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  1. This was actually one of the plots of the story I ran with my group. My players were there to hunt a rancor, but they had to earn the right to do so from a Nightbrother tribe. They eventually earned the right and honored guests of the tribe, so the Nightbrothers invited them to attend an important ceremony. I planted a seed that something was coming because one of my PCs found a bunch of women captives hidden in the village. When the PCs arrived at the ceremony in the Nightsisters empty temple, they discovered that the Nightbrothers ceremony was aimed at submerging the women in an 'enchanted' pool and allowing the women captives to be possessed with deceased nightsister spirits, thus bringing back the sisters. Of course, the PCs didn't stand by and allow this to happen...
  2. I found a copy to thumb through. They stat out the Nightbrothers (minions) and a Nightbrother LT (Rival) as well as a 'manifested Nightsister' (Rival). GofD pages 91 and 92. You're right though, proper night sisters were statted in Collapse of the Republic.
  3. I don’t have this one but I thought I remembered nightsisters being statted out in here? This one looked fun but I had already taken my group to Dathomir when I was thinking about getting this one. Otherwise we probably would have played this by now.
  4. My group really enjoyed Beyond the Rim. We played it as the second chapter of a year long campaign. It has some good characters and great narrative fodder. The cyber nexu are super fun. There is a really fun group of competitors that the PCs have to race and ultimately deal with. The side plots are interesting if you can work them in too. The campaign is great for explorer/hunter types. it takes you to three very distinct planets each with a unique feel. The second planet can really bring that ‘Lost’ season one feel and has a great deal of narrative flexibility. Anyways a great book. For Indiana Jones feel, I highly recommend the Nexus of Power book which mostly just focuses on force sensitive worlds and places. I used this extensively when I developed my last FandD campaign which had the PCs follow the life of Exar Kun. I also drew from the old Tales of the Jedi comics. Either way, Nexus of Power is probably my favorite FandD companion book.
  5. Ha. Totally agree. I made this same comment to my gaming group recently. I'm not saying they made the decision based on this but it sure seems coincidental to say the least. From an RPG players perspective - it's really cool to see.
  6. 1) I would look at the rest of your party and see what roles need to be filled. If your group needs someone with mechanics then Gadgeteer is useful and fun. If they need someone with a little stealth, then assassin could be good, etc. 2) You might also ask your GM what the themes of the campaigns will be- if your going for a pretty urban adventure then survivalist won't be very useful (unless you wanna play the fish out of water like crocodile Dundee). On the other hand, if you're gonna be purely exploring untamed worlds then survivalist could be great. 3) Choose what calls to you and fits how you wanna play. Do you wanna be a dark character that sneaks and stabs folks in the back, then go assassin. Do you want to tinker and modify and use fun contraptions to take down enemies - choose Gadgeteer. Any of these options are fun, but it needs to fit the group, the game and your play style (and not necessarily in that order) . What calls to you is probably the most important but you also want good group cohesion/balance and a character that fits your GMs story.
  7. I'm sad to hear this news, particularly the fate of all the great folks at FFG that will be impacted. I'll cross my fingers that some of them may land something with Lucas Story Group:) Broadly speaking, I'm not really surprised that they are ending the line. They have really done great work but we have a pretty complete product line for SW at this point. Sure there are things I'd still like them to make but really I've got most of what I need to run a great game. I do hope they keep a skeleton crew (and some freelancers) around to keep the game in print for years to come. I'm sure we each have our wish list of final products we'd like to see but I am grateful for all of the great books we've got.
  8. These are the parties of my previous campaigns - I'm not including the beginner games and one-offs that I've run. First major Edge campaign - 1 Rodian big game hunter, 1 Besalisk enforcer, 1 Human assassin/gadgeteer Second major F&D campaign - 1 Twi'lek mystic, 1 Wookie colossus/warrior, 1 Human executioner/gunslinger Third major Edge campaign (current) - 1 Droid (astromech) mechanic, 1 Chadrafan thief, 1 Pantoran charmer/gunslinger, 1 Sullustan pilot/slicer so about 80% non-human
  9. In my head cannon: midichlorians are just parasites (or commensalists at best) that grow in the presence of the force but have to relationship to ones abilities to use the force. So maybe a good metric at times but not always. But I’d rather never hear about them again
  10. We're (yet again) a little off topic but I'd like to add that I think Disney has really done great things in their embrace and development of Lucas Story group and making sure cross-media connectivity and canonicity. The payoff is much greater for SW fans by developing and adhering to a cohesive set of stories and media that are now known as "Canon". This has breathed life into the SW universe and made it what I love today. Some alternatives that could have been: 1. Nothing - no new content - just the legends and fan fiction to live by. Including 17 ways to steal the plans to the Death Star, with the impetus of the fandom to pretend they all weave together somehow. 2. Another corporation buys SW and badly mismanages SW with no interest in connectivity of characters or stories, or perhaps with just movies in mind and everything else would just be glorified (licensed) fan fiction; which is sort of what we had with Fox and LFL pre-2014. 3. George Lucas could have kept SW and given us a Sequel trilogy that explores the science behind midichlorians. Anyways, just my perspective. Everyone is entitled to there own point of view, of course.
  11. For what it's worth, common sense media dot com ranks Mando at ages 10+, A New Hope at 7+ and Empire Strikes Back at 8+, Rogue One at 11+. I feel like these are always a bit conservative but at least it gives a relative comparison. Again, not complaining, just noting.
  12. I think the Mandalorian is quite a bit darker than the OT. Getting cut in half by a door or burned by our main characters flame thrower is pretty gnarly. So is getting body smashed into a speeder bike😂. It's a little dark and rough at times...and really great! The worst of the OT is probably seeing the burning corpses of Lukes Aunt and Uncle. Getting a hand cut off is pretty tame really. I'm not complaining. On the other hand I want more of the Mando and plenty of gritty fight scenes. I'm just cognizant of this since I'm watching with the eyes of a parent too.
  13. I get your point, but I think it's important to remember that SW Resistance is for younger kids. I think that Disney is waking up to this a bit and is hopefully deciding to use Disney+ to provide demographic-specific programming, which is really hard when you are trying to bring the masses to a holiday blockbuster. Blockbusters have to be for everybody, all nationalities, all ages etc to really bring in the $$$ that are expected (400-600 million domestically for example). What I like about the Disney+ model is that it allows them to go a little darker since shows can have more specific demographics. Also, Disney+ just added a profile option that allows you to have a kids only setting. I'm a father of a 5 year old. He already loves SW but we only let him watch lego SW and has just seen A New Hope. I love Rogue One, but really, it's pretty much a war movie. On the other hand, as an adult, I want SW content that is a little darker and I'm hoping that the folks at LF and Disney are using the newer model to allow them to do that as well as to produce content that is specific for younger or even all audiences. It's a tricky scene to navigate. But I think when you think of all of this in terms of age and audience you start to see why Disney and LF have succeeded at times and failed at others. Let's face it, this has been a long term problem and not just Disney. One of the reasons the Phantom Menace was so bad because George Lucas made it for kids. I think this is what they've been able to do with the Mandalorian, it's a little darker at times, and it can be produced for more mature audiences. I hope they keep that up.
  14. My bad. Forgot this was a sensitive issue:) I just meant that the Mandalorian writers are doing a good job moving beyond the OT without the controversy that TLJ led to. That's it.
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