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  1. I think dco is a staple. Turning off apts et al will give you more damage mitigation over all
  2. Brunson for days. No way you miss that benefit
  3. I do believe the large upgrades are cut and dry. This is a huge class ship and i would think that the large only upgrades are deliberately designed with this thing in mind. Lets face it, motti would just make this thing even more absurd and he makes no mention of huge ship on his card
  4. Well they can with the bonus token from the dial
  5. Why do you think not brunson? There is no size restriction that would hold her back
  6. Looks like there is a second admiral thats tagging along. We have that bluw colouration to the card by piett
  7. Played in a small 6 person event today. Ended up taking third. Game with @SkyCake
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