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  1. Ya I have been avoiding Ashcan Pete for that reason and because, while Duke's trade ability is really good, its also very weird that every is handing loaded shotguns to a dog so it can carry it across the room faster than say... handing it yourself or tossing it with the safety on. Its immersion breaking to me. So ya, I am avoiding characters that come with items. Over all, I am just buying 4 premium figures to fill out my tray and add some more variety. (I ordered: Carolyn Fern, Sister Mary, Mike McGlen, and Mandy Thompson)
  2. FantasyFlightGames integration for Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming? This is an amazing technology and one of my first thoughts is how many FantasyFlightGames do I own and would buy again so I could play them on this system? Well all of them really. The same board game feel with out having to search for tiles pieces, but till having the ability to roll dice, move physical miniatures for monsters/heroes/investigators etc and the physical models interact with the AR board. On top of the Hidden movement for the overlord in games like Descent journey in the dark 2nd edition and/or Automated GM/Story telling as with Descent journey in the dark 2nd edition: Road to Legend App, XCOM: The Board Game , and Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. … We live in exciting times.
  3. I got some Arkham Horror Premium Figures to upgrade some of the ones that came with Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and 4 additional ones because I have an awesome tray set for the base game that makes setup virtually instant. However, I was surprised when I realized the Arkham Horror Figures sell separately but don't seem to have a way to add them separately. Am I incorrect? is there some way to add them? If not is there some possibility of them being added lately? As it is, if I can not, I will just pick a different character avatar and use the card/figure for the one I really want. Will this cause any problems for me?
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