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  1. Finally the game launched, but not much fanfare about it at all from any game reviews yet.
  2. Mansions of Madness 2nd ed. base game and all expansions have sold out! No reprints in sight! Could The Path of the Serpent be the last expansion we see? Source: Coolstuffinc and Miniature Market.
  3. Ooh, big reveals incoming... hopefully on 11th October for us Mansion fans.My first prediction is we see an update to the app. One that records your actions from the 1st story in Path of the Serpent, to add a legacy light element to the other 2 stories in the expansion. This could be a test to a future longer legacy expansion that uses the plethora of tiles we have, that is all us with all the expansions.Second prediction is an update to older content on the app, to add more random tile layouts in the stories if you have more expansions. Third prediction is the announcement of the future of MoM, as we have seen the end of the big box, smaller box release format, with Path of the Serpent ending the trend being the 2nd big box release.So do you have any to add and whatever the case, can't wait for more details come Arkham Nights 2019. Posted also to BGG in case FF devs read our predictions there rather than here. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/33025248#33025248
  4. MoM 2nd Edition >>> Legacy plans?
  5. Just finished season 2 and moving onto season 3 next week, but have no idea how Stranger Things could be used with the MoM template whatsoever! Colour me intrigued on how this could work however.
  6. If you have multiple enemies of the same type, just paint them differently to the colour scheme of the numbers. You could do this subtly if you wished. E.g. Colour the shoes different to the numbers or whatever you think works.
  7. Yes but perhaps the Roll for Crit peeps have spoken to reps about the expansion, as otherwise where did they get the information from exactly?
  8. Path of the Serpent is discussed in this video and they confirm that it is a 3 part story, the first for MoM.
  9. As the announcements for expansions are usually teasers, this first announcement gave us a lot of information usually only seen in the 2nd announcement. This may be due to the fact that the 2nd announcement is going to reveal something worth a full article on. So let's wonder what this could indeed be! My guess: updated app + conformation of the path of the serpent being the first 3 part story quest. Would love it to be the only characters with the expansion so the app can add voicers to your characters.
  10. Legacy or Seasonal stories would be a great future for MoM, and the app has great legs to run further than it is now. Let's hope surprises await us in 2020!
  11. As the last 2 Fantasy Flight once a year sales show that only the dice pack is on sale, show how strong the expansions are selling. However like last year the gravy train for MoM news starts after Gencon, so I look forward to hearing more, and fingers crossed that in 2020 we get a legacy component that MoM and it's app have been teasingly baiting us for what that could promise.
  12. With Gencon coming next week, I wonder if we'll get any new updates on Mansions of Madness. For example: 1) update to the app), 2) video preview of Path of the Serpent, 3) future legacy expansion announcement, 4) painted miniature packs for 2nd edition. Add any more predictions if you can think of any.
  13. Short of news running to Gencon, this could be the big reveal at the show, and the big reason for secrecy. Due to the popularity of the Scythe's legacy expansion, this could really be a big seller. Sign me up if it's true, and colour me mega excited for the next reveal.
  14. Would love to see a narrative story starting in the streets, in Arkham Horror 3e and the story ending, where you need to play the next part in Mansions of Madness 2nd edition. This would be fantastic collaboration between the two games and lead to a fantastic story over 2 play nights, with 2 different games.
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