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  1. As already said, there is no VETO right (for anyone). It is a cooperative game. The players could, and in fact it is encouraged (IIRC) somewhere in the game documentation, discuss about their decisions. There is no rule about that, however. It's kind of like in real-life: there can (and will) be situations when you might disagree. You need to handle these situations one way or another. If you can not co-operate, well... though :-). You can always do like Eric Cartman, and say: "*w you guys, I'm going home". Personally I don't think that is the best way to deal with these situations, however. If someone does, one can only hope that someone takes over Erics role, or the Aliens might as well win.
  2. With both missions I presume you mean the final mission and the regular one. Where does this limitation come from? The card wording has no such thing mentioned (if you have more than one interceptor, it could be used several times). Similar cards (with a "move 1 X here") can be used more than once, and if they have limitations, have it explicitly mentioned (such as "no more than twice" or "only once/tap"? In any case, the card is certainly usefull in mssions in that now one can take more risks, and more choices for the returned soldiers on subsequent turns.
  3. Hi! I have a question about UFO flight - which you may already guess from the title. Can the player(s) save dying soldiers on a base defence mission? The card reads: More specifically: does this only apply to missions (as the card says) - or, is "base defence" also considered a mission? I can find some threads where someone is asking the same question and some suggestions that it is more restrictive (the card can not be used in base defence), but no definitive answers. IMO the card is quite mediocre if it only applies to mission cards, and would be more usefull if it also applies to base defence while still not being OP. Cheers!
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