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  1. cnemmick

    Lie in Ambush - eGamorreans

    Oooh, eGams on Imperial and Zillo? That's a nice tweak! Very cool.
  2. cnemmick

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    It looks like some folks in here should take a look at what we've been doing with fixes lately. In particular, eSabs are reworked to do some fun things with power tokens & Beneficial conditions! Also, my recommendation for an SC nerf (and the related problem of Rebel Graffiti). I know some of you guys have already had your fill of SC and want to see it nerfed into the ground. But I think it can be tweaked so that the benefits of the card doesn't completely overpower non-SC opponents. If we can bring it back in line with Vader/Palp/Thrawn and Scum Hunters, then we can work towards diversifying the meta with fixing older and/or underpowered deployments.
  3. cnemmick

    Lothal Wastes Strategy Discussion

    The left-most lane is where everybody who isn't playing Spectre Cell wants to fight Spectre Cell.
  4. And maybe a pack of skirmish deployment cards? (Call me, FFG.)
  5. cnemmick

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    I respect your opinion about this but I disagree. I like the higher damage output skirmish game that has been created with the Jabba's Realm and Heart of the Empire expansions. The newer deployments and skirmish fixes for IG/Han/Chewie/Vader promotes the kind of game where positioning and timing your attacks or movements to contested spaces is move important than before. You and your opponent can be rewarded and/or punished for over-aggressive play. We've come a long way from 4x4. I understand some players feel that the Hunter/Smugglers card meta has been too strong. I think it is only a problem because it is combined with 1) Mercs having cheap access to Gideon/Threepio and 2) non-Hunters/Smugglers having such poor attack math & damage mitigation that they cannot punish Hunters/Smugglers for being aggressive. My fixes address both of these points: 1) Gideon can no longer Focus Mercs, which leaves Mercs to have to use Jabba for double-Focus builds; 2) older deployments are adjusted to feel as strong as Hunters/Smugglers. I think, even without playtesting these changes, there'll still need to have some conversation around the power of Hunter/Smuggler cards -- Hi, On The Lam! We're looking at you! And my goal wasn't to bring these deployments up to Spectre Cell level of strength. I hope they're not! I am in the camp that the SC upgrade card could use a bit of a nerf so that players running SC don't have such an advantage vs. non-SC lists. You can find my thoughts on that
  6. cnemmick

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    FWIW, I would like to see that version of SC play a few times vs. a Vader/Palp/Thrawn list & IG-88 Scum Hunter list & Scum VP Manipulation list before I'm 100% confident in it. And it's actually written as the following, as to ensure a SC figure doesn't get more than 1 block token: Also, I think a major problem of SC isn't just SC, but that Rebel Graffiti with Sabine is especially difficult to overcome when drawn in the 1st or 2nd round. Having an extra 4 or 6 VPs from 2-3 rounds of Rebel Graffiti (plus a likely bonus 4 VP from Celebration) really puts pressure on the SC's opponent to Negate either one of those two VP cards, leaving themselves wide open for Take Initiative, no clutch block of a late Element of Surprise, etc. Here's my current favorite attempt at fixing RG: Again, I would want to see if playtesting this with my suggested fix of SC still makes SC strong... but not so strong. What's important is that 1) all other non-SC lists have opportunity to seize the damage output advantage with good attacking play & 2) in the SC-vs-SC mirror match, the SC team that goes round 2 (or round 3 on Uscru) isn't at so much of an advantage vs. the opponent.
  7. cnemmick

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    Hi! I know that everybody is into getting ready to worlds, but I did my most recent update of the Skirmish Fixes. We're up to v2.2 now! If you want to take a break from figuring out how to beat Spectre Cell, check out the following: Skirmish Fixes Google Doc -- Comments and suggestions welcome! Skirmish Fixes Card Images -- Print them out and test them with your buddies! Skirmish Fixes Playtest Questionnaire -- If you do play with them, please fill out this short survey with your experience! Here's a preview of what you'll find in the latest version: Edit: I've already gotten some feedback and applied changes to some of the sample cards listed here (including Boba). Instead of re-posting the cards, be sure to check out the links above for the latest versions.
  8. cnemmick

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    I think SC is a bit too strong in the hands of a great player. And Rebel Graffiti is very much broken. But I really enjoy playing SC, so I'm hoping that it gets tweaked just a bit to keep it top tier without it being so immune to being punished when it is played badly.
  9. @Bitterman I was just getting to the point where I need to make some custom Command cards... and I was going to ask you for some help with that. LOL YOU ALREADY HAVE HELPED ME! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate you updating your apps.
  10. cnemmick

    Rogue One Characters

    Nice work! I like your use of power tokens for surge abilities. From a balance standpoint, I'm a little concerned that 10 and 11 health with a white die is a bit too strong, especially since both Jyn can surge for defensive tokens and Cassian will always have at least 1 evade in his defense results. Hopefully you've had a chance to playtest This inspires me to take my own stab at different abilities for these figures. Rebel. I wonder if Saw Guerrera's Partisans should be designed like Spectre Cell where they're deadlier when they work in a list built only from the Partisans. And Rebels can finally have a Creature type figure with Moroff!
  11. cnemmick

    Unplayable figures...

    Yes! This kind of information is the stuff I crave! Thanks for y'all's feedback... and keep it coming! So my priorities for this rework are in the following priorities: 1) Make Shady Contacts affordable 2) Make Saska playable as a objective runner (mainly for Heroic Effort lists and even worth considering when NOT using Shady Contacts) 3) Let Saska contribute to end-game combat From your feedback, it looks like I over-compensated on #3 with the three-die attack. Honestly, I'm not a fan of unique figures being a two-die attacker. Rebel Unique figures *need* to hit hard, since you are only getting that single figure for the deployment cost. But I clearly overlooked that Saska can give herself a damage or surge token for round 3 combat AND could get Focused from Gideon/Threepio to be a 4-die attacker. Even with Doubt, Saska is going to keep one of those two bonuses. I'm fine with Saska's base attack not being three dice, but it needs to be potent. Just to be clear, she no longer has the Spy trait in this rework. I agree with you, a Spy at cost 3 would be way too powerful! Even in my rework document, Mak Eska'ray's cost is raised to 4 and he gains benefits to help his survivability and increase his attack potency. Honestly, that's a problem with 3-figure Trooper deployments, not Rebel Uniques. And I have some fixes for those deployments in the document. Take a look and let me know if the fixes are enough or not. So! New draft of Saska: Here's what her damage output looks like with the two-die attack and new abilities: red: vs 1 black die green: vs 1 white die blue: vs 1 black die +1 BLOCK yellow: vs 1 white die +1 BLOCK (this legend applies for graphs below as well) Now, her damage outlook after spending a DMG token: And her damage graph when spending a SURGE token:
  12. cnemmick

    Unofficial Fixes-- Why not just vote on one or two?

    Haha, I totally understand! Vassal requires a little learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you can find games with a whole lot of us! @brettpkellymade a really great tutorial on Vassal recently:
  13. cnemmick

    Unplayable figures...

    I took another look at this and, while I don't mind the 3 die attack, I think I miscalculated how many surges was going to get through a single-die defender. Gonna make a tweak to the surge abilities to keep her from being able to Weaken about 1/3rd of the time and make it more of a choice. But overall, I like her damage output at cost 3, and I like she can pocket a DMG token and make your opponent be worried about her finishing a figure late game.