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  1. Seems like the sort of thing they coild include in an Expanded Players Guide.
  2. A species book would be top of the list for me. Just compile all the playable species that already exist, chuck in some unexplored ones from the ST and other places, maybe a couple more Universal Specialisation just to add somerhing else, and job's a good un. That'd be straight in my pre-order basket the second it's announced.
  3. I really love how she actually looks a little bit like Rosario Dawson. That is some prescient artistry right there.
  4. ****! This is all making me wish I had a PC with a brain implant.
  5. And now after starting again, I get back as far as I was, lol.
  6. These are THE most gangsta ewoks ever! Also yes I know this is from 3 years ago, I'm slowly working through this epic thread of awesome.
  7. So Krayt Dragon, chop 25-30% off Brawn(adjust attack damages and soak accordingly), and 30-50% off Wounds and Strain.
  8. Maybe kitbash the Krait Dragons, add flight and souped up flame projector. Job's a good un.
  9. Thank you. These are all excellent! I shall definitely be incorporating some of these.
  10. Cheers, but the cause of the calamity is already set in motion. What I'm after is ideas of other challenges/malfunctions to happen on his hyperspace jump from ****.
  11. For reasons I won't go into right now, in my next session I am due to run a "the ship is falling apart and your all going to die in the cold depths of space" which will end in a crash landing an eventual replacement of their ship. Now this will be happening whilst the ship is in hyperspace, and I intend to run at as a series of overlapping system failures requiring various test and such for the crew, lest they die horribly. So basically, I'm looking for ideas as to what to do, and ideally have 10, so I can spring them in random order at the roll of a d10. Here's what I have so far: Fire - pretty self explanatory Lighting - gonna give them some seriius black dice on all the other checks. Life support pumping out toxins - better get that fixed before you all start passing out. Nav comp - oops seems you have no idea when/if/where you'll be dropping out of hyperspace. Any input or suggestions will be gratefully received.
  12. You should read up about the lower levels of Nar Shadarr in the Lords if Nal Hutta book, as this is pretty much what you're describing with this whole concept.
  13. For the planet just pick an existing one at random, look it up on Wookeepedia, if there's too much info already pock another until you find one unexplored by existing lore. This is what I do anyway, or sometimes use what little info there already is as a seed for my own world building.
  14. This is exactly what we've been doing. We pissed about with roll20, the chat/vid function was appalling, so sacked that off. At first with Hangouts we were pointing webcams at dice and such, but we don't even bother with that now as we're a pretty trusting group.
  15. Over the course of several blue books it has developed into quite the extensive backstory. The short(ish) version is that her old crew were running a salvage operation, and on a particularly lucrative job, involving an old CW era cruiser, **** hit the fan. Somehow the cruiser started to drop out of its orbit, and the crew betrays her, sealing her on the ship. It starts to break up on entry, explosions, injuries, etc. She finds the medbay, miraculously the old med droid there is still working and saves her life. Ship crashes, she loses limbs, droid puts her back together, even using one of his own legs.
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