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  1. Through the month of July 2020, the IACP will be previewing our Season 4 content on our website. These 27 cards improves existing cards and adds new content from Rogue One & The Mandalorian. A collection of all currently published Season 4 Previews is available, and new previews will be added 3 times a week. Season 4 will start properly in August 2020, and we invite all of you to participate in our open playtest at that time. Here's a few cards that we've previewed so far.
  2. With running the Jedi Trials League, the IACP Steering Committee is revisiting the lessons we learned when we were first learning the game. While consolidating & passing on our experience to new players, we are trying to document what we share so that those who didn't join the Jedi Trials have an opportunity to learn as well. In this post we're happy to share what we're calling our Skirmish Holocron collection. Finding Strong Deployment Cards For Your Army List Building In IA Mitigate: A Primer on Imperial Assault Dice Targeting Network: Calculating Damage Probabilities For Your Attacks More articles to come!
  3. @Mandalore of the Rings this league is designed for folks who have played less than 15 Skirmish games. If you'd like, you can sign up and help me mentor many of the newer players by teaching good play habits. You'll also get to try out IACP deployments & learn how to use Vassal!
  4. @Ajax Romano we will be running the current IACP list of official tournament maps: Coruscant Back Alleys, Endor Defense Station, ISB Headquarters. If you want to sign up, please do so ASAP! Signups end on Sunday, June 28th.
  5. Some of y'all may have never played IA skirmish before, either due to lack of interest in your area or due to not having a mentor to help guide you. Others may have played a bit but found it difficult to learn what works and what doesn't when you're getting crushed by more experienced players online or in person. The IACP Steering Committee is happy to announce a league designed specifically for those of you looking to learn or just try out skirmish in a casual, friendly environment: The Jedi Trials League! Starting June 29th, players will play one game a week online for 4 weeks. Experienced players will be available for answering rules & strategy questions. Assistance will also be provided for installing & using online tabletop software. Joining this league will cost you zero Republic Credits (or any other Earth-based currency). You can sign up for the Jedi Trials League on the IACP Website. Padawan braids are not required.
  6. With Season 3 Community Voting wrapped up, the IACP Steering Committee will be hosting several online competitive events that will your mettle against other members of the IA Community: 2020 Degobah Trials - A 6-week league (one game a week) starting June 15th 2020 Porg Cup - A one-day tournament with prize support on June 27th 2020 Beskar Cup - A one-day tournament with prize support on July 25th These events are part of IACP's commitment towards extending and enhancing organized play in Imperial Assault. This includes changing how our Seasons work so that there is time for testing new cards & time for competitive play. You can read about our new structure & timeline and how we'll be running regular online seasonal tournaments with prize support.
  7. The IACP Season 3 Community Vote starts today and runs through June 3rd. Cards and changes that have "approved" votes totalling 70% or more of all total votes will be considered IACP Approved and become permanently added into the IACP Official Changes. We also ask you questions about what kind of cards & changes you'd like to see in future Playtest seasons. Browse the IACP Website Community Vote post to submit your ballot. The post has details about cards that have been changed or omitted from the ballot.
  8. As we are wrapping up Season 3 -- don't forget about our Season 3 Celebration Tournament on May 16th! -- the IACP Steering Committee is trying to determine what kind of online organized play options you'd have time and interest in joining. Please fill out our 5-question survey and let us know what kind of online games you're looking for in the future.
  9. There's also some fixed & new deployments you can try out in IACP.
  10. The IA Continuity Project announces that our Official Changes v3.2 is now available, with updates to seven Season 3 cards: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/04/25/no-no-there-is-no-why-official-changes-v3-2-with-season-3-updates-now-available/
  11. @melminiatures there'll be a bunch of new cards made every 3-4 months in IACP that may need custom figures. Would love to talk to you more about it, but I can't send you a PM here. Could you contact me at iacontinuityproject@gmail.com? Thanks.
  12. I don't think there's any rules, but I do have some guidelines that might be helpful: * You'll usually want it big enough where the shortest path between both deployment zones is about 16 spaces. Anything shorter and you'll need to be cautious about not letting a figure like Vader or Bantha Rider with Beast Tamer getting too close. Anything longer than 20 spaces and melee figures might not be able to attack most of the game. * Most maps have 2 or 3 "lanes" of engagement. Sometimes a lane is just a huge center room that both players can access pretty easily. Ensure that the other lanes have ways to connect into the center-most lane for flanking attacks & escape routes. * I recommend placing terminals no farther than 4 spaces away from a deployment zone. Modern skirmish depends heavily on Command card usage. Terminals should be placed in places where attackers won't have line of sight to some spaces adjacent to the terminal by the end of round 1. * Objectives are important to include, because some armies are going to be at an disadvantage against attacking other armies. The most common are control points (where a figure must be controlling at the end of a round to score VPs), collectables (where a figure must pick up a token & then transport that token to a location to score VP) and targets (where figures must attack & defeat tokens for VPs). From my experience, it's important to make sure that control points give a small but steady amount of points for players (no more than 2VP per control point per round) and are placed in areas that can be easily attacked & reached. If you look through all the skirmish maps that FFG has printed (especially those that have been printed since 2017) you'll see a lot of good ideas that you can incorporate into your maps. Let us know if you come up with some new fun maps!
  13. As we're building up Season 4 content, the IACP Steering Committee is looking for your opinion on some potential changed cards & rules. More info and the link to the voting survey is here: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/04/17/scomp-link-help-guide-our-future-card-testing-development/
  14. Itching for some competitive IACP play? Join us on May 16th at 9AM EDT for our online end of Season 3 celebration tournament! https://ia-continuityproject.com/event/iacp-end-of-season-3-celebration-tournament/ Registration information is in the link above.
  15. In case you were wondering what kind of competitive lists you could make with IACP's Season 3 content, a few of our new Steering Committee members have put a few together for each faction: Imperials: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/03/17/season-3-competitive-rundown-imperials/Mercenaries: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/03/24/season-3-competitive-rundown-mercenaries/ Rebels: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/03/26/season-3-competitive-rundown-rebels/ If you'd like to try some competitive Season 3 play, our IACP Online Regional is happening this Sunday, March 29th at 9AM CDT!
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