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  1. VadersMarchKazoo

    Obligation House Rules - Feedback Appreciated

    I don't know. I think if someone in your group is feeling depressed or angry or mentally absent it can have a big impact on the group dynamic.
  2. VadersMarchKazoo

    Obligation House Rules - Feedback Appreciated

    Another thing I was thinking about is that the increasing strain mechanism you propose is a major disincentive to taking obligation. It's always been my understanding that obligation is something that the players must voluntarily take. If the penalty is too high, then I imagine that the PCs will just skip the chance to take any. So either you'll need to provide really sexy reasons to take obligation (or perhaps life threatening) or the obligation component of your game will just disappear. Personally, after 21 sessions, I've found that it's somewhat hard to get my PCs obligation up to any considerable level (they typically hover around 45-55). I've been getting better at using it during metagame negotiations ex. dude, I really want mandolorian armor - GM's response- Sure, is it worth 10 obligation to you?
  3. VadersMarchKazoo

    Obligation House Rules - Feedback Appreciated

    Sorry, I don't mean to be a neigh sayer but you did ask for feedback so here it goes: I'm not a big fan of the static effects of the obligation style you describe. One thing I like about obligation is that it creates another way to provide surprises (even to the GM) in your story. I think surprises (and the threat of surprises) are the bread and butter of the SW RPG experience. This is the same reason I love the narrative dice. So I guess I'm saying that I'd rather have an element of the unexpected, even if it is a paint deal with sometimes. Here're some of my own house rules that I've used to deal with some of the pitfalls you describe: 1) I don't roll to see exactly which PCs obligation is triggered but rather use GM discretion to trigger an obligation that makes thematic sense with my current plot (we do roll to see if it is triggered using the more general threshold). I also use a rough rotation so that everyone gets their moment in the spotlight (or interrogation chamber:). 2) I won't let my campaign be derailed by obligation- if it's inconvenient then I'd probably just trigger the good ol' strain mechanism and tell them why 3) I like that others have suggested to roll obligation AT THE END of each session so you have time to prepare and fit it into your campaign Anyways, I really am not trying to be a #$%. I just thought I'd give you my own 2 cents, or whatever it's worth.
  4. I am thinking/guessing/hoping that our next app campaign will be announced at In flight report. i’m also suspicious that ToL box might have an associated app that just hasn’t been announced. But maybe that’s a long shot
  5. This is #1 on may want list. A nice consolidated deck or two for vehicles. I love my Imperial and Rebels, Scum and Villainy etc. decks. I could actually see this as 2 decks broken down by either ship size: 1) fighters/speeders and 2) transports/capital ships or by use: 1) Planetary vehicles and 2) Space vehicles. Either way, I'd be stoked.
  6. VadersMarchKazoo

    Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Nice video. Great theme! It's like Ezra intervened in the timeline after all.
  7. I really want a box that takes us on an archaeologic mission and has Aphra as a central character. Too HotE?
  8. Sorry, this has probably been said before. But do we think that we'll see a Boba fix in this box? Or in the Sabine pack? Maybe that'll be in the skirmish article. Edit: I don't see a hidden Mercenary card in the Sabine/Zeb pack teaser so probably not unless they just purposefully omitted it. Based on the article it would have to be in Hondo's pack or the box...my bet would be on the box.
  9. VadersMarchKazoo

    Tyrants of Lothal

    Totally agree. I for one, really like how they depicted Sabine in the new expansion. I like her slightly more realistic look and think it's very consistent with how I see her in the cartoon but with more detail. Wait until they cast some rando to play her in the movies (maybe 2022). Then complain. Of course, I doubt I'll be complaining then either.
  10. VadersMarchKazoo

    Tyrants of Lothal

    You don't have to buy any of the expansion packs to play the campaign. You can always use the punch-out tokens for the rebel figures that come in the box. Though- I understand if you don't want to use card board tokens. Personally, I don't play an expansion until I have all the figures AND they are all painted
  11. Sorry- I can't help but post this pseudo- I told you so...(not like I was the only one)
  12. VadersMarchKazoo

    Tyrants of Lothal

    I'm super excited to finally get something for IA! These are the best fridays! I really like the new minis and it sounds like the mechanics are fun and thematic. I like Thrawns ability to stun someone at the beginning of each round, I mean wow, that's not even an IP class card. Ezra's movement and Kanan's foresight (or whatever it's called) is really cool too. The death troopers are clutch. Really interesting flexibility. It will be interesting to see how they work out. I can see using two DTs each paired with a leader or using pair of DTs (maybe one reg and one elite). If you had an elite officer, the DT could go first- attack etc. then activate an elite officer that could order the DT to attack again. Hmmm. Anyways, great job FFG and thanks for giving us more IA! When I saw the Report article this morning I thought we'd have to wait till May for some IA news.
  13. VadersMarchKazoo

    WOLVERINE & CONEHEAD: Legends of the Alliance Gameplay

    Awesome. I look forward to watching. Your other videos are very entertaining!
  14. VadersMarchKazoo

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Fair enough. You can take it as a warning if you prefer: You may want to disable automatic updates before playing the app...especially if you think your game will be going till midnight (or whenever your phone typically updates) otherwise you might run into problems. Also (MISSION 4 SPOILER- includes plot spoiler).
  15. VadersMarchKazoo

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Just thought I’d report that my phone ran the most recent app update at midnight a couple nights ago. We were (intensely) playing the fourth mission when my phone updated. It saved at the end of the previous round but we lost all the random spawns that we were playing against. I really like the app, but this sort of thing is a bummer.