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  1. So when krenic issues standby orders via his command card, do the units use their activation when they fire? Or do they get to do it as well as a regular activation?
  2. Are there going to be reprints of green goblin and captain America? If so when, they are totally out of stock in the UK
  3. Brilliant that's just what I needed to know, thanks!
  4. So are there any new upgrade cards in the new box starter set? Not faction specific ones but ones that can be used with the original armies?
  5. HI, Just getting back into X-wing and trying to work out whats going on with factions. -Are Rebel Alliance and Resistance (and in turn Galactic empire and First order) d different factions and you can build squads with a combination of ships? -I see something about Seperatist alliance and the Galactic republic, are these going to be two even different factions? -I read something about cards being distributed across factions like legion (ie you can buy one faction but still get all upgrade cards) is this true? I want ot stick with the ships I have for Rebel alliance and Galactic empire, will I miss out on upgrade cards? I bought the upgrade packs but dont want ot have to start buying new factions just to keep up with the cards 😕 Thanks in advance for advice!
  6. Does the resistance bomber come with cards for second edition? Or do I need the conversion pack?
  7. Sorry if this had been answered but can you build squads that cross factions? As in mixing first order and Galactic empire ships? Sorry if this had been asked before!
  8. Ah ok, think I was getting it mixed up with start wars armada or something!
  9. Hi all, just wanted to make sure we played this right (didn't really matter as the game was awesome regardless) Scenario was the moisture evaporates one, I won by one point, but bobba fets bounty on a dead Han Gave the imperials a point so it was a tie, what happens then? Points? If so do you count only unit cost or cost including upgrades? We went with just unit cost and I lost by 3 points
  10. Ok so help me out, Played Boba fett today, how does his Bounty work? We played the scenario with the moisture evaporaters , if he fulfills the bounty does it just give the imp player one extra point? (in todays game they were getting one pont for each wound healed or example?) Hope that makes sense ?
  11. Just checking we played this right as the rulebook seemed unclear. Can a player activate a system adjacent to their upgraded PDS not move shots in and just shoot an opponent's ships?
  12. Apologies if this has already been asked but: I got conversions kits for imps and rebels, when I built some squads I found some cards were missing (two tubes for example I think, as well as agile gunner upgrade off the top of my head) does this mean I now have to buy individual ship packs again right from the beginning? (the new x-wing and y-wing packs etc) just to get all the cards ?
  13. Ok thanks, we thought that was the case but just wanted clarification
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