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  1. Well, "average damage" would depend almost entirely on what you're shooting at. A TIE Interceptor with a focus and evade token is going to take a lot less than a Decimator with no tokens. To just make a blanket statement that they "mostly do the same damage" at that point is so vague as to be pretty much useless. Anyway, all of that aside, your idea to use Ion missiles is not a bad one, except that I would need to make sure that Init 1 pilot can get into range to get a lock before firing. The big benefit of the shell charges is that they only have to have a calculate token, which is not range dependent, and which I was almost always going to take anyway.
  2. Ion missiles don't do same damage as other missiles. They do a max of one damage, and that can't be a crit.
  3. ...not in the same round, no. Is that a deal breaker, you think? The thought was to get a lock first, then calculate and shoot the second. Oh, and yes, I do own discord missiles. I bought 2 "Servants of Strife" packs, and 2 Vulture Expansions, along with 1 Hyena and 1 Infiltrator. That's my Separatist collection at present. I'd like to get another Hyena, and then a couple of Geonosians when they come out. Thanks again for the input.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to give input! The goal with the Baktoid was to be able to fire the charges on it when I had BOTH the lock AND a calculate. I could use the lock (and preferably the FCS) to try to reroll to more blanks to eyeballs, which I would then use calculates for (including, as you say, turning one into a crit) The reason I took it was that it was the only Hyena variant that had sensors and missiles. That was the thought process. But I think you're right, in that I'm giving up too much for that. I haven't been able to get much mileage with the probe droids in the past, but it could just be that I suck at using them. It might also be that they were loaded onto Infiltrators, which tend to be further back from the swarm because of their base size. I have used precise hunters well in the first row with the first pass. My thought process there was that with 3 ships staggered in the front of the swarm, chances are good that AT LEAST one of them has a bullseye on somebody. Often more than one. So I know that part of the list works. It's great when I do get the bullseye when firing the charges, I'm more likely to get an eyeball that way. What's new about this list is Sear, and it's my first list with a Hyena. I like your 2nd list a lot, I'll play around with that in the next day or two, at least on Fly Casual, and see how I can do with it.
  5. Working on a hyperspace list for the weekend - I want to run Separatists, and not the Infiltrator. So this is what I've got so far. Input appreciated! Oh, and bonus points if you're old enough to get the reference. 😎 Captain Sear (39) Kraken (10) Soulless One (6) Baktoid Prototype (28) Fire-Control System (2) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Precise Hunter (23) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Precise Hunter (23) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Precise Hunter (23) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Separatist Drone (21) Discord Missiles (4) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  6. It seems like Dooku crew would be a bad pairing with Maul, since it's not likely that he will usually not have all his force tokens active, and hence be unable to use it. Am I missing something? I would think it would be better to have Kraken, to save and stack those calculate tokens.
  7. PerCo? Perceptive Copilot? Why? Why would I do focus actions when I have force tokens? I figure most of his actions will be target locks, cloaks, and jams - is that wrong? And yes, most of the rest of it is fluff - I want to try out the new toys. ...also I'm pretty sure you didn't finish that last thought. Or was it meant to be a cliff hanger? 😏
  8. Yes, Darth Maul is pretty much THE reason I bought into separatists, so there's no way he's not in the first list. But once I've gotten used to it and the new has worn off, I definitely do think Dooku has a very compelling ability, so I'm sure I'll give that a try too. And those extra points will certainly be nice too. Thank you for the helpful reply!
