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  1. Lightningclaw

    Shadow soul questions

    When that happens you take the shadow soul off the map, then put it where you want with Faithful Friend. So basically like you said; destroyed then replaced. If faithful friend didn't let you do that, you'd have to walk the shadow soul everywhere. With 1 movement, that would be... ghastly. 😁
  2. Lightningclaw

    Quick Builds--What's Going On?

    So that's where all the TLTs went!
  3. Lightningclaw

    Playing X-Wing sitting down

    Surely the K-Wing will arc dodge... I mean, all of them are PS8.
  4. Lightningclaw

    2.0 Base Inserts for Wave 14

    I think it is "2.0 ready" since they expect you to have the 2.0 core in order to play. At least, rumor is the 2.0 core includes enough common tokens to support a few expansions.
  5. Lightningclaw

    Will bombs hurt the strikers?

    Probably. I currently have no bombs, but if you buy me a second striker I can check.
  6. Lightningclaw

    These forums will be unbearable in 2.0

    I can't seem to ignore them... even though they often are posters spouting the same arguments over and over and over with nothing happening (see *both* sides of Luke Gunner controversy for instance)
  7. Lightningclaw

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    The cannons look fun, but what are you going to do with the rest of them?
  8. Lightningclaw

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    So he used war locks? I think magic is considered to be cheating...
  9. Lightningclaw

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    I *didn't* have enough locks- now I'm going to have a Plano case that's only half full of locks and ID tokens. and it will bug me for all eternity
  10. Lightningclaw

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    Hopefuly they aren't shorting us on lock tokens. I never did have enough target locks in 1.0.
  11. Lightningclaw

    Ogres and trolls

    Seeing that image of the troll mini is what got me interested in this one... that hammer is so cool.
  12. Lightningclaw

    Ogres and trolls

    Unfortunately, I don't have giants. They do seem remarkably similar to trolls, though.
  13. Considering Visions of Dawn as my fifth H&M. I like those sculpts a lot, but this concerns me... Is there any redundancy with ogres, trolls, and ettins? Do ogres and trolls bring anything truly new that the ettins don't? The ettins have better attack, reach, better defense, can throw (albeit less reliable than knockback) Given the choice, would you ever choose ogres or trolls over ettins?
  14. Lightningclaw

    Descent speculation

    But... but... muh mage and healer classes. I think all that can be said about the future of Descent *2nd ed* has been said, but I'm excited about Terrinoth stuff for the same reason.
  15. Lightningclaw

    Descent speculation

    Were the Sorcerers new? Don't have the cards with me, but it looks similar. Landrec the Wise, though. I like that blue robe. Also, Ashrian and Krutzbeck on the front cover. 👍