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  1. Yes, something similar happened with the Kanan promo card during the European Championship, giving away a card of an expansion months ahead of its release. If finally the prizes include promo cards of figures yet to be announced it would be a better spoiler xD
  2. In less than 10 days, the Adepticon 2019 will start, including the IA 2019 World Championship. And yet no news about the prizes. Unless I missed an update about them, it's a bit weird we are in this situation, isn't it? Worst case scenario, we'll share what we find out from inside
  3. bokepasa

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    The ewok picture gives us at least (and last) something to talk about and the speculation is on fire. We have been expecting an Endor expansion long enough. Hopefully it's a hint and they'll announce something soon, at Worlds maybe?
  4. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    Hi all, Just FYI, I was in the waitlist and yesterday I got an email asking if I was still interested. Seems there were finally more tickets available. I hope we'll be more than 80 players.
  5. Since the gangsters are neutral, I guess that Jabba's Nefarious Gains ability does not apply with them either. In this mission, the adjective "neutral" is restricting certain actions and abilities. Seems it's not coincidental.
  6. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    Hi guys, Any update or news on the Adepticon waitlist or the general sale on the 4th March? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, On Saturday 16 February the third IA Regional was played in Spain. This time it was in Málaga (Andalucía). The event gathered 14 players. The winner was Lucas Carrillo with a Rebels list including: Han, Chewie, Sabine, Gideon, Hera, 3PO, R2D2 and Heroic Effort. After 4 Swiss Rounds, the Top8 was as follows: 1. Alberto (ADG) 4-0 Spectres (Extra Armor) 2. Lucas Carrillo 3-1 Rebels (Han, Chewie, Sabine, Gideon, Hera, 3PO, R2D2, Heroic Effort) 3. Javier Alcalde 3-1 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, eWeequays, eJawa, 3PO, R2, Greedo, Devious Scheme) 4. Miguel Sabio 3-1 Spectres (Doubt) 5. Oscar Frances 3-1 Spectres (Doubt) 6. Morfeo 2-2 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, Onar, eJawa, Greedo, 3PO, R2D2, Devious Scheme, Black Market) 7. Jose Bernal 2-2 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, eWeequays, eJawa, 3PO, R2, Greedo, Devious Scheme)ectres (Doubt) 8. Manuel Vicente 2-2 Rebels (Han, Sabine, Jyn Odan, Hera, 3PO, Gideon, Chopper,...) Some conclusions after 3 Regionals in Spain: The Spectre's supremacy has finally been defeated Imperial faction is yet to appear in a Top8 Spectre's list seems a new faction Regards.
  8. Hi all, On Sunday 10 February another IA Regional was played in Spain. This time it was in Jaén (Andalucía). The event gathered 16 players. The winner was Miguel Sabio with a Spectre list (Doubt). This was the Top8 after 4 Swiss rounds: 1. Javier Alcalde 4-0 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, eWeequays, eJawa, 3PO, R2, Greedo, Devious Scheme) 2. Juanma Torres 3-1 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, Onar, eJawa, Greedo, 3PO, Black Market) 3. Miguel Sabio 3-1 Spectres (Doubt) 4. Willy Jarque 3-1 Rebels (Han, Sabine, CT-1701, Hera, 3PO, Gideon, R2D2, 2x Smuggler) 5. Antonio Luna 3-1 Scum (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, Onar, eJawa, Greedo, 3PO, Black Market) 6. Alfonso Planas 3-1 Spectres (Doubt) 7. Luis Martinez 2-2 Spectres (Doubt) 8. Javier Hernandez 2-2 Scum (IG-88, Hondo, Vinto, Greedo, Onar, Jabba, Devious Scheme) Regards.
  9. Hi all, On January 26-27, I participated in the Barcelona IA Regional. The organization was great and they included prizes for everybody. Two awesome days playing IA. We were 38 players. The winner of the Spectres mirror final was Daniel Alzueta, beating ADG. After 5 Swiss Rounds, the Top8 was as follows: 1. Daniel Alzueta 5-0 Spectres (Doubt) 2. Alberto Diaz (ADG) 4-1 Spectres (Extra Armor) 3. Francisco Jimenez 4-1 Scum points (including hired guns) 4. Javier Alcalde 4-1 Scum points (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, eWeequays, eJawa, 3PO, R2, Greedo, Devious Scheme) 5. Morfeo 4-1 Scum points (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, Onar, eJawa, Jawa, Greedo, Smuggler, 3PO, Devious Scheme) 6. Oscar Frances 4-1 Spectres (Extra Armor) 7. Jaume Pujol 4-1 Scum (IG88) 8. Juanjo Ferrandis 3-2 Scum points (Jabba, Sabine, Hondo, Onar, eWeequays, Greedo, 3PO, Black Market) Regards.
  10. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    It's what I'm wondering since the article came out. What's the point of the so-called Adepticon wait list then?
  11. bokepasa

    Worlds Waitlist

    I'm on the Adepticon waitlist, or whatever is the queue I entered when I registered the event. I don't know if you refer to the same or I missed anything. To be honest, I have not received any communication from FFG (or anyone) about the waitlist so far and most likely I won't go. On top of that I don't expect to get a refund of the ticket given the lack of transparency and visibility of the whole process.
  12. That was a MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Legion should have been the third game mode of IA, Epic battles. FFG launched a new game with a slightly different scale and new figures instead. I can understand the new minis and figures, at the end of the day they have to sell. However, they could have taken advantage of the IA existing community and boosted the game with this new mode. Sadly they had different plans. Let's see in a year where these two games are.
  13. The pace of new expansions in Legion is overwhelming and there are no even competitive tournaments, at least in my zone. I guess they have to roll out all the planned expansions before the game loses the public interest. While FFG keeps focusing on Legion, we are all here waiting for a new IA wave announcement, hopefully Rogue One, Rebels or even Endor. I don't care so long as they keep the game alive and shake the meta
  14. bokepasa

    Worlds at adepticon 2019?

    It's not only about the reduced numbers of seats but the ZERO information about the event in the FFG pages. If this is the so-called World Championship I would have expected some info previous to the registration as every year in the official FFG pages.
  15. I didn't know that. Thanks for confirming. My problem now is I'm late to get any ticket for the event xDDDD