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  1. Belthir! I love how when you first load it up after the update it shows the portrait of Belthir with the dragon wings perfectly placed so it looks like they're actually his...Clever devils.
  2. Nicely done. I hope mine turn out even 1/4 as good when I finally find time to paint mine. Been way too busy between work and school. Just a few more months... Your Skarn and Mirklace almost look like pictures of concept art instead of actual physical models. Really liking the "cartoon" pop that they have on the highlights like near Mirklace's muscles or Skarn's cloth. I imagine this would really liven up the board. One bit of sadness that I have, not about your painting, is that I initially thought Gargan Mirklace was just a floating demonic torso, oozing pure evil darkness, so hardcore that he didn't need the rest of his body. I thought he was the coolest looking lieutenant ever. Then after seeing him painted I realize he has these tiny little toddler legs completely disproportionate to his upper half...so disappointing. Deadpool 2 comes to mind every time I see him now.
  3. The Raythen and Serena Lieutenant packs come with both a lieutenant model and a hero model, along with hero cards. The Hero and Monster packs also come with new quests. Lastly, you can then unlock them in the Steam companion app for Descent. Speaking of the Steam app...Technically nothing is stopping you from unlocking them in the Steam app right now, as no code is required, but you'd be flying blind when the game calls for those units without the physical content. Also, it simulates the overlord so you can play Descent solo if you choose to. Edit: Just saw your response post after I posted. There are 6 base game lieutenants: Sir Alric Farrow Belthir Lady Eliza Farrow Lord Merrick Farrow Splig Baron Zachareth http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Lieutenant
  4. thewarstore.net has Lair, Labyrinth, and Nerekhall all in stock right now, at least at the time of this writing. I got half of my Descent 2nd ed collection from that place. One tip for if you buy from there and your invoice/order status says "back ordered" after purchase of an in stock item. It most likely just says that while in transit from a distributor to the store. I had that happen on a few of my items and feared the worst (the ultra elusive Splig!), but thankfully that's all it was.
  5. I'd say still try to get someone else to give overlord a shot, at least once, just to see how it goes that way. It doesn't have to be a flawless execution. Just a single quest for curiosity's sake. This happened not too long ago for me, where I offered up someone else to try overlord, not because I didn't want to be, but we were all new to the game and experimenting. Their response was "Wow this is really different than I thought it would be, even after seeing you play it", in a positive manner. They enjoyed the fact they had several mini groups to manage. I think some just fear the responsibility of being "in charge" as the overlord and don't want to mess up, so if you do it as a relaxed experiment just for fun (cause that's what games are about after all), then they might find that they enjoy it. Secondly, you mention 4 brains vs 1 brain. This varies I guess based on the individuals and the way their minds work and their experience, but it could also be an advantage. Having 4 brains also means they may not always be on the same page. There is some room for you to sow seeds of chaos and really drive a wedge in their tactics. That power isn't in the monsters, it isn't in any special card, that's all YOU. It may take some mind games to unravel their cohesiveness, but once you do, you will have an invisible force on your side that isn't included in the game. I had an absolute blast messing with my group psychologically. It was mostly just subtle things to make them second guess themselves. Though I didn't push it so heavy that anyone got angry, just more of "aww man I should have done X instead of Y". In the first quest of the core game, I made the victory/loss conditions very clear, several times, but I hyped up the killing of the barghests a bit more compared to holding off the goblins (I am the evil plotting overlord after all). So 3 out of the 4 heroes immediately charged over there. Leaving just a lone necromancer and her skeleton to hold off the invading goblins. She tried to get them to come back over to help, but by the time they let go of their tunnel vision, it was too late. In the end we all had fun and are looking forward to more of it. Keep in mind, everyone was (and still are) new at this point, so the results may vary, but I'm sure you get the idea.
  6. I may be missing a subtlety here, as I'm still relatively new to the game, but the developer was talking about movement points, and those skills/cards are also talking about movement points. Granted, these points are from a different source than the hero sheet (Speed), but they are still worded as movement points. The question was when they were able to be used, and he said movement points can be used before/during/after actions. If the only way to spend movement points was at Step 3, then he would not have typed "before" an action, or in this case a Move Action. My interpretation of all of that is this: Movement points can be used before Move Actions if you have a way to obtain them prior to step 3, and those cards/abilities do exactly that. They literally even say "at the start". Step 3 is just where your Speed stat comes into play, and a Move Action is used to convert your Speed stat into even more movement points. It is nothing more than a movement point generator and spender of those specific movement points that you just generated. I think the confusion is at the start of your turn your 4 Speed hero doesn't actually have those 4 movement points. You have 0 movement points at the start of every turn unless otherwise granted by gear/abilities/etc. You create them fresh every single time at Step 3 before you are allowed to move via Move Action. It's a blurred 2 step process of converting speed into movement points, then using them. At least that's how I see it, and it goes in line with what the developer was saying, which is why I felt it answered Sadgit's question. Maybe I'm missing the point of the question entirely. If I'm wrong or muddying the topic, I seriously don't intend to. I'm about to dive in with a full party this coming weekend and want to be sure I'm playing it properly. They're all new and counting on me for the rules, and I have a feeling the dog lover of the group is going to pick Okaluk and Rakash, so I need to know this as well.
