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  1. Nebraska saw a new version of Rieeken Aces take the win. It was an extremely close top four with all four tied at 22 points! I think you should be getting the lists Thurs or Friday.
  2. Very well said, I have found this to be 100% true Mr. Allwings
  3. Seventh Fleet won a Campaign and was in my list because of a gentleman's agreement to leave Demo title off! ISD 2, and 2 glads did nicely. Final battle we paired up for 5 of the titles in total! At 500 points the titles work much better.
  4. I forgot to mention that Thrawn was the target of this aggression.
  5. two different rounds, not the same round. Sliced the Quasar's squad away. Then jyn did her thing, and the quasar had to discard dial entirely to remove the tokens. Benefit being it didn't get to concentrate fire or heal etc. It was enough time to kill it without it doing squads.
  6. She combines with slicers nicely
  7. Wax won 319 - 103 = 216 MOV. Great Game CyborgNinja
  8. Hey sorry do we report results here? I squeaked out a 33 point mov win against dark helmet. 254-287 Fun game thanks
  9. This is really cool and I am trying to understand and get into it. Does the Raider never turn away from target?
  10. NA region, Central time zone. Sorry not sure what else is needed
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