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  1. cool thanks i will look into the configurations. Its weird cause I didnt change a thing and it worked fine the last few weeks
  2. Not sure if this is just happening to me but I went to try and upload a few decks from SW Destiny DB into Table top Simulator and they don't show up when I try to Load them in Table Top Simulator. I put them in the correct folder on my hard drive (My Games >> Table Top Simulator >> Saves > Saved Objects ) like I have done in the past but now I don't see them. I then created a deck from scratch in Table Top Simulator and saved it. I went to look on my hard drive in My Games >> Table Top Simulator >> Saves > Saved Objects and the .json file of the deck I just built is not there. Did they change the location where the Decks are pulled from on the cumputers?
  3. message sent TheKhan Want: Legendary Darth Vader x1 Han Solo x1 Jabba the Hutt x1 One with the Force x2 Rare Admiral Ackbar x1 Force Training x2 More than willing to trade multiple rares (and or a legendary and rare(s)) for the Legendaries I'm looking for. Thanks!
  4. I just did a quick search and didn't find an answer. With the Disarm card, I spend 1 resource to play it and then can remove one of my dice showing damage to discard a weapon or equipment from play that costs equal to or less than the value of the die. Is that discarded weapon completely removed from the game and sent to the discard pile or does it go back in my opponents hand and or deck? I guess while I am asking on this card i will ask a follow up, when i remove a damage dice it has to be an actual damage die it can't be a +1/+2 modifier correct?
  5. i bought and opened a Full Booster Case yesterday. I had 8 packs where the card and die didn't match BUT... Luckily after opening all of them I was able to match the die with card for all 8.
  6. excellent thanks for the info
  7. I don't have any card yet. but have been doing a lot of video watching and reading up so I am ready to go once I get some cards. Anyways with the starter decks do you get 2 Dice for Kylo and Rey or do you need to purchase a second deck for each character to get that second dice?
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