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  1. Since we have orc pirate man, Vincent van Gogh, and circus pants Tahlia, I figured he’d fit right in. You’re right though. Am I ever going to see Dezra or Steelhorns taken through an entire campaign? Probably not.
  2. I just fired up the app for the first time in a few weeks. Interestingly, some aspects of the UI have been changed. -Gray text boxes now have a gold border and a darker, less opaque background. -Monster activation boxes have several changes to make them a little less dry. Most noticeably, the minion/master banners are a more rounded shape with jagged edges. There is also a mild red glow at the edge of the action list and special effect box. -The monster info panel seems to have a softer texture. This could easily be my imagination, since most of the differences I’m noticing in the app are subtle. -Class names are now included in the “Skill Training” panel. -The background texture for the Collection Manager looks different as well. Maybe. I thought it shared the charcoal background of the Load/Save menu. I rather like the new look. It’s subtle, but creates a much more comfortable experience I think. It did surprise me- I don’t know if this was part of the most recent bug fix or not, but it is interesting to see that FFG worked on improving the UI.
  3. I see a lot of these bases with texture/art on them. How do you do that? I know about texture paints, but this is different. It looks amazing. If they’re painted freehand my jaw will hit the floor.
  4. The first encounters of Armed to the Teeth and Profane Nexus are big as well, but not as big as The Shadow Vault.
  5. I never thought about how much work it is to choose monsters. Now my group is gearing up for encounter 2 of Caladen’s Crossing... I need to choose 5 open groups from most of the monster deck, please send help 😅
  6. I have a contrary streak. When painting masters, I avoid red. I try to swap or add a color to their scheme, and then band the base in that color. For example, my master cave spider has a green tattoo on its back and a green ring on the base. If I can’t think of a fitting color to add, I will default to a red ring on the base. I will attempt to add different details if possible. My master broodwalker has a blood paint smeared on its clothing (because it’s supposed to be “fresher” than the minions).
  7. That’s the less encouraging part. 😁 This was posted almost three years ago here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/24159315#24159315 There’s also four never before seen heroes there too.
  8. —Scouts— Bogran The Shadow Kirga Tobin Farslayer Red Scorpion (new miniature in Runebound) —Warriors— Laughin Buldar (my favorite name) Eliam (new miniature in Runebound) Hugo The Glorious Varikas The Dead —Mages— Mad Carthos Landrec The Wise (new art in Heroes Of Terrinoth) —Healers— Aurim Brother Glyr Varikas, Red Scorpion, Mad Carthos, and Brother Glyr all have artwork present in the app. New artwork, too. It’s a reasonable guess that they were part of a canned hero and monster collection.
  9. Nice! I have a ton of unplayed Descent content, but if FFG is taking an interest in Descent again, I’d never say no to more expansions. Edit: 1st edition was in 2005, right? That means 2nd is as old as 1st when we got the new edition.
  10. You can see that the sleeves are aligned. It really is skewed that much. Is that what I’m seeing in your photo, @Alooza?
  11. I have only one POD (Lost Legends) and it has a few differences: -Colors are more intense (most noticeable with the blue healer card backs) -Cards lack a linen finish -All the card images are skewed 1.5 cm to the left (to the right for the card backs) It’s difficult to make out on your photo. Are the images rotated just a little bit? I have that on my Crown Of Destiny cards. The cards are rotated just enough that the cell with the master monster defense has its lower border cut off. I will post a photo shortly.
  12. I can’t add much that hasn’t been said (wonderful post by @any2cards) but to root for the underdog OL card here, Word of Pain is theoretically useful against Conjurers.
  13. I am currently working on a solo RTL campaign using the Soul Reaper and Elementalist. I am using two other heroes as well, since I am a firm believer in using four heroes whenever possible. I respect @rugal‘s choice to not use Road to Legend (although that woke me up when I was browsing the forums first thing in the morning). I like it (though not as much as the OL mode) and I’m using it because play sessions with my regular group are locked up with an Heirs Of Blood campaign. TL:DR; I like the Soul Reaper. Elementalist is strong but stamina heavy, Grasp is very very good. I’ve only completed the Kindred Fire introduction so far,so these are very early impressions. Soul Reaper: I can’t say enough good things about the class. I did choose Jonas the Kind to reduce the damage I would need to deal with. -I love the layer that essence adds to the game, and how it makes me evaluate the monsters each time a door is opened. -It does depend on monsters heavily. My first two monster groups were Razorwings and Zombies, two fragile and numerous monster groups. If I’d had Merriods and Broodwalkers (two low figure tough groups) the quest could have gone very differently. -I had three essence left by the time I defeated Wrath Incarnate, out of 18-19 essence I had earned over the course of the quest. By that time one hero was KO’d and two were heavily damaged. I really enjoyed it. I think it could be my favorite healer. Not because of power levels, but because of how interesting the essence economy is. Elementalist: I chose Master Thorn. I deliberately avoided high tier mages like Quellen and Ravaella. I chose Blaze and Grasp as my starting elements. Blaze is good. Pierce 2 is easy to do (use Grasp before you attack). Note that having two exhausted element cards gives access to Surge +2 on the Elementalist’s starting weapon. I stunned monsters with Grasp exactly twice. Both times it was quite impactful, preventing potential Stun (master Razorwing) and Immobilize (master Zombie). I did not have an opportunity to stun anything else due to monster size. The group behind the second door was small but too far away from Master Thorn to be relevant. I was still exhausting Grasp later in the quest to improve Blaze’s pierce and to get access to the stronger surge on the starting weapon. It took lots of fatigue. I frequently had 3-4 fatigue on my hero sheet. Even with the fatigue costs, Grasp feels too easy to me. It felt like an off switch for melee monsters. I will see how it develops when I get some of the buffs for it. Blaze does allow the Elementalist to deal lots of damage. I don’t think it does as much damage as another hero on the team, Roganna the Shadow Walker, but it was rather good. I will see how it goes.
  14. The key is in the wording there. Fire Breath’s path doesn’t target additional figures, it affects them. Stalker prevents the OL from targeting the wolf if he could legallytarget a hero instead. (A figure that is “targeted” is always “affected”, but an affected figure is not necessarily a target). The overlord can trace the fire breath path over a wolf, Stalker or no Stalker. However, he of course cannot target the wolf with the initial attack, assuming he could target a hero instead. By the same reasoning, a master lava beetle with Blast (which “affects” all spaces adjacent to the target) is welcome to target heroes adjacent to the wolf, Stalker or no Stalker. Hope this helps!
  15. Do you mean cutting through the south caves for the relic? I’ve recently started taking that route regularly, because it means I can grab the relic and go through the locked (now unlocked) door. Don’t have to fight as many monsters that way.
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