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    They're elite non-unique attachments, so up to 2 Force Users can have them. If you run more than 2 with these fixes, I think you start running into problems with Focus on 3 or more fixed Rebel/Scum Force Users. But that'll require testing to confirm.
  2. cnemmick


    @Bitterman whoever made that card creator sure is pretty awesome! Looking at the card you made, I can see how cramming all the text for a neutral attachment won't work. So, 3 cards it is!
  3. cnemmick


    @Fourtytwo @Bitterman Ok, I thought on it some more, and maybe this card might tickle your fancies a bit better?
  4. cnemmick


    Themeaticly, I agree with you, but mechanically it needs to be applied to all Force Users Except Varth Dader. Sith use their lightsabers and force abilities to redirect ranged attacks. And while Force Users all have different styles & lore associated with it, trying to adapt it might force a rewrite of every deployment card. Some cards do need to be rewritten but the less printed material that is erratta'd or obsolete'd, the better. (X-Wing in particular suffered from both - printing new stuff that was broken with old stuff, then errata-ing the old stuff so much that only the hardcore players could keep up with the changes.)
  5. cnemmick


    If the Force User command cards amplified damage and survivability across all factions and existing figures, I would agree with you. In the Heart of the Empire wave, we got 2 new Force Users and a fix for Darth Vader. Ahsoka saw some play but ultimately her attack dice lets her down - even with the Pierce 3. Maul never saw regular play despite having a green/yellow/red attack pool - it was nearly impossible to keep him alive long enough to get 2 attacks in... and those attacks wouldn't produce as much VPs as he would give your opponent when defeated. Vader's fix was just more than reducing his cost. He went from regularly doing less than 5 DMG vs. single die defenders to having a 50/50 chance of doing 7 DMG vs. the same. He also got essentially an extra activation with his end of round ability. Without both, Vader would just be a giant walking blaster sponge that, while playing him, you just hope he survives long enough to wack something once. Likewise look at Spectre Cell - Kanan and Ezra are specifically designed for it, and are more difficult to justify putting into your army without SC. They have the same problems as Maul and Ahsoka: a combination of not enough damage output, survivability, action economy. Without SC, you may have Pummel in your hand, but rushing Ezra out to be adjacent to another high-deployment-cost figure at the start of the round might not produce enough damage to defeat it... especially since you couldn't move up Kanan aggressively to be nearby. Don't get me wrong - I like Kanan's and Ezra's design. But they are designed on the same principles of other Force Users who struggle. I'm looking forward to running Kanan and JK Luke together, but their problems are still tricky to solve and shouldn't be solved by hoping to pull Deathblow out of my command card deck at the right moment... only to be 3 or 4 damage short of killing IG-88, or 1 or 2 damage short of killing a non-queen piece that then runs away. So this Neutral Skirmish fix I suggested addresses the big stuff for nearly all the Force Users. Put this on JK Luke and he's still a little overcosted at 13 but he will at least feel closer to Vader in value. Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka all thrive with it. Obi-Wan now hits nearly hard enough to one-shot any elite Trooper sent to contest his control area. Maul is doing a static +2 DMG, which makes his Reach & Cleave 2 attack option a real option. The Emperor could take it for the additional defense boost to work with Zillo. Other Force Users feel better with it, but still need some proper restructuring: Davith's Hide mechanic in the age of Doubt, Diala's... everything, The Grand Inquisitor's cost, etc. (I'm still wondering if the defense buff on this card should be increased. I'm just worried giving a static BLOCK makes Ezra too OP when he can be put into 7+ activation lists and/or lists with Rangers, Weequays, etc.) Anyway, I really enjoy these conversations. Thanks for the feedback so far!
  6. cnemmick

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    Also, depending where you play locally, most casual face-to-face will allow proxy for things like Negation. Even Store Championships are considered casual play events and most players there will have no problems letting you proxy or borrow what you need. (Ask me about Biv Cup 2018 sometime!) And you don't have to print up a card and stick it in a sleeve - just put a card in your deck that has no business being there (like Vader's card in your Spectre Cell CC deck). It does get more difficult to juggle more than one card proxied in this way, I'll admit.
  7. cnemmick


