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  1. Try this build: Corran Horn: R2-D2, Afterburners, Advanced Sensors, Predator Lowhhrick: Leia Organa, Selfless Biggs Darklighter: S-Foils Total: 195 I have a lot of fun with this list and find it quite potent. The idea is early game you fly as a formation and keep Corran in good health. Corran comes in and double taps and flies out and regens if needed. Leia is good for 2 points she lets you do reds at the right time allowing for some unconventional Corran plays, and allowing for some tricky stop moves. Whilst Corran might not be as survivable on his own as other aces, in formation he is very tough. With his long range scanners and double tap he has easily the highest damage output of any ace which I really enjoy. Fly him like he’s a jet fighter, attack then run then lock (and regen) and come in for another run. Also you have a 5 point initiative bid so you basically guarantee Corran is moving last against all except the top aces. This paired with Advanced Sensors is really strong and allows you to trigger his ability much easier. If your a good pilot it’s quite strong after the first pass to regroup the formation where possible, which isn’t too hard to do, especially if you sloop on Corran with Leia. If you want to spend some of the renaming points you could put R2 Astro on Biggs or Hull Upgrade on Lowhhrick. Generally I prefer the 5 point bid as those cards don’t make much of a difference in my experience.
  2. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!212:176,-1:43:15:;245:170:17:-1:U.23;246:19:19:25:U.243;247:176:50:-1:&sn=Knights of Mandalor&obs=core2asteroid This list is quite nice and I like the Scyks themselves, primarily because nobody else plays them. I fly these guys as a formation at the start of the game with Fenn in front protecting the vulnerable Scyks from brazen foes. Then I usually split them up and dogfight, whilst Inaldra stays out the action giving Fenn focus. What do you think of this list, how viable is it. Any suggested changes? Primarily, i'm not sure if Indira is worth it for 14 points with only 1 Attanni Mindlink. I used to have all the squad with Attanni Mindlink, but since the nerf I obviously cant do that any more. If I were to remove her from the squad what would be the best use of 14 points? Im thinking Intensity on Fenn instead, I dont like PTL because stress makes him too predictable.?.? Cheers, looking for legit feedback on the list.
  3. Best use I have found is a 14 point attanni mindlink carrier: + Attanni Mindlink
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