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  1. Trusted Ally

    Were you able to use some of the new Trooper cards with your rStormies? If so, how did they do in attacks?
  2. Nice! How has your list done against AT-DP lists?
  3. Trusted Ally

    What was your Kayn build? Kayn + Advanced Comms, eSentries x2?
  4. Trusted Ally

    LOL, I'm dumb. Targeting Network & Mitigate are absolutely important for Iggy lists.
  5. Trusted Ally

    The problem w/ Targeting Network is that it is a Skirmish Attachment... just like Focused on the Kill. And you can only have one. I like it but not for Iggy lists. You have to adjust your play so that the droid(s) with Trusted Ally are always nearby IG-88. Since you want Iggy to dive deep into the board and get off at least one attack in Round 1 and try to double-attack in Round 2, C-3PO is not the best choice for Trusted Ally. I haven't found a good Iggy list that has an extra Droid that can carry Trusted Ally. I guess making room for 0-0-0 would be the best option. Putting Trusted Ally on HKs or Sentry Droids would also work.
  6. Imperial Assault Damage Calculator

    Ok, I see where I went wrong with implementation. This is *exactly* why I needed some fresh eyes on it. Thanks, everybody!
  7. News! New quarterly Organized Play kit:
  8. Nifty Ahsoka art!
  9. Imperial Assault Damage Calculator

    I pulled mattyellen's code and implemented some attack-based reroll options. I could use some beta testing, for sure.
  10. Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    Soo... how horrible would this be? This lets a Sab have a 55% chance vs. black & 46% vs. white to do 4 DMG at Accuracy 3. (Note: calculations here don't take in effect using a SURGE for Stun or Blast 1 DMG.) Plenty of surges: 55% chance vs. black die & 33% vs. a white die of getting 2 surges from the roll. Adding Targeting Computer doesn't really increase the damage output. But when Focused, the output does get ridiculous: 38% vs. black and 32% vs. white of doing at least 6 DMG. Those are better odds than a Focused eWeequay of doing at least 6 DMG.
  11. Murne's BFFs?

    Of all the skirmish deployments that have come out before Jabba's Realm, Murne's is the most puzzling. False Orders is a strong and unique ability -- no other figure has a Special Action ability that takes control of a hostile figure's attack. I think at that time (mid 2016) the Trooper swarms were at the top of the metagame. (Feel free to correct me; I didn't start paying attention to the meta until 2017). But even then, Murne was limited to triggering Troopers. Hardly any other figure of cost 3 that could be played at that time would be worth running Murne up into the thick of battle to give False Orders. I wonder what was seen in playtesting that prevented the designers from letting Murne use False Orders on cost-4 figures. If Murne could do False Orders on figure cost 4 figures now, she would be very playable. She would have been a counter to eWeequays, Greedo, Hera (since Hera is likely to be near other higher-cost figures) & Alliance Rangers. She would make an interesting combo from the Data Theft card: Another Spy plays Data Theft to pull out Assassinate, then Murne forces an eWeequay to attack IG-88 with the +3 DMG from Assassinate! It's interesting that the designers also added Field Report instead of a standard Special Action ability to Hide one nearby figure. I wonder what happened in playtesting that led to Field Report being implemented with the restriction on command card counts. Maybe it was their attempt at increasing Murne's survivability without forcing Murne into the Gideon support mold.
  12. Secret Rebel ERiot Counter

    I am loving this series. Verena and Fenn were the reasons why I started tinkering with skirmish fixes and diving deep into the mechanics of figure and game design. One of the lists that I want to try involves Verena working with Mercs: Verena Talos [8] Shyla Varad [8] Weequay Pirate [Elite] [7] Onar Koma [6] Gideon Argus [3] Jawa Scavenger [Elite] [3] C-3P0 [2] Temporary Alliance (M) [1] Black Market [1] Devious Scheme [1] Load up on Hunter, Brawler and movement cards, and Intelligence Leak. Shyla, Onar and Verena work together hunting down the hardest-hitting figure in your opponent's army, while focused Weequay Pirates snipe from afar. You could make a more Spy oriented list by dropping Onar (OR Jawa/C-3P0 & one of Black Market/Devious Scheme) and picking up an elite Clawdite. Giving Verena and Shyla a block token at the start of the game would help them survive into the 3rd round. You could make a more melee & Brawler-oriented list by dropping Onar & one of Black Market/Devious Scheme and picking up Maul. Then you can pick up cards like Pummel & Parting Blow.
  13. It could. There could be significant time between Phoenix Squadron discovering the TIE Defender factories in Season 3 and the events of Season 4. The plot could involve another group of heroes to keep pressure on Thrawn's project... and split his attention.
  14. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    This is Captain Rex?!? I don't think I've ever seen him in an outfit like this...
  15. The article's back up.... and this is Captain Rex?