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  1. Oh, is this like how the EU was never really canon, just fun? Actually, yes. That's precisely how I mean it. After all, despite the various levels of canonicity some of the EU did enjoy, it was always fluid under the Gaze of George™, and it never obtained the degree of canonicity attributed to the feature films. Pre-Disney, the only real canon was G-Canon, and thankfully nothing Traviss wrote ever achieved that accolade. (And couldn't, of course, because G-Canon was George-Canon.) In other words the EU was always Legends, even before Disney gave it that moniker. Great! So I can ignore everything Stackpole ever wrote. Thank the Gods! How I loath that man. But I loved the Traviss books and so did a lot of others. Its been great to follow her writing through HALO as well. Her take on Mandolorians was a really refreshing take on the IP that got it out of the sith-jedi binary that was so boring and limiting. It also added a level of accessibility to the EU, that I'd previously found to be lacking; literally anyone could be a mandolorian if you push yourself and live up to the 6 actions.. You have to be born force-sensitive. It was a nice change and it really brought me back into SW after, frankly; I grew out of it. It took it past the level of generic SF/Fantasy for me and put it on par with other IPs for me; IE/ It got me invested and made me buy things. Since then SW Is basically the same as Transformers for me; I can enjoy it as entertainment (well, not TFA; I already saw that movie when it was called A New Hope), but I have no investment in it. At least until now; having the capability with a really great game system to play a mando.
  2. Oh, is this like how the EU was never really canon, just fun?
  3. Proud Fandalorian here. I got in to EOTE because I wanted to RP regularly and the system looked good. Once they decanonized Karen Traviss' books, I had zero interest in the IP, for reasons that actually were pretty well laid out in her books; a galaxy whose fate is dictated by those who win a genetic lottery, ridiculous anti-military bias and oh; I LOATH Micheal Stackpole. Not looking to start an argument, but that's been my journey. Getting into the campaign, I watched Clone Wars and now I've started on rebels and while the characterization of mandalore and mandalorians still comes across like a huge and petty slap in the face to the Fandolorians, I found the Clone Troopers and the way they humanized them (a lot like in Traviss' books) made a huge difference. Sabine's character in Rebels is decent too and adds some nice dimension to the skeletal remains of mando canon. Still miss the EU, but I've moved on. Our game take place a few years before rebels. As for my PC; Fel Bralor -Ex-Stormtrooper Officer who joined the Empire for practical reasons (beats starving), but was disillusioned with how the Empire treated her soldiers after coming to care for them as comrades. -Learned about the Cul'val Dar (mostly mandalorian) training sergeants from his few Clone trooper instructors -When he gets out, he decides that he needs a new identity and this should be it, knows basically nothing. -Start of play character sketch; full wannabe, know-nothing, ex Stormtrooper platoon leader with one enlistment and basic experience and skills (normal starting character). Money sunk into armour and big gun. -As I've progressed him, he's gone on a deliberate journey to learn more about his chosen people, progressing from the jingoistic stereotypes of what people think a mandolorian is supposed to be, to learning just how much more there is to the Mando'ade than their armour. -he's basically the team "Heavy Weapons Guy" and also the mechanic, but he pinch hits as medic, droid wrangler and tactical leader. Progressing into Age of Rebellion, he's started picking up more cerebral skills and taken a shine to whipping rookie rebels into shape. -his path has led him to a very narrow spectrum of fighting skills (big guns), with some natural talent for carrying heavy stuff and taking hits. In EOTE, obviously that parlays into some decent melee skills too. But he's baseline human in everything else. His starting interest in the trappings of mandolorians has made him a decent mechanic and has evolved into an artisans outlook on mandolorian history and culture. Currently this manifests in a quest to learn the secrets of mandolorian iron (or beskar'gam) so he haunts space-antique shops looking for ancient trinkets to study. -in the grander universe, as he learns more, he's started to look beyond his HUD and think about why the Galaxy is how it is and what might be done to change it. -ultimately, he now has the Gadgeteer and Heavy specializations from character creation and he recently picked up scientist to reflect his ongoing study of mandolorian culture and military technology. -As we've played the game out, he's kept a journal I update after every session, conveying his perspective and thoughts on the events he's just been through. So the basic game does well for me on kicking ass and taking names (Let the crazy jedi charge into melee with EVERY enemy) and special modifications will finish me for my character's taste in crafting and modifying gear and stuff. And I've done okay with the basic rules insofar as things like taking a duty of the Res'lo Nar (or six duties) to reflect his cultural obligations as a mandolorian. But if there was already a book out there detailing how I could do something better, I'd be interested. Seems like this "No disintegrations" might be it? Friends Like These detailed some mando-specific gear. I think the blasters and most of the armour were just renames or flavour touches, but the mythosaur axe is new, as is the Beskar'Gam armour and I'd love to see canon stats for both. While Fel wouldn't trade his vibrogreatsword for anything he didn't forge himself, the armour interests me as from early on it's been Fel's thing. At first he made a point of salvaging bits from worthy foes and incorporating them into the riot of spare parts and colours that was his armoured clothing. But over much time and many, many mechanics checks, the GM has let it evolve into a kind of heavy battle armour and now somewhat beyond that. The search for raw materials and study of mandolorian iron has been *A* next step, but hasn't gotten far. In the last game; as the team jedi floated in bacta, he forged him a set of tailored heavy battle armour of his own: another step in his self-directed apprenticeship as a crafter of weapons and armour and also a spiritual accomplishment as a mandolorian (he feels). SO, I hope that covers where the PC is going. Unless he dies.
  4. I have Friends like These, which features mandos and describes some equipment, even though most BUT NOT ALL of this is simply renamed from other sources. I have a character who was a wannabe mandolorian and has progressed to the point where he can call himself the real thing. So I'm forgoing any "Mandolorian Race" starting option. But is there a splat book which has mando-specific equipment, specializations or anything, or is "Friends like These" it? Thanks for your time.
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