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  1. Just my opinion but I happen to be correct. There is such a thing as poor graphic design. I could give you plenty of examples of wasted space, muddled colors and misaligned text throughout AH products. They obviously learned a lot since then and have improved their craft in both graphics and game design.
  2. This is not a good thing. EH was expanded without adding a notorious amount board and card bloat. EH is also a better solo experience and AH's graphic design is looking a bit outdated and amateur compared to EH.
  3. Eldritch Horror is newer and the rules are more of an evolution of the system than a simplification. Content for EH is still being released while AH is no longer supported.
  4. Confrontational? Is that what pointing out disinformation is called now? I wanted to point out the inaccurate answer to the op's question as to not confuse him. Specific terminology is important in these types of games.
  5. Question was about curing trauma. This is false. It's quite obvious damage and horror can be cured, everybody knows this and It wasn't the question.
  6. If the campaign is complete start a new investigator or build a new Roland deck. The game is designed for a fresh investigator deck when starting a new scenario. That's not curing it. Trauma is different from damage and horror.
  7. OP asked for our opinions and I gave mine. I am sorry that anyone got upset by being reminded of the empty experience a single core offers. Anyway, have fun with your starter decks. lol
  8. This topic comes up all the time and it's always the same. Someone asks if they need 2 cores and someone answers truthfully that a second core expands the deckbuilding options. Then it's followed by people who cannot afford a second core trying to convince the rest of us that the game is just as good with one. It's not.
  9. I am just a fan of Lovecraft's writings and don't know anything about The Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game or what these "masks" are (there is nothing like that in Lovecraft's writings) but I like the idea of using Nyarlathotep to bridge all expansions. Like maybe have one mystery deck for just the base game and another mystery deck for Egypt and so on.
  10. I mean, those are the only 2 stories I can recommend reading in preparation for SoC. The rest of The King in Yellow is not really about The King in Yellow and is quite boring, and while Bierce came up with the names Carcosa and Hastur, his stories have nothing to do with the current Mythos other than the names.
  11. The Repairer of Reputations and The Yellow Sign
  12. The game is barely playable with only one core unless you don't care about deckbuilding, which is like half the game.
  13. I would hardly call The Court of the Dragon Iconic, at all. Aside from The Repairer of Reputations and The Yellow Sign, Chamber's contribution to weird fiction was pretty forgettable. The Music of Erich Zann never gives the name of the city but is hardly about the setting anyway. One or two forgettable lines of dialog mentioning a city's name does not make those locations evocative of Lovecrftian tropes. What makes certain settings iconic such as Antarctica and NE is the way Lovecraft brings them to life, making them characters of their own. Of course we can reference those other locations in encounter cards but giving them their own side board is another matter.
  14. Antarctica yes of course, it's iconic as **** to the Lovecraftian theme, Paris no. Once they start veering that far from the source material is when I lose interest. If this is indeed a Nyarlathotep expansion we are talking about, since he wasn't included in Egypt it it's likely to be NE. Putting him in Greece would be blasphemy.
  15. I never felt like I was constrained at all. You can travel the whole world and beyond, even the Moon. FFG have included some non Lovecraft locations in their other games but not before visiting Lovecraft country. I would be very surprised to see that happen now. In this type of game anyway having a board of Italy or something would feel out of place to me, god I hope they don't start doing that.