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    TheHumanHydra reacted to hoarybat in Showcase: IG-2000   
    WIP shots and notes in my repainting blog/page. 
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to shinbo in Showcase: IG-2000   
    My Macross-themed triple IGs (feat. some smexy Starvipers)

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Barry Harker in Showcase: IG-2000   
    Thought I would introduce the Showcase for the IG:2000.

    Doesnt seem to get much Love and its one of the last few outstanding models to Showcase. I have seen some superb re-paints over the years on the Painting Forums. so Lets see if we can get some great examples from you guys here ☺️
    I will start off with my highly modified version........doesn't really look much like an IG-2000 any more. but it has taken on another certain Killer Droid in the form of the Hunter Killers from Terminator.

    Lets see those IG-2000's in all there painted glory ?
    All the best,
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to JanjyGiggins in Raider I Kitbash and Repaint   
    Although the Raider class is most associated with the Raider II, used against starfighters in the late civil war, the venerable Raider I corvette had been garrisoning and patrolling frontier Imperial worlds since well before the Battle of Yavin.
    (There's a bit of a making-of here).

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Speaking of laborious repaints.... This was a doozy. So I had plenty of WIP pic windows.
    A nose into my approach then. And possibly hope for others, given my total lack of professionalism and nevertheless good results 😄
    So I don't do much in the way of priming, since these minis are prepainted. The grey goes on just to give an even coverage on lighter colours, watered down and given 2/3 coats. The black base can obviously just go straight on, also thinned and at least doubled. Later, the metallics can also forgo a prime.
    And here we have what appears to be a Pokemon.

    Next one is included purely to show how thin the base red was. I mixed up a ton of it, put too much water in and then didn't want to throw a whole load more paint into it, I'd need some left over.... So, shrug, a zillion coats it will be....

    Next step is to just bring all this base up nice and flat, so I can start on something more interesting.
    A thousand years later.... voila!

    This is your last glimpse of the underside. I did add metals, panel lines and some shading, but have gone no further. I may do at a later date, but it's not a noticible lack for play rather than display, and it is a time stealer.
    So, those metals and panel lines come next. Like so...

    Next stage is to add all the little details, markings, cabling etc etc. For maximum impact, I'm forgoing this pic and just throwing you straight into the final piece. I did the above, which took a little while, since I'm largely making it up as I go and seeing how it balances.
    Then, after a days break, went all in on the highlights. The white details were done in the grey primer, shaded with what is not much more than dirty water, then brought back up with white. Everything else, apart from that grubby metal, the shading is all in the base coat.
    There's not really any drybrushing, it's all just very, very wet and gradually whitened mixes of the base, often dragged out with a clean, dry or wet, brush as applicable. Basically, just a lot of working the tones and gradients.
    And so, prepare thine eyes....

    Assaj baby!
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   

    Turns out, my phone cam deals with natural light better and the contrast is more true, the previous pics were a bit colour saturated.
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Been a little while but the current downtime needs filling and a new squad needed sprucing up. These little things have earned their new coat already and are a good base for my Scum scheme.
    A little confusing for opponents perhaps, but needs must!

    Next up, something special for the queen bee, Sunny!
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Been a little while. Have a few other  Imp touch ups I never got round to sharing... Been putting off starting several large Scum ships... its daunting. 
    But I have finally completed a 3rd Fang for that squadron and none of them have been in this thread, so....
    A theme kind of developed with these. 1st, nearside in the pic, was largely used as Old Teroch, later I noticed his livery vaguely suggested a T. 2nd, far side, ended up serving as Fenn, noticing at the same time as T, the suggestion of an F. Then we had Kad on the table, but they were obviously sort of taken so I needed a 3rd. Purely by chance, I can see a K in the livery I designed for him....
    So these are my guys. Can't see myself needing a Joy.
    Still can't bring myself to paint the 2.0 one, I like it too much. 
    None of this matters all that much now, they're all due in as Skulls. And maybe 3 Recruits, in which case, Fenn has the blue one on standby.

    They'd look great with Kath... sigh
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Also trying Ved Foslo in the squad, so another touch up required.
    Then I went over the Phantom again, because nothing is ever finished.

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Got a little hooked on a new squad this week. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 have previously been tarted up, which makes for a very sad looking 4th ship.
    Soooo..... Enter Sabacc.

