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  1. Hello friends,

    It is my first time playing and i have one doubt.

    I explored  and got this card: "Sudden Move". It says that: "the readied enemy with the highest difficulty activates and then readies".

    At this moment i have no enemies engaged or in the shadow. They were all defeated. But i do have Splig in his lair. Do i have to bring him to be engaged with the active hero or he does not count as a readied enemy?

    Thank you!

  2. Everytime i see this kind of answer "you were taking too long" - to justify some kind of peril - i fell that something is out of place.

    I am "ok" with the fact that you should not take too long to reach out the objectives, but, being punished by some kind perils doesn't fit well in a tactic game.

    Tendril of Darkness, for instance, isn't a peril that punishes you. It destroys your group with raw damage and you can't do anything to avoid of counter that.

    Make things harder is one thing. But turn on the lights "game over" because you were not fast enough still sounds unfair to me.

    I really liked the answer of Silidus. He gave us possibilities and a strategic measures to counter a dangerous situation. Thank you!

  3. Hello friends!

    First of all, sorry my english, it isn't my main language.

    I am from Brazil and started to play as soon as i saw the "Road to Legend App" and the possibility to play as a solo adventurer!

    I am still getting used with the rules and the game in general - so, forgive me if it is a "goofy" question.

    I was playing The Kindred of Fire Campaign, more especificly, the final quest when something disturbing happened.

    I was in the room where the mutants of Alric appeared and I was facing a real challenge out there when a peril occured. A lieutenant has appeared and and epic battle toke place. It was amazing and I wouldn't mind if I have been killed while it was happening. But, after the fight ended and the lieutenant was killed, another peril started: "Tendril of Darkness".

    I was able to survive trough 3 waves of raw damage, but the las one (26points) was too much to handle.

    So, the whole campaign was finished and i couldn't do anything against that.

    It didn't sound fair that something like that could happen and there was nothing that i could plan, or do, to counter it - in terms of developing a strategy to survive.

    I know that i could "house rule" it and didn't apply those damage points. But it really sounded not fair too, and the felling that come after that wouldn't be better than the actual one.

    After two days, the issue was still visiting my thougths and question came to my mind!

    The 3th wave of this Peril said that i should divide 26 damage points trough the party. I would like to know if i could trow all of this 26 damages in just one hero (he would be knocked out) instead of sharing it betwen all of them. It sounds like something more strategic than just receive it passively - being not able to do anything against it and getting all of my heros knocked out together.

    If i was in a fight against an Ettin, and his attack toke all of the remaining life points of my "Shadow Walker" Scout, for instance, the hero woulb be able to absorve the excedent damage points of the attack. The Ettin rolled 6 damage, plus a surge, and did an amount of 9 hearts - the Scout had only 3 life points back - the 6 excedent points was out there but the purpose of knocking how down was reached. After all, that was the objective of the attack.

    Can something like that happens with this Peril?

    So, if i had trowed all of the 26 points in just one hero of my choice, would that be considered a right action taking the official rulles in count, or not?

    Thank you everyone! :)

    I am glad to be part of this forum!



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