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  1. Happy this thtead just popped to the top. Was planning on running it next for my group, and had already decided to replace the Hutt with a crime boss they already know.
  2. Nice! Love that detail. You sir are a brutal GM, in the best possible way.
  3. Started end of 0BBY actually had them have to deliver a ship that had a bounty on to Jedha as their 1st adventure, only to find it in the almost immediate aftermath of the city's destruction. Figured it was nice way to tie in, and place them in the timeline.
  4. Amazing guide Timequake. Thanks so much. Have to admit(guiltily) I've nearly fallen into the gmpc trap, but we're only a couple of sessions in, and he's a droid, and has an ulterior motive. So I should be able to pull it back.
  5. Hmm. Seems to me they might be taking too literal an interpretation of RAW. Minions don't have strain as a primarily narrative streamlining function, to represent how weak they. Clearly they shouldn't be treated as dead dead for narrative purposes.
  6. Or 20 for the group. Depends how much you think its worth.
  7. I'd be tempted to give it its own allocation, as if it were another pc, and just call it group obligation on your table.
  8. Loving all the ILM art department challenge pics. They feel almost semi-canonical.
  9. Nice. Only just come across this through another of your posts. Cheers dude. Look forward to looking over it all later.
  10. I'm yet to have the happy alignment of funds and availability too.
  11. Absolutely mate. Guess we're just proper wrong 'uns. Lol.
  12. Yeh, I'm quite looking forward. To the day when one them loses a limb. It's a Star Wars trope, and I'm sure amy of players would be chuffed to have to get a replacement.
  13. Also, these extreme outliers are just that. They're rare, and the cost of boosting stats makes it prohibitively expensive at character gen, which bar those rare talent tree boosts, is the only time you can up them.
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