    And exit quickly, no doubt.

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    Some more stuff. An ongoing casual commission for a chum. Just finished his Transport this week, but previous work on Jedi and A Wings is also now imgur friendly.
    The BB8 inspired Resistance crate.

    And a couple of his chums.

    Finally, a couple much older good guys.

    Mace Windu ofc. The other being a direct copy of one of All Wings liveries, available as pilot cards and so on. Difficult to get the full contrast in a regular pic but it's too late now, they have moved on.

    Thanks for viewing
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Cuz05 in I painted these things.   
    I've posted a few of my repaints in some of the Showcase threads. Now, I just took some quite nice pictures, (for a change), of a full squad. 
    So I figured I'd put a thread here, then I can dump some things in it. Which is nice and easy.
    Bit of a slow and fussy painter, or a procrastinator, so content may be thin
    Only flown this exact squad once, but I love all the things in it and have been using them a while. So they deserve the touch up. 

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to GreenDragoon in Attack on All Fronts - new Article (Jan 8th) for the 3 leaked ships   
    Shows us just 3 cards:

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to JanjyGiggins in Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser   
    Separatist Privateer retrofit.

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Hayd0s in Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser   
    Hello All
    Here is my Mining Guild C-ROC Repaint, along side a mix of official Mining Guild TIE's and some converted/painted ones also by me.




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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Jarval in Seizing Power - First Order, Imperial, and Scum Hotshot and Aces preview   

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    TheHumanHydra reacted to ClassicalMoser in Chassis limits?   
    While I do agree that it would not be difficult to implement, I'm generally against the idea as I feel it is either unnecessary or runs contrary to good game balance.
    I'll use two examples to show what I mean: The Jumpmaster and the Interceptor.
    The Jumpmaster has the problem of being quite beefy, but having almost no damage output. It's been considerably overpriced since the release of 2.0 as a reflection of its tankiness, but it's never been used since it can't pay for itself in damage dealt. Many fear a further cost reduction because the possibility of 5 jumpmasters is a pretty hard pill to swallow. I've seen it suggested many times that the devs limit the jump chassis to 3 or 4, then drop the price right through the floor. The reason this is wouldn't work is that either a) the chassis would still be too expensive for the damage it deals and would never see play, b) the chassis would be far too cheap for its health and would be autoinclude, or more realistically c) the price is about right, the jump finds a niche, and the limit doesn't matter because no one would be flying 4-5 anyway; it's a good blocker or something (I wouldn't presume to know yet) but it can't carry a list on its own unless it's already underpriced, which limiting doesn't change. It would just mean 1-3 become autoinclude instead of 5. Spam isn't good anyway unless the chassis is already underpriced.
    The Interceptor on the other hand has the opposite problem; it's extremely fragile, but it has some decent firepower. The devs seem reluctant to drop it below 34 points even though it's seen very very little play so far, out of a fear that 6 3-primary ships is too strong. Some have suggested dropping it an appropriate amount (maybe to 32 or so) and limiting it to 3-4 chassis per squad. But to this, I would also say that it wouldn't work because either a) the chassis would still be too expensive for how little damage it deals, so wouldn't see much play, b) the chassis would be too cheap, so slotting two into your squad is pretty much a given (Legion had this problem with snipers; just ask them about it), or more realistically c) the price is about right, the Interceptor finds a niche, and people don't generally fly 6 anyway because spam isn't strong unless the chassis is already underpriced. Also note that in this example we also have to compare to the TIE Striker – do both get this treatment? If so, you can still fly 3 of one and 3 of the other, which is almost the same thing as (or more likely better than) 6 of one or the other.
    My takeaway is that breakpoints don't matter, almost at all: If a ship is too cheap, limiting the number of chassis won't stop it from being OP.
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    TheHumanHydra got a reaction from Ikka in Ikka's scrapyard   
    What a hunk of junk!
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Jarval in Joining the Cause - Rebel and Resistance pilot preview from Hotshots and Aces   
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Wiredin in Showcase: B-wing   
    from my first weeks with an airbrush. one of my favorites!
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to TasteTheRainbow in Point Changes: Your Christmas Wishlist   
    I want to be able to play my VCX and my E-wing. I don’t know if you can fix either of those with points changes, but I’m willing to give it a try.
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to ClassicalMoser in Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter   
    It is interesting that a lot of ST ships seem to be more aerodynamic than the historical models.
    To me it's always been one of the big "What-ifs" of the Star Wars universe: What if a civilization developed repulsorlift technology and nuclear fusion before they discovered aerodynamic flight? Boundless energy (and an entire galaxy of resources) means you don't have to worry as much about fuel economy, and repulsorlifts mean you don't have to worry too much about gliding. Foils are kinda there sometimes, but often for reasons quite distinct from maneuvering (other than allowing smaller thrusters to have more leverage).
    But as time goes on and resources are spent and people learn more and more about these things, it is seen as more of a good idea to develop somewhat streamlined craft...
    Interesting to think about anyway.
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Seraphimtoaster375 in Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter   
    For ROTS Porsche and Lucasfilm made a ship for some good ole cross promotion and I mean, look at it! Meet the  Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter

