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  1. Is it just me, or bottom left, near end of that section it’s the top of an assault frigate?
  2. I love the harrower title, especially because of the ET potential, now the Vic can actually maneuver the front arc to be basically pivoting towards his targets
  3. I’m impressed at how people remember or find this thread when they reach 1000, it’s like the force calls people here
  4. I think the most significant difference between salvo and other defence tokens is that the salvo mechanic will be separate to the token, like proximity mine tokens, and the card that simply allows you to deploy them. If it’s a mechanic, it has to serve more purposes than simply defensive
  5. “returning your assailant’s fire shot for shot” I think the salvo mechanic will limit you to the amount of dice in the attack pool, so an ISD attacked by 3 dice in the front arc can only use 3 of its front arc dice. this would bring interesting iterations and decision making with making big attacks and whether or not to add dice to attack pool (eg. cf dial) because it could make a harder salvo back
  6. If we are seeing that massive fleet and if it is the Palpatine fleet he sent to the Unknown regions over time, then I really hope we see his Eclipse SSD show up
  7. But then it depends on what step you put it, equally putting a ship during the game rather than deployment is an unique effect, but to focus your fleet around a squadron screen to weaken ships’s defense possibilities for stronger attacks is a strategy
  8. Commanders have nearly always provided exclusive mechanics, it only makes sense even thematically that commanders provide strategies and game-styles, that’s why they are commanding the fleet if the imperials were to get some tech that can mimick the hyperspace flank, then rebels should also claim their right to a mechanic similar to Motti, Thrawn, Sloane...
  9. Yeh, but considering you need 3 corps anyway, having cheaper corps, allows for the sniper squad more easily.
  10. A squad of shoretroopers + mortar is 88 points, same as 2 stormtrooper units, however if you fit both with heavies they become more expensive than shoretroopers with T21B and Mortar so really, it could save you points
  11. Squadrons are key components of fleets in the Star Wars universe, and (although I rarely use them) very important in armada but I do feel sometimes there is a disconnection between Squad play and ship play that feels off, and that ship upgrades that improve activated squadrons would reflect strategic maneuvers relayed to the squadrons. Of course we already have upgrades that do this. BCC, Flight Controllers are a few of those, but I think more specialised upgrades would come further to create a greater variety in fleets and ways of playing, especially if the upgrades link to the upgrade type and sacrifice a different card for a squadron. Example: Proton Bombs, Ordnance (Squadron command): when a squadron with bomber at distance 1-5 attacks an enemy ship, it may add one black die to the attack pool. If it does this, no other dice may be added to its attack pool. 10 points Ion torpedoes, Ion and Ordnance (Squadron command): when a squadron with bomber at distance 1-5 attacks an enemy ship, it may add one blue die to its attack pool and gains the following effect ”(crit): the defender loses a shield in the defending hull zone. If the shield value is already 0, it loses 1 speed instead” If it does this, no other dice may be added to its attack pool. 15 points (it’s a pretty darn good effect) Veteran Squadron Coordinator, Officer Non-rogue squadrons at distance 1-3 gain formation flying. 7 points formation flying: if this squadron is at distance 1 of a squadron of same name with formation flying, it cannot be engaged by enemy squadrons.When performing an attack, if the defender is at distance 1 of a squadron of same name with formation flying, you may reroll one die. (A bit wordy rn, but with polishing it would squish down to a few lines) The pack could also include further new aces and uniques to squads from the Squad pack II What do you guys think? Also any suggestions of what could be included?
  12. Squad fest Jan Ors with Dengar, doing the intel for Wexley, Steele, Jonus and Defenders, and Squall pushing up B-wings alongside a Vector with Bomber Command Centre, all those Escorted by a big fat Sato Cymoon with All Fighters follow me. Did I mention to include Rhymer and Jendon, and Adar Tallon as well as a Yavaris? Sure, it goes over 400 points, but come on, it's the dream bomberball *And Toryn, because rerolls
  13. Wasn’t harsh dw The way it was sounding in the thread was making me think as if it would take the heavy spot for the T-21B trooper, which would make sense but I kept thinking I was missing some detail
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