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  1. Would R3 be less bad if it was a dual card?

    That's a fair point.
  2. Would R3 be less bad if it was a dual card?

    When attacking, you may cancel a focus result. If you do, flip this card. At the start of the combat phase, you may assign an evade token to your ship. If you do, flip this card. Would it still be staggeringly bad?
  3. @Charmy Holy crap. I always played it as you had to activate the hero immediately. You phrasing it that way- that makes me wonder if you could activate a different monster group first. I don't have the card, but this is making me wonder. If that's true (you do not need to activate the hero immediately, since the hero would be one of your monster groups) that seems to open up some tactics. If it's true.
  4. SLAM on the K-Wing

    After flying the gunboat for a while, I'm picking up a K-Wing. While I'm waiting on it to arrive, I'm wondering about the tactical difference between the gunboat's slam (often an offensive measure since it has ways around that weapons disabled token) and the K-Wing's slam. You can't bomb with it anymore, so is it more of a super-boost for arc-dodging, or as a way to set up the non-Miranda unique's special, or what?
  5. SEEMS FIXED! - PSA - Do not log out! Do not clear cookies!

    Do not pass go. Do not collect $50.
  6. "Off the map" rules

    I believe that Brew Elixir actually includes the effect of the token as a reminder- the effect of discarding an elixir does not actually come from Brew Elixir, per the LoR rule book section on the skill cards. Distance requirements is a really good question. Do all cards targeting heroes imply the phrase "a hero on the map"?
  7. I don't have an FFG answer. I would say they are affected by all attacks (including monster and hero abilities that include attacks, like Sweep or Leap Attack, even though they "affect figures") based on that sentence in the LotW rule book. But yeah, I actually can't think of an OL card that would affect them.
  8. 5-6 player free for all- what do you bring?

    I'd agree with higher value. 25 points gets you a pocket ace or a minimally equipped generic. 33 would open it up a lot.
  9. 5-6 player free for all- what do you bring?

    The gunboat player had never flown one before (he was having so much fun zipping around the map) and I (the most experienced player) was focused on. I feel the results would have been different with stealth device and more defensive play (perhaps trying to just stress people at key moments) It was so much fun though.
  10. 5-6 player free for all- what do you bring?

    Update: We played a 25-point ffa with 4 players. We had: Laiten? Scyk w/ Heavy Scyk, Flechette Cannon, and Hull upgrade (25) The cannon is terrifying when you have several foes on all sides. Glued to the evade action! Nu w/ arsenal loadout, ASLAM, Cruise missiles He kept winging around the map for shots. Cartel Muarader w/ 3-mod title, Pulsed Ray Shield, Ion Dischargers, Hull upgrade Very solid. Deathfire w/ Prockets, LRS, Munitions, Proximity mines I think a bomb would have worked better than a mine, honestly. The Scyk died first (Stealth device would have been smarter) and the Cartel Marauder was in the lead when we called it.
  11. Brainstorm B-Wing (Mist Hunter) Fix

    I came up with this idea a while ago. It has never seen table time (I haven't played in a very competitive environment yet) High Integrity Shielding B-Wing Only. Title. While you have 3 or more shield tokens, ignore the first damage you suffer each time you are defending against an attack. 0 points. I came up with this long before hearing about the Wookiee gunship, but it boils down to a super-reinforce.
  12. New to the game

    Cool! Also, Orkell the Swift is basically my favorite warrior. Between the two, I think Nerekhall has better (more interesting) heroes and Labyrinth has more interesting classes.
  13. It's probably just the common perception of the game (100 Point squads everywhere...) and you see 6 asteroids on the table when playing...
  14. tie punisher fix

    It just occurred to me- you could also roll an attack die. On a crit, assign that ship a weapons disabled token. Because... you know, if you're really accurate you can hit the cockpit.
  15. tie punisher fix

    Tie Shuttle mk II Tie Punisher Only. Title. Your upgrade bar loses all (Torpedo) (Missle) and (Bomb) slots, and gains eight (Crew) slots Action: Discard one of your (Crew) upgrade cards to choose an enemy ship inside your firing are at range 1-3 that you have locked. That ship receives 2 stress tokens. -4 points