    Vid Doc on its design
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to kris40k in Brazil Grand Championship, He flew what!?!   
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    TheHumanHydra reacted to Wazat in Snap Shot Synergy builds   
    Snap Shot FAQ on the wiki -- Reminders of all the rules we forget while scheming a list
    Snap Shot and Foresight Questions & Strategies Thread -- With color-coding to help you find the faction-specific gimmicks you need 
    My take on some options:
    Snap Seevor is a villain, and stays in the price point where I can accept the investment for what I'm getting.
    I also like Snap Torani -- it's great getting a railgun attack against untokened victims, and makes a number of ships skittish about their approach.
    I'd choose Ketsu over Asajj simply because Ketsu feels more effective overall at current prices, and that range 2 snap band is easier to threaten with Snap than the Foresight Bullseye.  Small ships are extra afraid to joust him or cross his sight, which makes nice opportunities for the rest of the team whatever they do.
    I can tell you from fighting it, Wedge and 3 Juke-Snap A-Wings can be brutal.  After several games I decided I didn't want to fight it anymore with the fleet I was practicing (Wullffwarro War Crimes).  I just couldn't escape the chip damage, and it gradually wore me down faster than I could kill them.  Juke made sure that Snap Shot regularly bit into me.  That said, I haven't seen it stomping the top rankings of tournaments, so I think there's a hard cap on its effectiveness against the meta.  Jedi probably have a lot to do with that.
    IMO there could be potential in Graz -- he's good at flanking from the side so enemies get snapped and shot again from behind when they pass him.  But I don't know that Snap is actually a good play on him, compared to the many other, better options for that slot.  Consider the slightly cheaper Outmaneuver instead, or the much cheaper Predator.
    Of the +1 dice options, I'm most drawn to Sabacc.  A 3-dice snap followed by a 3 or 4 dice shot produces a lot of threat on the table.  Use that attention grabbing to your advantage, or punish their inattention.
    Clone Commander Cody is great, since they've already completed their maneuver, and it sets up a fantastic shot for your ace.  It's one of my favorite options.
    IMO Tucker is a great choice too.  He's going to be moving around with buddies anyway, and if one of them snaps, he gets a free focus action whether they hit or miss.  Pair him with Cody so both of your ships are gaining excellent advantage whenever Cody snaps, meaning you either enjoy an advantage from snapping or from redirecting enemy movement.  (BTW I like to put Proton Rockets on Tucker too)
    Laetin with Snap feels like it has potential...?  But I feel like it'll be a bit weak in practice.  That's a delicate ship for that many points, and the gimmick is neat but not decisive enough.
    Krassis is neat, but that's a lot of points for a once a round gimmick that Krassis can't exploit beyond that.  IMO Seevor, Torani, and Ketsu are better Snap options for the faction.
    Whisper is conceptually neat, and some people were worried she'd be OP with Snap.  In practice we haven't seen her tearing up the rankings.  She's an expensive, delicate ship with a very specific playstyle, and you don't want to devote her points, talent slot, and positioning to trying to get a free evade by hitting with Snap Shot.  She's too high on init to set traps against non-aces, and her positioning desires usually conflict with Snap's.
    Let me know if my thread is missing anything!  I added Zuckuss today -- I too don't know how I missed him.
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