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  1. I'm late to this party, I guess. But if it hasn't been noted yet, Dual Wielder is a talent in the Genesys CRB. As a Maneuver "Your character may use this talent to decrease the difficulty of the next combined combat check they make during the same turn by one."
  2. It's not the complete set of trials, but there is an encounter in the back of Nexus for the Trial of Skill. It has some good inspiration....
  3. What's taking you so long? I need the Parlemian Way mapped out pronto! J/k, those are awesome, man. Great work.
  4. I'm completely disgusted with the fact that my wife isn't near as enthusiastic about x-Wing as I am, she begrudgingly plays it with me every one in a while, wonders why I buy so many "little toys", and would probably shoot me if I went weekly to the local x-wing night or signed up for the local tourneys. I think there's a complaint worth recognizing. Can I get a witness?
  5. That's just awesome. This is the kinda stuff I love to see. Mix up some meta and make those supposed OP'd lists eat it. Everyone crying about super-palp and 3xDefenders... Here you see superior planning and flying takes them out Bravo, wurms
  6. Tie/D is better. Its weird how people act like a defender with 1 evade is comparable to 3 u-boats doing like 12-16 hits in the first round of combat. I think most People are chapped because there's a bigger variety of lists out there now and they can't figure out what to build that is so OP it can smash them all. Ultimately the game *is* more positioning than dice mods because you won't be able to stop every single list that comes at you by fiddling with their dice. You have to fly better, even if it means picking away with lighter attacks.
  7. Apparently X-wing is like anything else. You say your glass is unbreakable? Someone do whatever they can to try and break it. Some like to figure out how to exploit the rules to the greatest advantage Piloting skill is slowly dying off because laziness breeds the desire to just figure out unbeatable list. For instance, Why do so many complain about the x7's? Because they require being out maneuvered by a better pilot. They r by no means unstoppable. Just a challenge
  8. I don't know if you are doing this on purpose to troll people like me, or if you genuinly don't realize, BUT DEAR GOD MAN IT'S ROGUE NOT ROUGE. The word is also 'genuinely', not genuinly.
  9. The only thing I don't like about it is factoring in the cost. I'm already way behind on my "fleet" and this just sets me further back Scum was real low on my list till the wife picked out the ig-2k as the next ship she wants to fly....
  10. And so much for an 8 scyk swarm. Do my eyes deceive or does it look like there are at most 6 titles in that picture
  11. I thought the same thing. I was thinking at,first that the scyk must've gotten a shot of steroids for 6 hull, 3 shields.I guess they finally found some good for those spare bases lying around.
  12. Mine let's me feed my addiction as long as I moderate a bit. I bought a bunch around Christmas time and now I have to dial back to just a couple a month It can be rough
  13. So... Currently my Home Depot storage containers are working out okay, but the kind I use have been out of stock for quite a while and I'm getting tired of cutting up my own foam to store my ships. Plus they are insufficient to store any large/huge ships. I've been looking at the BattleFoam stuff and it looks like decent quality. Though I don't care for the pre-made x-wing trays because I don't think I'll ever own 4 firesprays or 12 ties. So I was wondering if anyone has had experience with their pluck foam or Custom tray creator. I haven't been able to look at the creator yet since it won't run on my phone. But if anyone has used it I'd love to know what you think. As a side, the p.a.c.k. 720 looks pretty slick. Comes with 12 inches of foam in whatever size you want. Supposed to store 720 28mm pieces. http://us.battlefoam.com/720-p-a-c-k-720-molle-custom-load-out-black/ *edit- had to fix some swype related errors.
  14. Here's one take. http://dockingbay416.com/diedengaroodie/
  15. I don't think Palp Aces deserve Zuckuss - there is an egregious amount of anti-Fel tech out now, outside of Zuckuss. And the other "Aces" can't keep up with the power curve. Defenders are right at the edge of the that curve, which FFG will continue to push. Defenders were also absent from the final table at 2016 Worlds - but you know what won that game before turn four? You guessed it! This is what I've been scratching my head over. I like my defenders, but if they're so op'd, why do we not see so many of them in the top tier like the former "wolf pack". I think too many people have gotten sucked into the mindset of having to craft some mystical, elusive, all-powerful squad. Fly what you like, and get good with it. I think that's the aim of FFG (along with making $$ ). Look at Worlds 2016, 4 out of the top 16 were palp defenders, and none of those made it to the final 4. And I'm sure they were good players, but it's definitely not the uber-crap-storm so many seem to be making it out to be. Only 2 rebel squads and they were both in the final 4.
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