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  1. I tried something like this a while back. My PCs wandered into a Nightbrother ceremony in a Temple on Dathomir. The Brothers were immersing enslaved women into a glowing force pool and allowing them to be possessed by the spirits of deceased Nightsisters. Once possessed, the Nightsister would grab a warrior and start having her way with him on a nearby podium. Their progeny would have been new Nightsisters and brothers of course, how else would they procreate? Well I was going to allow my PCs to either A) take part in this ceremony or B) intervene. At the time they were sort of guests of the Nightbrothers and had nothing against them. In the moment they decided to intervene in the ceremony and miraculously freed the slaves and escaped the temple alive. I suppose you could argue it wasn't very Star Warsy, but it was a lot of fun and my group were all mature players. It was a fun decision point and a pretty exciting moment in the game. I think it was one of my favorite sessions and my players loved it. In retrospect, they wonder what would have happened if they hadn't "done the right thing":)
  2. I’m thinking that IA 2.0 will put more emphasis on the app both on and in the box. In terms of promotion and app rule book
  3. I’m super happy for the new Return to Hoth app campaign. But....I wish we got an article for it. Don’t they know how much we covet our IA news articles?
  4. Part of the problem is this thread. There is NO WAY that we'd get IA stuff every Friday. So it inherently is setting us up for disappointment:) Assuming we get a box wave and a blister wave each year AND assuming that they get separate announcements AND assuming that each announcement gets an "announcing, campaign preview, skirmish preview and, now available artice, we might expect 8 articles a year. Plus a couple about strategy or maybe a designer's notes article so we'll put that up to 10. If we get an app "announcement" and "now available" that's 12. I'm not counting organized play articles which aren't specifically about new IA product (i.e. Worlds announcements etc). So basically at least 40 weeks out of 52 (~80% of weeks) you can expect no news for IA. Not only that but those articles are probably going to be clustered in either the spring or fall.
  5. Awesome, thanks very much! I've found a number of youtube videos that have been pretty helpful. I've also watched Sarastro's Blood Rage Snow Giant episode which covers priming, zenithal highlights and some basics of airbrushing but it lacks some of the practical considerations that you covered nicely. Some others have also recommended a moisture-trap. I've found one that isn't too expensive and serves as both a water-trap and regulator allow for a little more fine manipulation of the pressure. For paints, I was also looking at the Vallejo primers (as you suggest) and probably the Vallejo Game Air paints, very similar to your Model Air. Based on a friends recommendation, I'm going to use my shop compressor rather than buy a cheap desktop version. I think the desktop style can work but you need a reasonably good one from what I hear. Thanks again!
  6. OK, not super enticing but: What I have: 9 core-set stormtroopers (2 regular groups one elite). They were the first mini's I painted. Not terrible but not very good either. Happy to share pics. What I want: 9 core-set stormtroopers unpainted. Not a wonderful deal, but good for someone who doesn't like to paint and just wants some OK painted troopers. Of course, I plan to paint the new ones since my skills have improved after 140 figures or so.
  7. Thank you sir!!! This is how we played it. It makes me feel better about our outcome. The answer to question A was more critical since this would apply to a number of scenarios (beyond just the specific case).
  8. In Moment of Fate there are Sarlacc tentacles represented by mission tokens. Periodically, the tentacles are given an activation by the app. The activation instructions read: 1) Double action (with "attack" designation): Each rebel in this tentacles space... 2) Double action (with "attack" designation): Defeat each... 3) Single action: Move 1 space toward the closest figure without a tentacle in it's space. My first question is: A) If the first two instructions are skipped, should the last instruction be resolved twice? The LotA app rulebook reads: After the figure skips or resolves the last instruction on the list, it's activation ends and the next figure in that group activates. So based on this I would think that after the tentacle moves one space it is done with it's activation. But why have only a single arrow? There are no other single action options for the tentacle. Also in the rulebook appendix it reads: Action options presented in the app with the action arrow are not considered special actions, and are not limited to once per activation unless otherwise indicated. So based on this I suppose the tentacle could resolve this action twice when reached if needed. My second question is: B) Will a tentacle move into a space with a Rebel or Imperial figure? Note: The special instructions read that it won't move into a space already containing a tentacle. I think this one is more clear cut and the answer should be: yes it will.
  9. I love the FFG art of Ewoks. Including the picture in the new article. They’re more wild bear looking. I could handle a RotJ remaster where they beef up the Ewoks a bit with some cgi. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them in IA
  10. I’m thinking about getting an airbrush for priming my minis (Similar to Sarastro’s method). I was thinking about buying a 50$ airbrush kit online that comes with a small benchtop compressor if it’s adequate and quieter at night than my shop compressor. My question’s are: 1) are the cheap kits any good? 2) should I dilute the primer and paints? 3) how should it be cleaned in between colors and before storage? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. That's cool, good suggestions. It does give this more versatility than I was thinking. Thanks!
  12. I just have a basic question about Shrapnel rounds. How does this work in campaign? The way I read it is: 1. You perform an attack on a target. 2. If there is a figure that is not adjacent to the target, but but within 2 spaces of the target, you can exhaust the card to forgo the blast damage on all other figures adjacent to the target (if any are present) and instead put one figures worth of blast damage on a non-adjacent figure (i.e. within 2 spaces). Is this right? Is is just covering those situations where the single figure you'd like to blast is not adjacent to the target? Thanks-
  13. I would argue that Death Troopers are R1 content, but yeah I totally agree that IA is very R1 (or vice versa). I remember the first time I saw the movie in the theatre and Cassian delivers his line: "We've all done terrible things on behalf of the rebellion, spies, saboteurs, assassins...". Anyways between the line and the group of rebels in the background it struck me as very IA.
  14. That makes sense. I would hope that the app would have some sort of feedback mechanism to keep things fun. After all, we all probably do that when we play the Imperial player. We just received a good amount of fame in our last mission. Joshua is probably going to step things up for us now.
  15. I didn't know Fame impacted difficulty. Does difficulty increase as fame increases?
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