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  1. Hi all, Was anyone able to map the tiles needed to prepare the mission for the Raids? Thanks
  2. The artwork is not mine. All credit to the artists Lucasfilm and FFG use for their cards and illustrations. I just put together the picture and text by using a Photoshop template I customized to design promo-like cards. I followed the structure Vinto's surges have, they add more than one thing. IMHO the +2 Accuracy is a no-brainer, it should go for free. Battle Discipline made no sense at all from the very beginning, let alone in the current meta. The only problem is his command card, "Mandalorian Tactics", becomes useless though. as @Rikalonius pointed out above.
  3. As someone said before, all of us have our own thoughts about Boba. "Back Blast" sounds better if its limited once per round. Either way, here is my take on Boba: Down to 12 deployments points. Battle Discipline is seamlessly distributed among the existing surges. His attack pool doesn't change so he cannot deal too much more damage. To compensate that fact and put him into the same league as Vader or IG-88, the "Wrist Rocket" ability follows the pattern of Sabine's "parting gift" but with a red die. And of course, he has to be Professional to reroll one die. It could be Vehicle as well, something to discuss. P.S. The design follows the same pattern than some cards I brought to the Worlds recently Hope you like it.
  4. Funny thing this year the European Championship is in Poland.
  5. In my case I was in the wait list for months and I got an email on 9th March to see if I was still interested in participating. Even though I could finally make it, IMHO that's a very short notice to plan a trip like this.
  6. I meant the developers that were presenting the FFG panel. They are only involved in Armada, X-Wing and Legion.
  7. The only mention was during the Q&A part when I asked them if they could share any update on IA. The developers just replied they don't work on that game. Plain and simple :(
  8. Agree. Seems it's a typo in the info. A set of dice of IA has 6 dice. I'm afraid that if we finally get the Spectre nerf, it will be after the Worlds. For next week it would sound a "very last minute" change unfortunately. Hopefully only the 35+% of the lists are Spectre Cells 🤞 and the rest have a chance of having fun and compete at the same time.
  9. How curious is that the VP Dial for the World Champion has an illustration of Ezra They don't clearly expect any surprise. Let's see if we can prove them wrong.
  10. Finally, the prizes have been announced https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/22/risks-and-rewards/
  11. Yes, something similar happened with the Kanan promo card during the European Championship, giving away a card of an expansion months ahead of its release. If finally the prizes include promo cards of figures yet to be announced it would be a better spoiler xD
  12. In less than 10 days, the Adepticon 2019 will start, including the IA 2019 World Championship. And yet no news about the prizes. Unless I missed an update about them, it's a bit weird we are in this situation, isn't it? Worst case scenario, we'll share what we find out from inside
  13. The ewok picture gives us at least (and last) something to talk about and the speculation is on fire. We have been expecting an Endor expansion long enough. Hopefully it's a hint and they'll announce something soon, at Worlds maybe?
  14. Hi all, Just FYI, I was in the waitlist and yesterday I got an email asking if I was still interested. Seems there were finally more tickets available. I hope we'll be more than 80 players.
  15. Since the gangsters are neutral, I guess that Jabba's Nefarious Gains ability does not apply with them either. In this mission, the adjective "neutral" is restricting certain actions and abilities. Seems it's not coincidental.
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