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  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to decide on a list for a tournament I have on Sunday (Brian, if you're reading this...quit cheating and wait till Sunday to see what I'm bringing :P) I've narrowed it down to two lists, but could use some help picking one, or even refining them into a winning list! UXX v1 Wedge (X-Wing) S-foils, R3 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Marksmanship Luke (X-Wing) S-foils, R3 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Heightened Perception Magva Yarro (U-Wing) Pivot Wing, Leia Organa [200pts] UXE Wedge (X-Wing) S-foils, R3 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Marksmanship Corran Horn (E-Wing) R2-D2, Proton Torpedoes, Fire-Control Systems, Marksmanship Blue Squadron Scout (U-Wing) Pivot Wing, Leia Organa [200pts] UXX v2 Wedge (X-Wing) S-foils, R3 Astromech, Marksmanship, Shield Upgrade optional Luke (X-Wing) S-foils, R3 Astromech, Heightened Perception, Shield Upgrade optional Benthic Two Tubes (U-Wing) Pivot Wing, Leia Organa, Perceptive Copilot, Shield Upgrade [188-200pts]
  2. Darn. I apologise. All events I have locally are all extended. We're a small meta in a small island nation in the Mediterranean. We have to travel abroad for something like that...
  3. I recently played a list that's somewhat similar: Wedge with S-foils, R3 Astromech, Proton Torpedos [67] Luke with S-foils, R3 Astromech, Proton Torpedos, and Heightened Perception [80] Bodhi Rook with Pivot Wings, Leia Organa and Tactical Officer [53] The R3s and Bodhi's ability are good for setting up target locks for the first 2 turns of engagement. Ideally You coordinate Wedge to have a focus before he moves so that you can "balance out" his lack of force compared to our favourite Nerf-Herder. Leia's ability is great...used it twice in my last game. If Proton Torpedos are a bit too pricy for your tastes, you can definitely remove them for 2 shield upgrades on the X-Wings and a 12pt bid.
  4. Well, as you know Brian, but I'll let everyone else know, I flew 4 Blue Squadron Escorts with Proton Torps and S-Foils. I managed to win all 3 of my first 3 games, only losing the last game very closely (135 to 200). I ended up taking second place
  5. >.> <.< ~throws a smoke bomb~ Yes, that's the one. Who are you? Haha
  6. My confusion lies in the FAQ that seems to imply that ignores obstacles is a term that once you gain it (in Dash's case when moving) it allows you to ignore obstacles while attacking too.
  7. First of all, there's no need to use bad language. Swearing is neither smart not clever. It's a crutch used by those who lack the vocabulary and intelligence to find an alternative word. Secondly, the way the FAQ is written, it isn't crystal clear. The way they wrote it it can be interpreted as whenever you have an effect that ignores obstacles you automatically ignore the it when attacking. It is never implicitly stated, in the FAQ, that if the ignores obstacles rule is only referred to a particular action (like moving) that you do not gain its benefit in shooting. Also, Dash's ability could've been written as "You may, only when moving, ignore obstacles" to make it even more implicit.
  8. I'm expecting lots of Proton Torpedos...LOADS of them. I could fly a I4 list with Interceptors and Phantoms, but ONE wrong move and it'll be vaporised. I'm debating fighting fire with fire, so my options are either 2x I4 Interceptors and 2x I4 Phantoms 4x I2 X-wings with Proton Torps What do you guys think? The tournament is tomorrow so I'm still weighing my options.
  9. But, if Dash ignores obstacles, surely he ignores the effects of it when shooting also, as described in the 3rd sentence of the first paragraph. I don't want to be that guy but I'm just trying make sense of what these guys wrote in the FAQ section. I understand that RAI was meant to be only during the activation phase, but RAW it's not clear and I'm Just trying to get a competitive edge.
  10. Something I'm a bit confused about is can Dash still fire while on an Asteroid (withing range 0 of the Asteroid). I can see that he ignores the effects of moving through or on an obstacle when it moves, but what about when it attacks? Could someone explain to me clearly so I can explain it back to someone if I do it and asks me to "prove" it with rules?
  11. Hey guys! In the first week of January I have a tournament which will be using the No Glory format. This means that no one can use Named Pilots, Named crew/gunners, and no Named titles. Now I'm a player that hardly ever uses generics. Does anyone know of any interesting and competitive lists that involve only Generics? I have access to all of the Imperial ships, most of the Rebels, but none of the Scum. Can you guys help me out? Any suggestions?
  12. Hey guys! I've been trying to find some interesting Rebel builds lately with ships I've never played before. I've only played rebels in the closing days of 1st edition (about April this year) so there are quite a few ships I've haven't flown. I see it as a bonus as I can learn how they play NOW with fresh knowledge and not have to amend previous knowledge. Ten Numb [4] A/SF-01 B-wing > EPT: Predator > Systems: Advanced Sensors > Torpedoes: Proton Torpedoes Shara Bey [4] ARC-170 Starfighter > Astromech: R3 Astromech > Crew: Magva Yarro Esege Tuketu [3] BTL-S8 K-wing > Crew: Perceptive Copilot > Missiles: Barrage Rockets > Modification: Munitions Failsafe [200]
  13. How about this for a modification to this list: Han Solo [6] Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter > Gunner: Bistan > Crew: Jyn Erso > Crew: Perceptive Copilot > Title: Millennium Falcon Shara Bey [4] ARC-170 Starfighter > EPT: Marksmanship > Astromech: R3 Astromech > Crew: Magva Yarro > Torpedoes: Proton Torpedoes [197]
  14. Hey all! This is the first time I'm posting a Rebel list (mainly Imperial player) and also the first 2nd edition list I'm posting...so double Firsts! I don't know if the following list is going to be affected by 1st edition bias as it hasn't been too long ago that that edition ended and I'm still coming to grips with the new edition...I've only played 2 games of 2e so far. Let me know what you think! Han Solo [6] Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter > EPT: Trick Shot > Modification: Ablative Plating > Gunner: Luke Skywalker > Crew: Jyn Erso > Crew: Perceptive Copilot > Elicit: Rigged Cargo Chute > Title: Millennium Falcon Thane Kyrell [5] T-65 X-Wing > Configuration: Servomotor S-foils [197] I know that 3pts isn't much of a bid, but I feel that all upgrades on Han are needed or cheap enough to staple on. Trick Shot is only 1pt and ties well with his ability and this build. Luke allows a free turret rotation so I can move at I6 and use my action on other things. Jyn and Copilot will let me Focus and Evade in a turn. Ablative plating would allow me to overlap obstacles twice per game with no repercussions. The title allows an extra reroll on my evade dice (remember Han's ability doesn't count as a reroll for effects, so technically you haven't used your "can only reroll a die once" chance). Rigged Cargo Chute can be used if I'm being chased or if I'm in to open with no obstacles in sight. Thoughts?
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