  7. I found https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/11091079#11091079 , the poster is claiming the info was originally posted by Justin Kemppainen, Creative Content Developer, Fantasy Flight Games. I didn't do extensive back-searching to verify it, short on time at the moment. Quote from the post: "Q. What's the deal with Movement Points, when can you use them?A. Think of movement points like a pool you have available to a figure during its turn. When you take a move action, you're adding movement points equal to your Speed to that pool. You can also suffer fatigue to add movement points in the same way. There is no restriction on when you can use these movement points (before, during, or after your actions), but you have to keep track of and declare when you're using fatigue to move.Also keep in mind that the rule requires you to suffer fatigue to gain movement points. If you're worried about something like a pit traps, you are absolutely free to suffer 2 fatigue to gain that extra movement point that would normally land you in a stun."
  8. I think the OP is referring to https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2014/11/7/hero-and-monster-collections/ . Second paragraph from the bottom: "These quests are designed to highlight the full strengths and abilities of the monsters and heroes included in any collection." That statement was kinda odd, it's like it wants to say the included heroes are ideal for the quest, but then at the last second it undergoes a plot twist and becomes all-inclusive. Like someone went in and changed "the" to "any". So there is your answer OP, they're designed to fit in anywhere.
  9. Count me in. I'm getting nickel and dimed trying to track down proxies from craft stores an eBay. I'd rather have just put that money into an official pack, with the same production quality and proper size proportions and be done with it. Either an ultimate bundle to cover all the expansions, or individually sold per expansion would work for me. They could even make it a FFG.com exclusive if they are unsure of moving it off retail shelves. This is one thing I'd actually consider putting money in on a kickstarter for as well, and I avoid those like the plague. They managed to sell me on the lieutenant packs (all of them...), solely because it allowed for them to be used any campaign/quest (story permitting), and it gives the overlord some more creativity. No way on Earth would I have spent $5+ on a single plastic figure just to replace a cardboard circle. This may be a harder sell for some people because villagers and pets won't really "add" content to the game. That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy them if the price was right though. Now they could use this as an opportunity to overhaul the pet/companion system. Say for instance, Vyrah the Falconer, instead of a falcon he gets a vulture. The vulture could have different stats such as +1 extra movement to a monster that has been damaged and has just 1 health point left, or maybe it could have a guaranteed attack under those same conditions as a finishing blow against weakened enemies bleeding out on the ground. For the skeleton, it could be different class archetypes. They could add new hero cards/pet cards to go along with it, I don't see a card with some alternate artwork being too costly on their end. They could really flesh this out and sell it as more than just a few minis in a box, just like they added quest content with the hero and monster packs.
  10. My Brightblaze (Bluespawn Ambusher) arrived today. I'm happy with it, fits in very well with the rest of the units. I will most likely repaint it once I begin painting in a few weeks. Here he is setup against a few other minis for size comparison:
  11. I am necroing this thread because it is the one that comes up the most in Google search when trying to find a Brightblaze proxy, so I figure it will be the most helpful to others: Aside from the most ideal solution of removing the hero from Brightblaze as seen above, some other options could be: Blue Wyrmling #29 Dragoneye Bluespawn Ambusher A basilisk of some kind. Sure it has a few extra legs, but it's either them or wings. I didn't select these simply because they are blue (but that is convenient for those where painting is not an option), they just happened to be blue and the closest thing I could find to Brightblaze's appearance. It is really difficult to find a dragon type miniature without wings on the scale needed for this game. I'm probably going with the Bluespawn Ambusher myself, and shave off the horn. Challara just spoiled him with a few too many dragon treats, that's all.
  12. Thanks for the response TryFal, it's been very helpful. I'm very new to mini painting (haven't even attempted it yet), but I've gathered up a lot of the materials I need for it. The biggest thing I'm lacking right now is time, which I will have in a few weeks. College and work are currently double-teaming me at the moment. I wasn't even going to paint them originally, but then I happen to stumble upon some videos on YouTube of people that have and well...What has been seen cannot be unseen. Now I have to! It brings so much more life to the game somehow. I watch these guys paint these minis, then I look at the actual mini in person and wow...The way they are able to fill in the details and make it all come together is just insane on something so tiny. Although I have no personal reason for wanting to thin the metallic paints, I saw at least 1 review warning against it from another customer while I was browsing paints online, so I figured I would be encountering that at some point. I tend to dig into every detail and like to factor in all types of scenarios when I'm learning something new. So that's really why I asked. Thanks again!
  13. I'm a newcomer to Descent and am looking forward to painting up my army of minis in about a month's time. But I need to get some info squared away before I begin, specifically regarding metallic paints: 1) I've read mixed results about thinning metallic paints with water. Some are saying that the metal flakes in the paint will rust when you add the water to it, and while I can see some logic in that, has anyone here experienced this? Or ever heard of this actually happening? Does a clear coat prevent the oxidation? Which leads me to the next question... 2) I plan to use Testors dullcote to finish/seal off the minis after the paint job is done. I've heard using a matte finish can reduce the shine, causing the metallic appearance to become flat. What tricks do you guys use to get around this? Or do you find the metal is still able to shine through enough to your liking? Thanks!
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