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  1. Thanks for all the replies! A Hutt doctor sounds really neat.
  2. One thing you might look into is from Lords of Nal Hutta. They have a species called The Gank and Ganks get certain bonuses to buying cybernetics and their schtick is that they are all cyborgs to a certain extent. Maybe your character could be one of those?
  3. I love the Hutts and Lords of Nal Hutta has statted them out as a potential PC class. When you read planet populations, you quickly see that there are 100s of millions of Hutts out there and well, they cannot all be Jabba the Hutt! The Hutt bulk is built after centuries of gluttonous excess because base Hutts have a Silhouette of 1. Could a Hutt work in a group? I would love to play one as a support character and face and not the domineering way where it is The Hutt and people in his orbit, you know what I mean? Edge of the Empire has some careers that seem to fit Hutts well, like Politico. Has anybody here done that? For some reasons people consider this to be a taboo, I hear. I don't mean to offend but the opportunity to make enemies stroke out from Scathing Tirade seems like a blast.
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