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  1. Fredrick... wasn’t that guy in the original Shadow Rune campaign?
  2. I think it is a third edition. The name is probably an attempt to distance it from LOTR: Journeys in Middle-Earth (even though Descent came first)
  3. I suppose I’m getting my hopes up. I was actually wondering if we would see any Terrinoth products this fall.
  4. I always refresh cards before start of turn abilities, in contradiction to the rules. I consider the rules as written here to be an unintentional oversight. This is because the overlord’s rules are similar- refresh cards after start of turn abilities. Yet playing this way makes half the plot cards unusable, since many of them read the same way as Zealous Aura. “Exhaust this card at the start of your turn... while this card is exhausted...”
  5. It has been officially confirmed that no new physical content is coming. We don’t know about app content. The last content update to the app was December 2018, a year and a half ago (the app is just over 4 years old, for context). The app is still getting the occasional update. The most recent one was a language translation I believe. New physical stuff is officially no. New app stuff? Not confirmed either way, although I personally believe it is unlikely given the length of time since the last content update. Although I would really like a Mists+Chains campaign... and a few more side quests... Link to the official confirmation:
  6. Each boxed expansion includes lieutenants. For each lieutenant, one boss stage is added (generally). These stages are included in the number of delve stages listed in the collection manager. Lair of the Wyrm, for example, has one lieutenant. Lair also adds 3 delve stages. One of those stages is a boss stage for the single lieutenant in the box. It gets a bit more complicated because not every lieutenant has a version for both acts. But that’s the gist of it. Shadow of Nerekhall and Labyrinth Of Ruin both include 4 lieutenants each. Lair of the Wyrm, Trollfens, and Manor Of Ravens have 1 lieutenant each. Mists of Bilehall and Chains That Rust include the same three lieutenants; Mists has the act 1 cards and Chains has the Act 2 cards. (Note: all of these stages are unique, despite featuring the same lieutenant)
  7. Well, it ended with an Overlord victory. I don’t think i had stressed enough how opening chests and activating glyphs gives conquest. That was the downfall of the heroes. They opened the doors to areas 2 and 3 during the same round, and did not rush for glyphs or silver chests. They were quickly overwhelmed. They also drew only conquest 3 and 4 heroes. We’re hoping to play again soon. It definitely is different. It’ll take time to understand how first edition works. Edit: we played the tutorial Into the Dark.
  8. I’ll actually be playing my first real game later today. I did a solo attempt (played a bit of Into The Dark) to help me understand the rules. I’m really enjoying the atmosphere. Exploring a level, hunting for color coded keys, battling the whole way... it calls to mind older video games like Doom, Commander Keen, Chex Quest... it feels really nostalgic, even though I’ve never played it before.
  9. I recently purchased all the first edition boxed expansions and have been looking through the rules. Are the boulders from Well of Darkness as awesome as they sound? Or are they more fiddly in practice?
  10. I find playing the first three stages (two act 1 stages followed by an act 1 boss battle) is very enjoyable experience. Playing all 6 stages is a little too long for me when playing solo.
  11. Nundrak the Tipsy In keeping with the alcohol theme. Like Grisban, his title is a little more tongue in cheek than something like “the worthy” or “of the blade”. The actual name bit is just a random invention with a hard consonant to sound gruff.
  12. I don’t have extensive experience with EoD, but I don’t think there is one. City actions are unique to each city. I might be wrong, not very familiar with Riverwatch.
  13. I don’t expect to see anything. Gosh I would love a Mists and Chains coop campaign, those tiles are very evocative and interesting with all the terrain and great artwork.
  14. It’s worth noting that the Farrow sculpts are from the first edition line. That’s why those sculpts in particular are of lesser quality. There’s still some outliers. Serena’s lieutenant sculpt... what happened? I really want to see what this potential continuation of Descent is. Second edition is quite good and I will get years out of it, but I would love to see more Descent stuff. I got in to Descent in the latter part of 2016, after all the expansions and H&Ms were out. Lost Legends was the only physical Descent product I was “here” for the announcement and release. Unfortunately, Lost Legends wasn’t exactly the peak of Descent. I’d love to be here for the release of something truly exciting for Descent.
  15. Seconding. I recently purchased quite a bit of Runewars because it’s in the same “style” of Terrinoth as Descent. It’s been pretty fun, although who knows how much longer it will be available. I have the Runebound 3e base game, although I do wish the expansions were still available at a reasonable price.
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