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  1. Matt from the ZI chat made this point: It could be that they block out 3 SKUs in a row for the maps, then release them in whatever order fits the map rotation. So SWI59 and SWI61 could be the next two maps. (That also happened for the 3 maps used after Heart of the Empire.)
  2. Urscrewed map now available: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/14/the-uscru-entertainment-district-skirmish-map/
  3. Or, like I do in my skirmish fix document, make an skirmish upgrade specifying AT-ST/Weiss directly.
  4. cnemmick

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    My next fun list is going to be either 1 or 2 Rancors with an eClawdite. First Rancor out of the deployment gets (hopefully) 2 block tokens to help it live.
  5. Not to get too off-topic, but I actually don't mind Jet troopers getting Vehicle. It's pretty easy to separate Jets from AT-DP/AT-ST/Weiss and future big vehicles by saying an card applies to massive or large vehicles.
  6. cnemmick

    Optimal time for a skirmish game.

    The official tourney rules specify a time limit is 65 minute games and that rounds started after time is called are to be completed. My 3-game events typically last a little over 4 hours, as it usually takes 10 minutes for startup, at least 10 minutes between rounds (bathroom breaks, grabbing drinks, etc.) and 5 minutes at the end to give out prizes. Have a great time at your event!
  7. cnemmick

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Didn't somebody come up with a custom Gonk droid figure that did that? I'm too lazy to search, but I'm not too lazy to make Gonk noises. GONK. GONK. GONK.
  8. cnemmick

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    With red/green/yellow/yellow, you'll have a 95.37% of rolling at least 1 surge; 75.93% of at least 2; 43.29% of at least 3. Personally I have rolled 0 surges more than 0.5% of the time. Math is dumb. With red/green/yellow, the odds are reduced to 86.11% of rolling at least 1 surge; 48.61% of rolling at least 2; 13.89% of rolling at least 3. I think if Senator form guaranteed at least 1 SURGE no matter the roll results, rClawdite would be too strong. Iggy gets a token! Focus/Hidden eWeequays get a token! Great weeping and gnashing of teeth over Scum Hunters! But I also think that eClawdites should distribute at least 1 Token at the cost of a special action. Even for a hybrid support -- where the support abilities granted should be limited compared to full support figures and non-combatants -- a figure with the deployment cost of eClawdites should factor into some sort of static benefit.
  9. cnemmick

    Ahsoka - how to play?

    With the exception of Vader, Maul and Obi-Wan, Force Users really need a boost in their attacks. Getting into melee range without getting melted by blaster fire is tricky enough. I wonder if that new skirmish attachment called Doubt messes with a hostile figure's defensive values when attacked by a friendly Force User? Maybe not. Nevermind what I said up here. You can go about your business. Move along.
  10. IA is now getting Event Outlines, similar to what X-Wing and Destiny have: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/b4/40/b44015c9-533a-421c-a4ab-ebadb5e5d2d5/swi-entanglement-eo.pdf Really hoping this leads to something similar FFG is doing with Legion's Operations. I'd like to see IA Events where the map scenarios and victory conditions are modified.
  11. cnemmick

    Format: No-16

    My initial fear was that committing two picks to Han/Iggy/Vader/Chewie + Skirmish Attachment would be too restrictive. But making skirmish attachments separate picks would definitely take the double-focusing Rebel Care Package out of lists with fixed Han, Iggy and Chewie; it would also make Zillo a more difficult choice for Vader + his attachment. Great suggestion! Given the nature of Wookie Avenger, I still think Debts Repaid should not require a player's pick. It gives Chewie an advantage in command card picks, but it still limits Chewie's command card draw at the start of each game and you are still locked into two of your deployment picks being Chewie and Wookie Avenger. Updated Format (also available here in Google Docs form):
  12. In case you're interested in playing in a No-16 tournament, the kind wastelanders of Zion's Finest are running one! Step 1: Join ZF's Slack Channel (details in this post) Step 2: When you've joined Slack, join the #vassaltournaments channel. Step 3: Fill out this signup form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfir4K57EIzEQtNEfHByPheybTFntxWGUu617PkkXY7JdJv0w/viewform) Thanks to @kennydkbrown and JK for running this!
  13. cnemmick

    Format: No-16

    @ThatJakeGuy called it "slightly worse quality standard IA", which is the goal. If somebody builds an IG-88 list in this format, their list has less assumed power due to restrictions. If you pick IG-88, eWeequays & Gideon, you will not have the card draw power normally given by Jabba, R2-D2 and/or Black Market; how do you play a slow-moving smuggler box when you pick Han, Chewie & Threepio and have no access to R2-D2, Hera, Gideon, Mak, Jyn or rSmugglers? I think this format also encourages creativity. eAllianceRangers/Hera/Threepio can use Leia and Ko-Tun. Normally this list has significant power weaknesses, but in the Some-16 format, its weaknesses will be similar to lists with Han, Vader or Iggy. That being said, I'm definitely looking forward to a No-16 tourney.
  14. cnemmick

    Format: No-16

    Is this format something y'all would want to play?