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  1. They must have changed that link - now it just goes to the damage decks becoming available. (which is also great, don't misunderstand...)
  2. Thanks for all the help, folks. Super useful!
  3. I've played in the Death Star trench run scenario a few times as game conventions and had a blast. I was considering running it from home. Does anybody know a place that has/sells the files needed to 3d Print the turrets and power nodes and such? Thanks!
  4. direweasel

    N-1 Exclusive

    I just got an email. I got one! Thanks for all the help gents. That was weird!
  5. direweasel

    N-1 Exclusive

    I just checked again. I searched for "webstore", "naboo", and "fantasy flight" in all my email boxes. In each case I got 2 hits - the Google Docs webform confirming my entry, and the email saying that they're extending the ordering time by 1 week to the 28th. (That was in addition to just visually scanning my inbox, spam box, and trash box, in case I accidentally deleted it).
  6. direweasel

    N-1 Exclusive

    I came on here to ask something, and based on the content above me, I think I have the answer, but I'm going to ask anyway. I take it these have all been spoken for? The reason I ask is, I signed up, and put in my code, as did a few of my other X-Wing friends. One of my friends got lucky and got a code, which he put in to get a ship. Another of my friends got an email, politely telling him he wasn't selected, and thanks for signing up. I got... nothing at all. I did get the initial confirmation email saying I had signed up, which I looked at to verify I didn't typo my name or email address or something. But since I friend got a rejection email, I had been conditioned to expect some kind of reply. When I got nothing, I kept checking for a day or two, hoping maybe they were doing the selection in phases...like maybe they pulled 200 names one day, and another 200 the next, and so on. So, is it safe to say I just didn't win? Because I'm stuck in this weird state of confusion. Thanks!
  7. This post is more of an overall vibe of the meta right now, as opposed to maybe specifics. And I agree with what others have said, that it's probably a bit premature to make too many specific points adjustments, especially in Extended, which hasn't gotten much of a chance to be used to the extent necessary to know what's what. I love what FFG did with the last points update. I think it opened up the game a lot, so that the same few dozen pilots weren't showing up all the time. By making the generics a bit cheaper, they've opened up lots of neat concepts that just didn't exist before. And I really do like and appreciate it. HOWEVER, I do think maybe they've created an unintentional side effect, in that in general now, it's usually better to add another cheap little ship to a squad instead of upgrading the ones already there when you're squad building. And that's OK to a point, but I think it might mean that perhaps some of the upgrades are now, by comparison, over-costed. Maybe you (and FFG) are OK with that, and maybe it WAS intentional, but to me, that seems like a waste. Why print all these neat upgrades and abilities only to fill huge binders that almost never get used? I mean, everybody knows the exceptions - Vader "needs" Afterburners in Extended, the standard Boba Fett build with all his upgrades, the Vultures with Struts and Discord Missiles, and so on, right? But outside of those staples, it feels like a lot of the upgrades just aren't getting used much any more. I think I'd like to see many of those come down just a little...nothing crazy, just a little. Again, I'm really talking more about tweaks than anything. I think the game is in a pretty good place right now balance-wise, but if I could change something, that would be it. I don't want to go back to the era of 1st Ed, where it sometimes felt like you were wasting a slot if you didn't put something in every possible upgrade slot, but I think building those interesting combinations is part of what expands the game's options and keeps things fresh. I would like to see a LITTLE more of that come back. Thoughts?
  8. I definitely think shuttle builds are still effective. I'm not certain THIS shuttle build will be...but I'm not certain it won't either. I think it would be worth throwing on the table to find out. I would caution that having all 4 of your TIE fighters being acey can help them some, but they're still very fragile ships with no margin for error. If you fly them into a bad spot, one bad round and your whole squadron will fall apart. I don't know your skill level with the game, of course, but I don't think this is a good list for beginners. Again, there's not a lot of margin for error that I can see. All of the TIE pilot abilities you are using are helpful on attack, but you've got nothing to help you with defense except 3 AG, and a little variance can really burn you at the wrong time. And yes, Howlrunner's ability definitely stacks with focus. Just make sure you spend the focus token AFTER you spend the reroll. So for instance, let's say your starting 2 die attack was Blank/Focus. You can reroll the Blank, and if you get a focus result, spend the token and change BOTH results to hits. Also, I know it's not super important, but in canon, Howlrunner is female.
  9. The list is probably fine, but you need a different name. The whole point of FOcho is that "ocho" is the Spanish word for eight. This is seven ships, and "FOSiete" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  10. Be the catalyst for change that you want to see. Host demo nights. Give away extra promo cards you have. Go to small local gaming conventions and set up a table. The fans of the game can be its biggest promoters. I have done all of these things and have seen dividends from it. I will continue to do so. We lost a few people during the 1st Ed/2nd Ed conversion too, but we have since replaced those numbers, and then some, with new blood. But it doesn't always just happen spontaneously. Sometimes you have to MAKE it happen.
  11. I believe he is pointing out the typo in the title.
  12. I am glad I did a search. I was getting on here to say the same thing. At it's current state of total unreliability, it's completely useless. Which is a total shame because it used to be a fantastic resource. I'm betting your support staff would benefit from having this fixed as well, so as not to have to repeatedly answer the same questions. Please update this page!
  13. Well at least in his case, we all know he takes two crew slots! 😃
  14. But don't you have to have the turret pointing in the right direction to tractor them at all?
  15. Well, apparently that last part takes better predictive powers than I have. I always end up to where I can't maneuver to get anything but the current arc. And how am I ever supposed to get anybody in bullseye to use the more powerful weapon, if I'm also doing that, all the time still not exposing myself to enemy fire that I can't handle?
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