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  1. Nien Nunb- red pilot with some sort of benefit with a Falcon on table Zuckuss and 4-Lom- having synergy with the two paired up Bohdi Rook- red pilot support type Ewoks- named ones and generic Sidon Ithano- just for the cool helmet! If they’re able to dip into other sources like the x-wing game has, seeing characters like Kyle Katarn, Dash Rendar, Soontir Fel and Darth Nihilus would be nice to see.
  2. Checking in with another good trade with @SlimDiggity also updated my trade list on the previous page.
  3. Trade list updated about half way up the page. Along with a bunch of rares, I now have an Ancient Lightsaber, X-8 Nightsniper, Seventh Sister and K-2SO available for trade.
  4. Got two matches in last night and tried Yoda out first match. Felt like a mess with the three, where as with Clones x2 had more consistently with the redeploys and damage sides. Yoda is obviously a great support, but doesn’t seem to help push the end game. I was not going to make this another special chaining flip fest or leave the lone trooper with nothing to roll but his own die, so I think it’ll go back to double trooper for now. I like the heavy thematic aspect of this deck as is and would take to many changes to slot Yoda in properly. He works better in other decks anyway. Ill post my changes soon, see if anyone likes or tries the update.
  5. Padawan is probably his best partner to hit hard and fast...playing to his strengths. I haven’t personally tried it yet, but maybe the Jedi Temple Gaurd would work better. Guardian, one more health and two shield sides will obviously keep Mace alive a little longer. At 8 points there really isn’t many viable options...especially outside of blue. A yellow melee character at 9 health would be Mace’s best friend.
  6. I like the look of them, don’t like playing with them. Only ones they should be used for are cards like Deathtrooper. Any text should be alt or extended art only....The Jango promo is a good example of this and an awesome looking card.
  7. Nice! I just recently got my first Yoda so I may have to slot him in and see how he does. Sub in a few more blue upgrades for Hiddens and I’ve since removed both overkill’s. I’ve made quite a few changes to this since getting more Legacies goodies. Just didn’t bother updating since the lack of interest here. I’m going to try something similar but keep my ‘clone support’ combo in.
  8. Checking in with good trades to report with: @Mburnaugh64 @sandtrooper2000 And @KillahKwad Solid trades all around. My list(half way up the page) has been updated for recent trades. Still have many things available. High priority cards are marked with a *. I will trade heavily in your favor if your missing rares from older sets and offer those in trade.
  9. Cable launcher resolved from fast hands or take flight could be good. A few disruption cards like Diversion could be good as well. Keeping upgrades off the table seems like a decent play to me. It can at least slow the pace down enough to make things manageable. These obviously don’t pertain to villains, but Rebel Assault is a good one for using red + ranged damage. Daring escape is also another good one with ambush after potential removal.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I think I’m going to take out overkill x2, four blank sides on two dice is rough when Aayla’s down...E-11’s might be a better fit. Ground Battalion is one I had considered and will replace one of my mortar team for sure. I did not have Locked and Loaded or Crash Landing in my pool of cards when putting this together and I may have to add one each to start. Deflect and Flank are probably the most expendable events as their useless if Aayla dies early. Cheers
  11. Just curious if anyone else has tried this or something similar out. I put together a quick build and it went the distance against my wife’s currently untouchable Maz/Obi deck. Basically lost by a turn. Neither decks are fully optimized as we usually just play casual. I thought it would be nice to get a little advice or see if anyone else had suggestions before tweaking more. It plays slow as is but could be sped up with additions like Squad Tactics and Hit and Run, but it seemed unnecessary and I didn’t dig into older sets too much aside from a few upgrades. I love the new Suppression Field support and have used it to soak up a lot of damage. Used properly it can take up to 8 for only 2 resources...though it’s usually 5 for me. Tried to focus on mostly 2 drops with a few 3’s for Aayla if she can manage to survive two rounds. Her special with Force Throw is amazing IMO. Turn an opponents die to its best side them slam it into their face. Love it. Anyways.. Battlefield: Fort Annex Aayla/Clones x2 Plot: Fortify Hidden Blaster x2 Holdout Blaster x2 Overkill x2 Jedi Robes Force Throw x2 Heirloom Lightsaber Stun Baton Suppression Field x2 Mortar Team x2 Field Medic x2 Mislead x2 Distraction x2 Flank The Force is With Me x2 Deflect Overconfidence x2 Guard Logistics x2
  12. It says explicitly, one die. Not eye for an eye.
  13. This thread went from funny loophole to a merry go round of semantics. Common sense says the die/dice used to build your team of characters is all you may use when his ability triggers. Does not need an errata.
  14. Let's make a deal... HAVE: LEGACIES Legendary: Grand Moff Doctor Aphra Rebellion Leader Force Wave Rare: Jedha Partisan x2 Palpatine- Darth Sidious BT-1 Clone Trooper Roguish Charm x4 Force Rend x2 Rose x2 Dark Advisor x2 Rebel Traitor x4 ETA-2 Interceptor x2 Nute Gunray Wedge Antilles EMPIRE AT WAR Legendary: Ion Disruptor Rifle x2 Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber x3 X-8 Night Sniper K-2SO Rare: Quinlan Vos Magnaguard Relby V-10 Mortar Gun Scatterblaster Cable Launcher Natural Pilot LL-30 Blaster Pistol BD-1 Cutter Vibro-Ax x2 Wookie Warrior Rookie Pilot x3 Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x3 Chance Cube Tough Haggler x4 Bazine Netal x4 Coordination x2 Temptation x2 General Hux General Rieekan x2 Hera Syndulla AT-DP x2 Servant Of The Darkside x3 Jedi Instructor x3 Ciena Ree x2 Probe Droid x2 Energy Slingshot Bossk Ezra Bridger x5 Weapons Cache x2 SPIRIT OF REBELLION Legendary: none Rare: Chirrut Imwe x3 DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol R2-D2 Con Artist x2 Guavian Enforcer Smuggling Freighter Rebel Commando Tie Pilot x2 Delta-7 Interceptor Asajj Ventress Jedi Acolyte Luminara Unduli x2 Maz Kanata Lightsaber Pike Imperial Discipline Training FN-2199 x2 AWAKENINGS Legendary: Launch Bay Rare: Leia Organa x2 Finn-First Order Defector Immobilize x2 Nightsister x2 Promotion x2 Survival Gear Outpost General Veers General Grievous FO Storm Trooper FO TIE Fighter BB-8 Cunning Hired Gun Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn Rey's Staff Speeder Bike Scout x2 Count Dooku x2 Force Protection x2 Black Market x4 On The Hunt x2 Rebel Trooper Infiltrate Infantry Grenades IQA-11 Blaster Rifle x3 LOOKING FOR: AWAKENINGS Legendary: None Rare: Holdout Blaster Force Throw* SPIRIT OF REBELLION Legendary: Rocket Launcher* Force Speed x2* Z-6 Riot Baton Maz's Googles Chewbacca Rare: Vibroknife EMPIRE AT WAR Legendary: Sabine Wren* Mace Windu* LR1K Sonic Canon Ghost Rare: none LEGACIES Legendary: Kylo Ren's Starfighter x2 Rare: Crystal Ball x2* Battle Droid x3 Frag Grenade x2 Canto Bight Pistol Un/common: Fast Hands, Diplomatic Protection, Second Chance, The Best Defense Two Player Game/Starter Rey's Lightsaber Poe's Blaster Dark Counsel Heirloom Lightsaber Wrist Rockets Hidden Blaster I've had successful trades with orgeboy2, Jut, Rookie Pilot and quite a few others from these forums. US only, will go for Canada if its a big trade.
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