    That would also mean figures that have Pierce as a damage dealing mechanic (eJawa, eSentry, Mak, etc.) would have extreme difficulty in doing any damage vs. Vader (with his 2 black dice) or any Force User (which is I think who you mean when you say a figure that surges for Pierce 3). I think if the problem with Force Users is survivability (outside of Vader), we can address that. Honestly, I think Force User's most pressing need is attack application. Kanan getting a static +1 DMG from Spectre Cell increases his value immensely. And I'm not for sure a static +1 BLOCK is the answer, as it would be very powerful to give JK Luke or Kanan or Obi-Wan both +1 DMG and +1 BLOCK when you can match them up with Alliance Rangers and put them in 7 and 8-activation lists. Here's my current Force User fix: Elite Neutral Skirmish Attachment Card - The Force Is My Ally Cost: 1 Force User only +1 DMG. When an attack on you declared, exhaust this card to apply -1 DMG to the attack results. "Some iconic quote about the Force" -- somebody from the movies
  8. cnemmick

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    I've played a bunch of matches with DTs and here's what I've found: * They have the same problem as any other red/yellow die attacker: when you roll badly, there's very little to help. (They have roughly the same damage stats as Hera, but less access to Focus and other ways to amplify with added dice.) Putting damage/surge tokens on them helps, but then Thrawn isn't giving himself or another attacking figure that token. If they had a built-in reroll, they would output the kind of damage that they should for a single-figure deployment. * Too many Imp Leaders ruins a list. And they are Leaders for all practical purposes. That's why it's difficult to get enough damage output from a list with 2 DTs, Thrawn and an Imp officer. If you limit yourself to 1 DT with Thrawn or skip Thrawn and run 2 DTs, you should be able to squeeze in another attacking corps. (rRiots are a very good cheap option.) * The elite's ability to give out tokens is *very* handy. It is the second-best strength of the figure. The best thing about Elite DTs is its cost and how it makes 6 deployment lists more possible. Thrawn/eDT is 10 points but a pretty good support team for trooper lists and single figured like Terro, Emperor & AT-DP. And yeah, Vader, though it's harder to squeeze 2 groups of elite troopers around Vader with them. * with Chopper's usage on the rise, rDTs are actually a good pick for terminal sitters and objective runners. Again, one too many DTs & Leaders might weaken your list, so be careful. * squad command will be better once there are some decent regular trooper deployments made. rRiots and rSentries are interesting choices, with rRiots being the only regular Imp deployment that can do damage similar to its elite version. If rStormies ever get fixed to do 2 dmg per attack, they would be worth trying.
  9. In the sign-up document, there's a link to @Tvboy's image database and my original Google document. Both of those have the changes. There might be some discrepancies - let me know if you find any and I'll clarify.
  10. Just a reminder: Signups end this Sunday, August 5th.
  11. I like both games! When you you have the time to commit to an 800 point Legion game, it is very fulfilling. The variable deployment zones and objectives add a nice variety every time you come to the table, and most of the Legion units play well on the table provided you play them to their strengths. (Sorry, Snowspeeder, not you. 😦). I still spend most of my time playing skirmish IA because I'm wholly invested into it. But Legion is fun and scratches a totally different gaming itch than IA.
  12. For a while now, I've been working on skirmish fixes for pre-Jabba's Realm deployments. Since we're all waiting on Tyrants of Lothal, the guys at Zion's Finest and I thought it would be fun to have a tournament using the newly-minted v1.0 fixes. And you're invited to join the fun. Details about how to sign up for the tournament are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JokVEm2_Ckn0xd84Quh9nOJ-3tNCJQpR2O7KDyHTJzI/edit?usp=sharing If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or on the Zion's Finest slack server.
  13. cnemmick

    Hondo and Thrawn Spoilers from GenCon

    "different WILDCARD TOKENS" is the same language used on Thrawn's campaign card.
  14. cnemmick

    What if loku and mak cost 2?

    @cbuss no I haven't gotten around to putting them into the custom deployment card maker software. (There's a link to it on the forums.) You're welcome to do so.
  15. cnemmick

    If IA ever died.

    As someone who has spent too many hours making skirmish fixes, I will likely spend too many hours making an IA 2.0 skirmish ruleset (and deployment cards for existing figures) if IA is no longer supported by FFG.