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  1. Just a tweet, just for a second, just to see what it might look like....
  2. I don't think this is how Descent handled it but I would like it if the App was sold as an accompaniment to box expansions. This way you could have have Rogue one themed app, etc. This would allow the new (app based) campaign to feature new figures in the story missions.
  3. Death troopers (Imps) and a Gigoran (Mercs) please. Plus Cassian and K2 (rebels)
  4. Probably won't be for a long while. Have we even seen anything inspired by Rogue One in IA yet? However: Every other SW game in the FFG line-up has gotten R1 stuff so they'll probably get Solo stuff before IA gets R1 stuff:)
  5. So maybe this has been said already, I just scanned to try to catch up but....the Upcoming section lists the US release date as 12 Oct 2017 for HotE. So I'd expect the next wave announcement shortly there after. Maybe friday?!
  6. I wish someone would remold OB1 using clear-blue acrylic for a force ghost:)
  7. Will do. I'm a couple weeks from ready. I still need to make a small rule supplement and figure out the proper legal verbiage. ie IA is an FFG property and this is not for resale etc. plus photo credits if necessary
  8. I'm working on my first custom mission now. Actually it's part of a two (or maybe 3) mission micro-campaign. I'm super excited about it and will share it with the community when I'm a bit closer. I've got custom heroes, custom deployment cards and a custom mission. (I'm retooling an existing mission for the opening prologue and am constructing one custom mission - for now). One thing I've learned is that you have to play test. I've revised my map three times because the pacing was too slow. Now that I've fixed that, I keep murdering the heros well before they meet the final objective so now I'm trying to balance in the other direction. I'm sure there are some general rules about threat, etc. but ultimately, you don't know until you test it. For me the quickest way to do this is to do a play through by myself. I make quick decisions, roll all the dice as a pool and don't overthink things during these play throughs. The point is to get it to a rough sketch. Once I get to that point, I'll probably do a more structured game with a willing participant. The nice thing is that I'm making custom heroes the are mandatory (well you have to pick from the 5 I've made). The nice thing is that I don't have to worry about all the hero combinations that could break my game so my testing is much simpler. A couple issues. Originally, I tried to just use the core set, plus my custom figures. However, the more I've gotten into it, the more I've allowed myself to deviate. At present, I only use map tiles from the core set. But to play you would need a handful of blister packs and you'd need some new figures. I'm using the SW WOTC figures for the custom deployment cards/figures. I think I got all of them for $25 or so, but of course you could proxy the figures. Anyways, just a teaser here. More to come.
  9. I just finished Jabba's realm. I also suggest Nemeses. My suggestion is that you try to play the villains thematically. For example, I tried to introduce my Imperial villain (BT-1) when my rebels went to their first Imperial facility. Then I introduced my first mercenary villain (Bossk) in some wretched hive of scum and villainy. I tried to give my rebels clues that these two villains originally had separate agendas but found cooperation to be in their best interest once they met in a mission. Since they reappear very often I had to make that thematic as well. So basically, I made some of the side missions that were "rescue missions" based on the idea that Bossk had orchestrated the abductions to trap the heros. I also suggested that BT-1 (and later 000) were tracking the rebels movement by intercepting transmissions and through other mechanisms. I also chose a couple side mission that brought thematic villains (000 for example) that meshed well with my original villains. All in all, it was like having a second story-line in the campaign. I loved it. Nemeses is very fun and quite competitive. I have to say. When in doubt: play thematically. If you're headed to a place with a couple creatures - bing more creatures as open groups. Imperial facility - restrict open groups to imperials only, etc. To me these were the big pay offs that made all the difference.
  10. I say go for it. I printed the "upgraded" vader for a late game villain in my Jabba's Realm campaign. I don't think he broke anything. As you said, if I had played his side mission to earn him (which my rebels didn't take) I probably would have used his original card. I also intend to let my rebels have access to fixed Han and Chewie etc. It would be nice if this were official. On another note: GREAT JOB KRISTIAN!!! - yes I decoded your name:)
  11. If I had a say, I'd request Shipping now and then a new IA product announcement! Edit: But not a skirmish map. Edit edit: All three of those figures look great. I honestly don't know who I'm most excited about. I guess since I normally play campaign as Empire, Maul or Palp:) "Zappity Zappity"!!!!!
  12. 1) This was already voiced but personally I'm really excited to see them move away from the movies a bit. Sure all of the stories have been independent of the movies and they've been great, but I'm really excited to go to some new places with a more RPG sort of feel. "you have taken your first steps into a larger world". 2) I'm also really looking forward to getting a story that Greedo fits into (chronologically) Note: If Freemaker Adventures are cannon then Hera and Chopper fit into the entire OT.
  13. OK, it's getting close to the time where I'd expect another Friday article. I really doubt that vanilla-Genesis is going to carry the weekend. Given that so many other games have gotten news and releases lately, I give IA a good chance (better than an X-man on a white die) for an article this afternoon. Unless they steal it for the first expansion of Legion...wah wah.
  14. I don't think I need Thrawn. He's slightly more useful than Tarkin in IA. I like them both in other media I just don't know their utility in IA. Then again, they made Jabba work. How about a vehicle for the IMPs instead? I wouldn't mind the Rogue One "Occupier" tank with a mounted E-web on the back:) Plus, we haven't gotten a vehicle expansion (blister) since Weiss. Edit: Unfortunately, Legion will probably get this long before us.
  15. My problem is that I preorder the game online a month or so before it releases. At the time, I usually think "that's a long time from now, I'll save money and go for the economy shipping, it's only a few more days"....then they announce the release and you guys all start opening stuff up like it's christmas and I have to wait 3-5 more days. You'd think I'd learn my lesson.