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  1. Thorkan annoyed by the scene decided to do things differently.. ‘hmm how does the marshal fire in that fancy way again’ he thinks “Oi Wampa fodder you all seem very angry did something good happen? ” He says as he levels and fires the blaster that was little more than a reminder of his failure “Oh I hit something, Marshal your fancy gun waving stuff seemed to work” Thorkan chuckles
  2. Really sorry that week was kinda.. well it wasn’t great Shot: 2eA+1eP+1eD 1 success, 2 advantage
  3. Unfortunately with a few personal stuff I haven’t had time to consult my books. I’ll try to finish it soon but it might be a few days. ( sorry)
  4. So action 1 would be move second would be a basic shot with 1purple?
  5. Griff would probably have some kind of holo with various beast calls so that makes sense? he won’t attack creatures unless they are a threat to life so if they just are walking past he will just leave em be
  6. I’m going to try to kneecap the guy who the marshal tangled? What roll do I need to do for a called shot? Aim maybe?
  7. I kinda like that maybe a specific frequency? Or temperature shifts?
  8. Look ( re roll): 3eA+1eD+1eC 3 successes, 2 threat it was kinda better
  9. Well hutts are not known for their observation Looking for...: 3eA+2eD+1eC 1 failure, 1 advantage guessing upgrade meant turning a green to a yellow.. but wasn’t sure so just rolled 3greens to be sure Average is 2purple? Or did you mean 3 plus 1red?
  10. Can I make some sort of roll to look for something that would explode if I shot it?
  11. Odd why am I not getting notifications in mail.. did they change something? oh noes! Xenology: 2eD+3eP 4 successes, 2 threat, 1 Triumph
  12. Ouch... how would I narrate that... hmmm interesting
  13. I’ll do that then if I could? Are there one shot missile tubes?
  14. Somebody has never played the old republic bounty hunter... hmm I think I’d rather not take such a huge gun unless it was some sort of one shot weapon. Using a destiny flip seems a large cost so re reoll would be better?
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