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  1. Will the game and the gamemat be released at the same time? In not, what are the estimated releases?
  2. Lipstickpaddy

    Any idea when the 3rd edition mat is coming to 3rd party?

    Yeah just preordered it now, thank you.
  3. The FF shop's shipping to Mexico is over $40, whereas I preordered the 3rd edition for much less shipping via a 3rd party website. So does anyone know when the mat will be available on 3rd party websites or when will they have these for pre-orders?
  4. Lipstickpaddy

    Pre-order bonus - Retailer List

    Looks like the bonus is now added at the place I pre-ordered, so retailers must have news now, so if you have pre-ordered contact your store as they will give you updated info.
  5. Lipstickpaddy

    Pre-order bonus - Retailer List

    Hi I pre-ordered via Minature Market after the announcement at Gencon 2018, and messaged them to say if it included the pre-order bonus, and they replied saying they haven't been told if they have. So could you give us an official list of places or an update?
  6. Lipstickpaddy

    Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    I expect the quietness of no news from Battlelore is to give RuneWars the best exposure in the market. As the elves expansion comes out for RuneWars before Gencon, it could be a nice time to launch a Battlore Elven expansion, as it won't detract from RuneWars in Q4 2018. Also it would be great to see a new board, allowing a 3 or 4 player variant, giving the game another spice life. Co-op 2v2 or 1 vs all. So I'm staying tuned for more info. So I guess watch this space.
  7. Just noticed the superb play mat from Fantasy Flight for Battlelore and fingers crossed they sell it as I'd snap it up in a flash.
  8. Hello, this year I can't wait to buy Mansions of Madness and play with my wife, however I won't have funds until Easter to buy the base game, or perhaps Summer for the full collection so far. However since the Figure and Tile collections are out of stock I may buy these when they are in stock first, so buying the collection will be easier. So to help my stategy, can anyone shed light on when the store will update the stock or is it simply checking daily on the store. All the best, Lipstickpaddy. PS I'm happy to collect expansions before the base game, as the extra month or 2 waiting won't be too long!
  9. Lipstickpaddy

    Dice Pack is Here Finally!

    Hi, I'm really looking forward to be buying the franchise and wondering why a 2nd dice pack is useful? Can anyone shed light on why more will be useful?
  10. Lipstickpaddy

    The Deep Realms

    As it's print on demand, I hope FF let us order it before Feb 28th so they can let us buy it as its out of stock as they've just put a print on demand on the other POD of The Nether Realm, which was unavailble in December.
  11. As we only got into Talisman last Aug in 2016, it was a little unfair on the break up with Games Workshop that many shop sellers jacked their prices up. Especially now as the availablity is very low too. So can anyone shine a light on whether we will see new stocks or made to order stock?