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  1. We'd love to work on some new figures. However, from our Season 1 voting results, significantly less players wanting IACP to create brand new Deployments compared to fixing existing cards. Maybe that'll change when we ask again at the end of Season 2.
  2. Pretty good idea! If you're playing outside of the Testing League in pickup games, feel free to ask your opponent if you both want to mix it up. For Testing League #1, we have the map rotation already set. I already have asterisks set for the last two weeks, since FFG may rotate Endor Defense Station into the tournament list. I'll poll the players to see if they want to play something older. For Testing League #2, we'll definitely have a Wildcard map week.
  3. The IACP has finalized our Season 2 content. We reduced the number of changes based on some concerns that there were too many. You can read more about which cards we removed and why on our website. The IA Skirmish Vassal Module and TableTopAdmiral.com have been updated with the latest Season 2 content. Now is a great time to sign up for our Vassal Testing League #1. It is a 6-week event where you and your opponent play sometime within a 7-day window. Registration ends August 19th, so don't delay! Join us in making Skirmish fun, fresh and worthy of your time!
  4. That company is also owned by Asmodee, the parent company of FFG.
  5. Nice work @DerBaer! I enjoyed reading through your errata and contrasting your design choices & goals with that of the IACP. I don't think there's a wrong way to change IA, though we definitely disagree on methodology. If there's more folks who prefer your ruleset, I hope they use it to continue to enjoy playing Skirmish. Let us know how your Nationals play out under RAIST!
  6. Don't forget to get your thoughts submitted to our Season 2 Announcement Survey: we use the results of this survey to determine what changes should be made to our recommendations before Season 2 kicks fully into gear. Survey will be closed on Aug 11th, and we'll finalize the Season 2 changes a little later that week. Even if you've shared your thoughts with us here and you haven't filled out a survey, take a few minutes to fill out the survey too. That way we have everybody's thoughts in one place and we can compare/contrast what you all have said now with what you say at the end of the Season. You can also take the survey again in case you've changed your mind about some things; just use the same email address you used before. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6EiNa3pA4oMqaqtAukzCQ9k5d_CxDt2j18vZZJUBPVvS-Kg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  7. There was 19 players for the 80-seat Imperial Assault North American Championship at GenCon yesterday. Canadian Nationals were cancelled because they announced the event very late and kept registration open for only two weeks. I think Skirmish players have already gotten the message. 😫
  8. The way we are ruling it: When you play Reinforcements, you are replacing a defeated figure. That new figure cannot be the "first" figure defeated from that group. So the first defeated Stormtrooper of that group is worth 1 VP, and every other Stormtrooper of that group is worth 3 VP, including figures that were added back to that group using Reinforcements.
  9. Boba Fett? Boba Fett?! Where?! https://ia-continuityproject.com/2019/07/29/announcing-season-2-the-core-set-strikes-back/
  10. I typically use imgur.com for image hosting.
  11. @Jaric256 thanks for the kind words! I agree: Buffing the Conspire ability on the Clawdites would make it easier for Mercenary players if Gideon was changed. When a Regular Clawdite is giving out at least 2 power tokens per round for the same price as Gideon + Temporary Alliance, that could be considered a real option -- especially where Doubt can only remove one of the two power tokens distributed. I don't think the Steering Committee has room for addressing Clawdites in this Season -- we're shooting for about 20-25 changes, and there are some fixes that we feel are more urgent and less invasive. But we will have Clawdites on the list for potentially being in Season 3 or in line with any change we make to Gideon. We're happy to listen to constructive criticism about the project. And we have received criticism, not just from you or other members of this message board; many of our playtesters have passionate concerns in every step of the project. The Steering Committee has been sharing what we hear in our blog posts on the website, even when the criticism is shared by just a handful of players. In fact, we have already published concerns others have shared with us about selection bias in the vote. In the Season 1 Feedback post, we mention that for Season 2, we're evaluating changes to make in the final community approval vote so that we can gather better data on voter's agreement with approval. We wouldn't have thought to address this if it wasn't for several of our players speaking up concerns about selection bias.
  12. The last article that is reviewing the Season 1 Vote results is up. We take a look at what topics (e.g. Improving Core Set Deployments, changing Gideon to Focus Rebels only) our voters asked us to make a priority for Season 2. We also reveal some teasers for what is being planned for Season 2. http://ia-continuityproject.com/2019/07/23/hes-no-good-to-us-dead-voters-selections-for-season-2-content/ Hint: There's a picture of Boba Fett!
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