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  1. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    It's what I'm wondering since the article came out. What's the point of the so-called Adepticon wait list then?
  2. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    I'm on the Adepticon waitlist, or whatever is the queue I entered when I registered the event. I don't know if you refer to the same or I missed anything. To be honest, I have not received any communication from FFG (or anyone) about the waitlist so far and most likely I won't go. On top of that I don't expect to get a refund of the ticket given the lack of transparency and visibility of the whole process.
  3. That was a MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Legion should have been the third game mode of IA, Epic battles. FFG launched a new game with a slightly different scale and new figures instead. I can understand the new minis and figures, at the end of the day they have to sell. However, they could have taken advantage of the IA existing community and boosted the game with this new mode. Sadly they had different plans. Let's see in a year where these two games are.
  4. The pace of new expansions in Legion is overwhelming and there are no even competitive tournaments, at least in my zone. I guess they have to roll out all the planned expansions before the game loses the public interest. While FFG keeps focusing on Legion, we are all here waiting for a new IA wave announcement, hopefully Rogue One, Rebels or even Endor. I don't care so long as they keep the game alive and shake the meta
  5. bokepasa

    Worlds at adepticon 2019?

    It's not only about the reduced numbers of seats but the ZERO information about the event in the FFG pages. If this is the so-called World Championship I would have expected some info previous to the registration as every year in the official FFG pages.
  6. I didn't know that. Thanks for confirming. My problem now is I'm late to get any ticket for the event xDDDD
  7. Just out of curiosity. When you say Worlds and you are talking about the Adepticon event, is there any change to the usual World Championship at the FFG site on May? Thanks.
  8. bokepasa

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Awesome initiative!! That's something I'm missing from FFG, new campaigns reusing the existing material we all have. Good luck and I'll try to help you
  9. Before they release new trilogy staff I would expect some more waves related to the OT, such as Endor, more Rebels staff, more bounty hunters (Zuckuss and 4-Lom) and of course several fixes to compensate old figures (Boba Fett). If they finally release Rey and Kylo figures I guess I'll play them as long as they are competitive, and they definetely will.
  10. Hi, When playing a Scum list with Jabba in the Uscru Entertainment District mission A and you killed a courier droid, do you gain 1 VP? I know the junk droids count, but I don't know if it's a similar scenario. Thanks in advance.
  11. I agree that if anything he was going to be an ally but at some point he was dropped or delayed. Let's see if the next waves shed light on this.
  12. In the Tyrants of Lothal Rulebook you can see a picture of Rex. CT-1701 seems like a last minute change. There was a hint as well in the first article about the Worlds' prizes. The one they promptly removed.
  13. bokepasa

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Ahm, I didn't know that. I thought it was something new, I never got a playmat ?. Thanks for the clarification. Then the cards are redundant if you have the expansions although in this case they may be needed. Who knows?
  14. bokepasa

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    And we'll have to wait for a new tournament regulations including the map. If it's confirmed soon we won't be able to play it unless we get the playmat. Note that it includes the mission cards like assuming we won't get them earlier. I think it's the first time the cards are included. Seems that lately they are messing up with the IA updates or news because of the delay of the next wave for whatever reason (Legion?)
  15. bokepasa

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    We'll try to avenge your defeat at the Worlds