  9. Those are totally legitimate points. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am thinking you're right about the bullseye arc thing, I'm not sure I'd get the return on investment from those precise hunters. I could at the very least, downgrade those to separatist drones and save 12 points for use elsewhere, and not lose any initiative. My original thought was that I could use the barrel roll/calculate action to help get bullseyes more often, but that's still iffy, leaves me stressed every time I do it, and makes it that much harder to stay in formation. Your list is probably better than mine, and that's likely similar to where I'll end up, but I think for my first few runs at least, I want to try out the discord missiles and probe droids and such. As you say, the only way to know is to try things out. And Tractor Beam is an excellent idea on Maul too, as you say, works well with his pilot ability. The tactical advice is helpful too. I think we are both roughly on the same page as to how to fly these effectively. By the way, question re: Scimitar. It says "After the Place Forces Step, you may cloak." Since cloaking for that card is typically a red action, does using that ability give the ship a stress token? I'm thinking not, since it doesn't say "action", that it's just a free thing, but worth clarifying. Thanks very much!
  10. I'm a somewhat more casual player generally, but would like some constructive criticism on tweaks to this list that I might be missing. It's my first time with Seperatists, and I don't really know what I'm doing. I've played around with them a little on Fly Casual and I sort of at least get the concept of the power of shared Calculates in large-ish numbers. What's non-negotiable on the list is that it needs to be Darth Maul and a mini-swarm of Vultures. I own 5 of them total, but the list as it is now, features 4. Would be willing to go 3, 4, or 5, although 5 would not leave a ton of wiggle room. I also wanted to try out all the new toys, so that's why you see the Discord Missiles, Shell Charges, and Probe Droids. Would be willing to drop or modify those if convinced of the reasoning for it. Anyway, without further ado, here is my list. Thank you for your help: Darth Maul (65) Hate (3) DRK-1 Probe Droids (6) Scimitar (4) Kraken (10) Precise Hunter (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Precise Hunter (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Precise Hunter (26) Discord Missiles (6) Trade Federation Drone (20) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  11. Our local group has gone from about 10 regulars down to about 6...but I think only 2 of those are just from a lack of conversion and/or lack of interest, and one or both of those might come around. I'm pretty sure one of them is an old Republic junkie, and won't be able to say no once they see Naboo fighters flying around. One of the others is in the military and got deployed, and the other is still getting settled after a recent move and just has not been able to get to events. I think once it builds back up a little it will be better than ever.
  12. I can't believe I still have to ask for this, but I do. I want K2SO in the game as a crew, or as a pilot, or both. I was shocked when he wasn't in the Saw's Renegades upgrade in any fashion, that was their big chance to get him in the game. He was the best thing about Rogue One imo, and he definitely was a capable pilot and copilot. How is he not represented?! I'd also like to see Tycho back as well. And as others have said, an A Wing Ace or two. And maybe a few more droids.
  13. I flew this exact same list again tonight in a 3 round mini-tourney, and actually played by the rules this time I went 2-1. All 3 results were VERY convincing. I did really well in the wins and EVERYTHING went wrong in the loss. So the list has potential with a little practice, and I need to get better at the game in general anyway. The Shara/Saw combo is vicious. I'm still up in the air about the HLCs...I only get a few chances to use them each game, but I think that will improve as I learn to fly better. I'm going to keep flying this one a while longer before moving on, and I very much appreciate all the helpful commentary.
  14. A-ha! It says "primary attack" on Predator. Missed that on the first read-through. Glad I didn't take it then! As for the other one, I asked about that - our tourney judge said linked actions were "an action" for rules purposes, meaning I could do that with Advanced Sensors. So that's how we played it. Is that incorrect?
  15. OK I flew this list 3 times this weekend. 1 fairly convincing win and 2 close losses. I need to practice with it to get better, because at least one of the losses was for sure my fault because I used the Advanced Sensors to chain into a red move (focus/barrel roll), and then remembered that I had put in a red maneuver with one of the Bs. OOPSIE. I also forgot about Shara's ability at least once that was really important. I'll keep playing and tweaking, but the Sensors are definitely very strong on them. Probably won't miss the Predators much either, but when I get better with the list, I might get more bulls-eyes too, so if that happens then as suggested, I'll back up to a hull upgrade on the Bs to free up the points to put it back on Ten. Thanks for the help again guys.
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