunch, tournament mindset (although that's a totally legit way to look at things! LOL). I will definitely agree though that ECM is generally at the top of my list for defensive retrofits however. I was pretty excited to get EWS on the table when I saw the card, but haven't really felt that it's as useful as it seems like it should be. Likely I'm not practiced enough with using it, but all too often my opponent is able to simply bypass the chafed hull zone too easily. I've gotten decent mileage out of it sometimes against squadrons, but in those instances I feel I was more specifically trying to FORCE it to work in that fashion than play the ship as I normally might.
  15. Yes, I recall well... the Raddus Bomb comes to mind. LOL I hope that doesn't imply we aren't friendly towards each other.
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