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  1. If I were FFG, my next app campaign would rely on Twin Shadows, then RtH etc. I would also release new mini's that are essential (or compliment) each campaign. This would give me the opportunity to move older product and sell some newer stuff. So my next release would be something based on a desert or even Tatooine map. So,in that vein, someone from the cantina? A Boba-fett fix? Or maybe someone from R1 that fits into a desert campaign, like a partisan or two and some death troopers or shore troopers? Maybe the tank from R1 and a tank commander? I like the other ideas, I just wonder what might fit into a desert/tatooine campaign? Edit: Of course I'd be perfectly happy if they just keep putting out new boxes and go somewhere totally new:) Edit Edit: I-don-t know why-I hyphenated Boba Fett.
  2. I'm gonna post something so that it doesn't look like two sad IA fans posting stuff about Legion What's next for IA? We've got the app. What are the best rumors out there? Blisters? Are they waiting to release mini's alongside next app campaign, and will that be the new model?
  3. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    There's something very rewarding about entering your full collection into the app!! Note: I wonder if the app talks to FFG. Do they know what I own now? Will they track win vs losses etc? I'm sure they do, this was probably all in the terms and conditions that I signed upon download. That plus a promise of my first born and whatever else I agreed to.
  4. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    Hey FFG got this out perfectly timed for the Christmas rush! Nice job FFG!!! Seems like the last few big holiday releases came out in January:) And also thanks for increasing my Star Wars stoke!!!! Happy December all!
  5. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    I think narration is very unlikely. This would require voice actors that would greatly increase the production costs. I suppose they could cut cost in this area and have water-cooler-joe read the narration. But I'd rather read it myself
  6. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    The beauty of an app is they can change things on the fly- like retrospectively adding time periods to previously release expansions
  7. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    Yeah, I think this is an area where the community seems pretty evenly split between those who care about time periods and those who don’t. That’s why I suggested a toggle button. But I think leaving time period-inappropriate expansions out of your collection should be a reasonable fix. But in the future there will be more campaigns with different time periods and you may be running more than one campaign at a time (ie two different gaming groups) so this isn’t a perfect solution
  8. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    Yeah. I was thinking about this. I’m pretty sure this is why the app is not true AI...ultimately seeking to keep the game a board game. On another note: As perpetual Imperial player (until the app) I sort of wish the new healing rules applied to all campaigns😁
  9. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    I fully agree. I was hoping for an option for time periods that you could just toggle on. Until then, I’ll probably just leave OB1 and Maul, etc, out of my “collection” in the app as needed.
  10. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    At launch there will be a five mission campaign called flight of the freedom fighter. It is different from the core campaigns but makes use of core tiles and core imperial and mercenary figures. Future expansions will make use of additional expansions...whatever that means. So no, the app won’t run the original core campaign.
  11. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    Reposting this in case my edits were lost. Maybe stupid questions but any guesses here? Do you think the app will be a side view instead of a typical 2D birds eye view? The app "screenshot" shows physical pieces but the rulebook has examples that look illustrated- like the example of the deployment point icon. Any thoughts?
  12. Why are there 4 different threads about the app?

    Is this the fourth thread or fifth?

    I think Dec 4th is logical if they really want to boost christmas sales of IA. Any later and they'll miss it. I don' think it's a coincidence that we get this news a few days before black friday (in the US). Sub-T: Don't believe all the hype. BF2 is pretty fun, perhaps not perfect. I personally have had a great time playing both PvP and campaign. Feel free to wait for it to go on sale, but I'm not going to let the internet trolls ruin my enjoyment:) Note: I am glad they've stopped the pay-for-play.
  14. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    I think in a lot of ways this will be lead to more thematic play. I mean think of all the chaos of a real battle- like the hero's running around the death star in ANH. I love player vs player driven IA but often the strategy (especially by the empire) is not particularly thematic, I mean why would a trooper run past a healthy hero to attack (focus fire) another. I'm thinking that this is a move towards the RPG style of gameplay and slightly away from the chess part of the continuum. I originally bought IA as a dungeon crawler, so this is all fine by me. Side note: My guess is that the computer will make up for less strategy with overwhelming numbers. Meaning more enemies to shoot- also a good thing:) QUESTION: They obviously put together a really nice rule book to accompany the app. Will this be available in hard copy, perhaps print on demand? Have the other apps (Descent) had printed rulebooks or were they just web-based? QUESTION 2: The second image in the article is a "3D" perspective of the tiles and door (as if it is a picture of the tiles on a table and not a 2D illustration (like the campaign guide maps). Is this what the app would actually look like? Do you think it interfaces with your camera? Why this perspective? Maybe this image is not taken straight from the app?
  15. Legends of the Alliance - IA App Coming Soon

    Agreed. I think the simplest thing is to just do things as written. The Imperial Rule, as you say, really only applies when several options are available (such as a space with cover vs a space that does not, or who to attack). I really like this design. I'm out of likes for the day (first time for me) but I like your and A1berts response. Keep it simple.