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  1. Answers by Sam Stewart: If you take the Improved or Supreme version of a talent without the base version of the talent, usually you cannot use those talents (it depends on the talent in question, but usually the Improved and Supreme versions modify the regular talent). To the Gambler tree, we intentionally designed it so that if you take the shortcut to get Dedication, you end up purchasing a talent that you can’t immediately use. It’s something of a “tax” on an otherwise easier-to-access dedication. There is nothing stopping you from purchasing the basic version of the power later and then making use of Supreme Double or Nothing, of course. To your question about Double or Nothing; as written, you must use the Supreme upgrade if you have purchased it. The talent is designed to follow in the spirit of the regular and improved version, where you increase the difficulty but get to double the number of Advantages or Successes after the results are cancels. The increase in difficulty means that you increase the risk that your Advantages and Successes are canceled before you get a chance to use them. However, since Triumph and Despair don’t cancel each other, the best way to represent that added risk was to double both results.
  2. ... That makes no sense. Is there a source for this (Dev post / podcast ep. number)? I ask because Reconstruct the Scene is a talent that appears in the Skip Tracer tree of the Bounty Hunter career. Force talents can only be used by people with a Force Rating of 1 or more, so if this were such a talent, it would mean a Bounty Hunter tree has a talent a Bounty Hunter can't normally use, and that would just be a poor and nonsensical design choice. There's a similarly named talent called Sense the Scene, which is a force talent. Maybe they were mixing the two up? On a more on-topic note: I have the self-updating version of the program, but last it asked about applying an update, I accidentally hit cancel. Now it will no longer bring up the dialog. Could we perhaps have a button somewhere that forces the launcher to check for and apply updates? (Or is it already there and I'm just blind?) Either way, thank you so much for an amazing - essential, really - tool for this system. All the props to ya!
  3. My slot is 14 hours long! It's from... 4 am CST (which I believe is the timezone in Kansas?) till 6 pm CST. It's 11 am to 1 am, not 1 pm.
  4. Right?! I've certainly always found it significantly more immersive myself. I've always attributed that to my relative shyness when it comes to voice-based communication, and the fact I'm not much of an actor and can't do accents or different voices well. That said, I also recognize text-based stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea. I do always find a handful of interested players when I post in different places (whom I do appreciate posting, if only to give potential GMs the assurance there is enough interest), but I have so far had difficulty finding a GM. (Alas, I myself don't really much enjoy GMing, so me taking the mantle is a no-go.) But, if you don't try, you won't succeed! And thanks for posting, peeps - people who've tried it and can vouch for it are good for encouraging potential GMs who've yet to try the text-based approach to dive in and see if they enjoy it.
  5. Why thank you. It's much appreciated. There has GOT to be someone out there who'll run this sort of thing, right? ... RIGHT?! *weeps quietly*
  6. Playing via any medium that supports text, ideally one that is capable of doing the dice as well in order to keep things compact (like Roll20). Of course, if any GMs who step forward present other options, I'm all too happy to consider them! Think of it like a classic voice-based online game - players and GM gather at certain day/time to play for a certain duration - except replace the voice component with typing. I bet the first thing that comes to mind now is, what are the pros and cons of this? Well, I find that text tends to encourage being more descriptive, and benefits people who are shy, who are less good at speaking in their character's voice (and eliminates the disparity that is created when a player plays something they physically cannot portray with their voice), or who simply do not have the means for voice communication (be that lack of a microphone, noisy background, or disabilities). It improves overall immersion in general, especially in cases where the people around the table aren't amazing actors and/or aren't playing a character that is basically them, only in space. The con, of course, is a slower pace, as typing simply isn't as fast as speaking, no matter how lightning-fingered participants happen to be. Text can also be considered less immersive in cases where all of the participants are very good at acting and speaking in their character's voice, as it eliminates that element.
  7. You may have seen my posts on Reddit or Roll20 for this, but having been seeking unsuccessfully for months now, I figured I'd cast my net wider. This is the super-short version of the pitch for your quick-skim pleasure. I'm looking for, as a player: Type of game: Text-based (real-time, not PbP; voice possible for OOC), long-term campaign Setting: Any, but EotE > FaD >>> AoR (at least in terms of theme) Frequency of play: Ideally weekly, but once every two weeks might be okay Days: Any Time: Any between 11 am GMT+1 and 1 am GMT+1 Platform: I'm used to Roll20, but will happily look at other possibilities Hard no's / dealbreakers: people under the age of 18 (ideal age range is 24-36) fully hack-and-slash campaigns (I like story/character focused stuff, with some combat) disruptive/non-teamwork players limiting character gender based on player gender having more than 5 players (not counting GM) If you've any questions, please feel free to ask, and thank you for taking a peek!
  8. There is a way to do custom dice in Roll20 - by using rollable tables. By doing that, you can create the dice needed "from scratch" and use 'em in macros. This approach requires more work, and doesn't auto-calculate results (ie, you'll have to actually count the symbols, much like playing tabletop) but doesn't require use of the API. It hadn't even occurred to me until a one-shot GM used it.
  9. A short-lived campaign saw our characters - mine being the pilot/captain - owning the Farseeker, a YG-4210 Light Freighter. Or, at least, that was its official name. His copilot/gunner drove him up a wall by constantly calling it The Space Tongue instead.
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