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  1. If I had a say, I'd request Shipping now and then a new IA product announcement! Edit: But not a skirmish map. Edit edit: All three of those figures look great. I honestly don't know who I'm most excited about. I guess since I normally play campaign as Empire, Maul or Palp:) "Zappity Zappity"!!!!!
  2. 1) This was already voiced but personally I'm really excited to see them move away from the movies a bit. Sure all of the stories have been independent of the movies and they've been great, but I'm really excited to go to some new places with a more RPG sort of feel. "you have taken your first steps into a larger world". 2) I'm also really looking forward to getting a story that Greedo fits into (chronologically) Note: If Freemaker Adventures are cannon then Hera and Chopper fit into the entire OT.
  3. OK, it's getting close to the time where I'd expect another Friday article. I really doubt that vanilla-Genesis is going to carry the weekend. Given that so many other games have gotten news and releases lately, I give IA a good chance (better than an X-man on a white die) for an article this afternoon. Unless they steal it for the first expansion of Legion...wah wah.
  4. I don't think I need Thrawn. He's slightly more useful than Tarkin in IA. I like them both in other media I just don't know their utility in IA. Then again, they made Jabba work. How about a vehicle for the IMPs instead? I wouldn't mind the Rogue One "Occupier" tank with a mounted E-web on the back:) Plus, we haven't gotten a vehicle expansion (blister) since Weiss. Edit: Unfortunately, Legion will probably get this long before us.
  5. My problem is that I preorder the game online a month or so before it releases. At the time, I usually think "that's a long time from now, I'll save money and go for the economy shipping, it's only a few more days"....then they announce the release and you guys all start opening stuff up like it's christmas and I have to wait 3-5 more days. You'd think I'd learn my lesson.
  6. I'm gonna say that I think that Ewoks have a lot of narrative potential. I have a children's book for my son (5 minutes tar Wars Stories) that depicts them more like little wolverines than teddy bears and it makes me want a pseudo-horror comic about a patrol of troopers that disappear during the building of the shield generator on Endor. Given that I'm not a comic book artist/writer I might have to tell this story with my IA group instead. IF we get Ewoks in IA, I'm going to write a side mission where my rebels get to control one Imperial trooper each. Probably something like one E-Strormtrooper, one E-Heavy one E-Jump trooper and Kayn Samos each with +5 health or so. The mission will take place at night and visibility will be limited (probably using the "place adjacent tile" dynamic). They will initially be on patrol when they hear something in the forest and an unnamed 5th party member disappears into the woods without a sound followed by a terrible scream. They will have two options 1) look for lost team member or 2) return to base. The map will be laden with invisible traps and Ewoks that are hunting them (like the original Predator). Ultimately, most of them will probably get captured and eaten. Mission rewards will be based on how many (if any) make it to the transport ("get to the choppa") and an extra reward if they find the corpse of their missing team member. This might be a Prologue mission if we get an Endor box. I'll let you know how it works. If we don't, I might just have to pick up some wizards of the coast minis and make my own Ewoks.
  7. And hopefully they keep her attributes thematic and make her basically useless:)
  8. I don't really see a need for a new core box anytime soon. The errata isn't so cumbersome that it hurts the game and (I think) the newly printed core boxes have updated cards (like rebels sabs). My thought is that they will release a new core box oriented around episodes 7-9. But I don't expect this for a while. Maybe a couple years. At the soonest, I could see this being announced at Force Friday Sept 2019, but even that is a stretch.
  9. Amazon lists HotE to ship on November 30th. Does this seem realistic/official? Last update from FFG was on the boat on 7/26. I just painted my last IA piece and we're about to play the Jabba's Realm finale. Help!
  10. This is probably highly incentivized by LF and Disney. They probably held some news back just for this. Plus, I'm sure constant news is probably better then large dumps.
  11. I'd be into it even if it were not fully integrated with current IA. BUT, I'd rather they stay in the OT timeline for a couple more years to give us everything we want here first. I also heard a rumor that the new product will be $30- so IA is probably out of the question since that's less than a small box and more than a blister
  12. OK, just to say it out loud: Maybe a new IA core set in the new era? App driven of course. (Odds of this are 3720 to 1) I think Force Fridays are first reveals on new movie stuff. So whatever it is, I'd expect something TFA or TLJ themed.
  13. I think this is an interesting time for IA. If you assume that FFG is planning to focus more on campaign, this could really change the model that we've seen up to this point. My thought is that we might start seeing different types of expansions for campaign; more in the way of apps and adventure modules along with some new figures to support the new campaigns. If this is true, I'm sad to see the skirmish folks put-out but it might be an exciting time for campaign-focused expansions. It might also decrease the product development time since campaign doesn't need the razor-edge balance that skirmish does.
  14. If Legion steals our Friday time-slot I will commit to not buying it!!!!!!
  15. HotE is available for pre-order! From both coolstuffinc and miniature market!!!