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  1. " We have had quite enough of your help... " she nods and says "there are unrestricted terminals at the Black sun headquarters... but you need to get in "
  2. ( roll me some kind of charm or persuade check as shes really not liking you at this moment, her armor looks trashed, she ha smutches of gun oil on her face, as well as multiple scratches... )
  3. " a Virus...But it twists them into monsters "
  4. ( she really doesn't look rich the title is honorific ) " You have some bravery... Ill give you that. " she bends down whispering " Are you trying to get me killed? you've directly challenged my integrity. get up before you have to fight with a blade in your hands without your fancy toys." she stands " HA Outlanders and their humor... Now please leave our citadel in peace...." several Mandalorians are looking at her
  5. " Please don't... the title is a burden, not something to be lorded over. I serve these people as much as they look up to me. Do you think You can bargain with a sith?... It is up to you. However, If he has any research... You can bring it But we feel this problem goes beyond science that we understand. How you extract the information really doesn't matter... But the hutts protect their investment... You must be cautious " " Bennar of Clan ?? ... Know that your deeds are worthy of being inscribed in any clans ... we ask you if we may inscribe your name on the Steele of Names " ( oh gosh 5 xp... also the pun..... )
  6. " You already Have " she clicks a button and her Armour retracts.. revealing a face with glowing Tattoos " im guessing you wonder why You were invited... Simply put we are dieing... It seems that our former Clan Leader.... Well his deal will Ultimately cost us our lives... We traced the Alchemist Here... But he is in the employ of a person you are already Familiar with... Brulak the Hutt"
  7. " We did not expect you to understand... regardless... there are those here who would consider your statements a direct challenge to their honor... Mind your self here "
  8. " And what of this man, he is not a Mandalorian... He was our enemy... But we care for him as one of our own... For even If one has defeated you... they are worthy of respect" she looks at Shard and Astrid... " This Mumbo Jumbo... as you put it... Has enabled us to go from a people who were led by a person... who sought to Turn all the women into his Harem and the men into Basically Brutish Blanks... But more importantly through Queen Alsaria we do this.... " shield lowers showing wards of patients being cured... hundreds of patients... treated by both Mandalorians and others... " a battle Against Illness is the greatest War we have ever fought... And if we win think of the Glory... the respect... Yes, this is truly a battle Worthy of Any Calling themselves a Manalorian.."
  9. ( give me a perception roll, hard so 4 purples, also you probably are a bit distracted so take 1 black also) the guide simply nods at your answers but again remains silent.. she takes you upstairs ... then you see a lone figure sitting in a hover chair, the figure is unarmoured... hes old, but not augmented. no abnormal the old man is simply looking at the world go buy " When a warrior ceases to be able to hold a blade in combat his worth is useless... thus said Mandalore the furious " the guide says " but the code simply say's we should care for family so... Is this one a burden? "
  10. again she simply nods... the Smaller fighter does pin the larger one.. they both laugh and go off as two new fighters enter the ring. she leads you to another area you stand before a stylized mural, of Mandalore resplendent in a rather... obscure pose.. it almost looks like that he is taken as some kind of savior with several arms grasping for him as he holds a spear, rather than an inspiration as most Clans believe, again a small plaque... " the Clans Disagree on How Mandalore should be viewed, some Consider him an inspiration, others a curse we should bare.. a Firebreak if you will... Some as pictured here have other ideas. " "What do you think of this piece?, Is art and building a waste for a Mandalorian? or is it another battle? " are you observing anything, do you want too?, are you simply following the guide.
  11. She Nods... But says nothing in response ( she is wearing a helmet so you cant tell if she accepted it or what) others seem to go back to work, but you note that there are some looks towards you. It's simply a name, an epithet, and a set of dates ( which you gather he was about 56 when he died ) next, she brings you to a circle where two individuals are engaged in a grappling match. " Our Clan settles Disputes by Arbitration, however when tempers flair we engage in a simple non-lethal Pindown, Tell Me this " A person takes another's Pistol, which is obviously theft. However, the pistol was Booby trapped and by taking the pistol they saved the Individuals life... Should the Person face punishment? "
  12. you can try but it is in Mandalorian.. id say you might be kinda familiar with it?.. 3 purple
  13. then you auto-pass, just don't start waving it about, you will need to check if you open your bag though. The guard looks at the blade and simply nods " come... This One is to show you around before you Speak.. You may keep your weapons.. save the rocket launcher. But we ask you Do not disturb any training..." she looks at Bennar. you note that there is a lot of hight/muscle mass disparity in the people you walk past ( how observant are you to your guide?) " you take responsibility for the actions of the outsiders... yes?... They might not understand things and attempt to interact with perceived threats" at first, you are brought to a plinth... it has shards of a suit of armour " This was the remains of the Clan Founder Varn Klorthan " he sought to augment people via some kind of unholy concoction.... it has left us as you see... " " Tell Me, What does the code say on this? " as she says this several others snap and look directly at you. It is a test.
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