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  1. wait, am I in second place? I will enjoy this as much as I can while it lasts
  2. Visovics vs. @Hystarr We played his fleet ambush, 400- 47(tabled), Mov of 353 to me, a 10-1 TURN 1: In a desperate attempt to take the title of Grand Admiral for himself, Motti attempted an ambush in Sloane by intercepting her in the Aveger along with the Corvus outof hyperspace with his interdictor, escorted by Vic II and a combination of Bounty hunters and some highly skilled squadrons. In an attempt to help Sloane, Impetuous started by going full speed towards his ambushed companions, who were escorted themselves by Black Squadron, Soontir, Mareek and a Lambda. The victory then commanded for Rhymer, Mareek and Boba Fett to execute a bombing run in Impetuous. After Corvus readjusted to a more appropiate position, The Interceptor advanced forward attempting to get a sight on the True Imperial flagship, only fo find out that the ISD I was ready to unleash it's vicious hangar bays, dropping 4 Tie Fighter squadrons into the fight and sending a boarding party to the Interdictor, also commanding the squadrons forom its escort, ultimately leaving the ship with no more than an exhausted Contain token, which was useless against the explosive potential from the stationary ISD, unleashing all its firepower and shredding through most of the Int. TURN 2: Sloane promptly orders a second salvo, destroying the Interdictor more than a Rebel Quasar. In a desperate attempt, the victory attempts once more a bombing run in Impetuous, but this time his squadrons are occupied against Mauler and 2 Tie Fighter squadrons. His command is enough so that Mauler falls. Kallus has some fun shooting at known squadrons from the Impetuous, and positions himself in such a way that the ship is face to face with the Victory. Corvus does some wild turning because he was WAY off position, and some more intense dogfights carry on. TURN 3: Impetuous desperately attempts some front shots on the Vic and some side fire on squadrons and runs out of there to the back of the enemy before he was blown into space dust. The Victory once again commands his bombing wing to finish the dogfight and chase Impetuous, they do so, but somehow sneeze before shooting, missing most. Motti's ship now attempts some backside shots into Impetuous, stripping its shields in the back, leaving it to feel like it hasripped trousers. Corvus commands some squadrons, and shows off with maneuvers, ending in front of the ISD, who attampts long reach Turbolaser shots and somehow manages to hit all with some extra luck and then rams into the Corvus, who's done almost nothing but to maneuver this game, and more dogfights follow. TURN 4: The Victory is in lockdown, and uses its Reinforced Blast Doors to protect itself. The ISD tries its luck once more, this time hitting almost none of its turbolasers. and rams into the malfunctioning Corvus once again. The Victory commands Rhymer once more to bomb the Impetuous, and hits once, while the Vic itself attempts to shoot down the Corvus, and proceeds to entering a debris field and docks into the staton, although all its shields are down, and things are not looking good to Motti. Corvus finally does something and tries to shoot the Victory, but it isn't enough, and so just in range, the Impetuous fires an Ion Cannon from it's back, and hits. Down goes Motti, Long live the Empire. Had a great time playing this game, Hystarr is a very nice guy, and unfortunately he rolled way too many unlucky dice to be true. He also had to play while eating, because for some reason the time difference was an hour more than it should, we also finished the game quite late and both sides were tired (finished at 1AM GMT). Also, my fleet managed to disrupt his attempt at a nose punch, as my ISD in range of X-7 had Black squadron in the way, and was placed out of the Int's blue range, and had a Debris field on the way of the only red. Admiral Visovics, signing out EDIT: Here is the logfile, and before watching, 1) I forgot to mark turns,sorry... 2)My keyboard is really bad, so I have several letters missing and spellings utterly wrong (mabush for example). Enjoy Game.vlog
  3. My life is ruined... How could I let that pass?
  4. I just can't wait to see Quad Battery Turrets... I want to know the italic text on top of it!!!
  5. and rules to explain
  6. Yep, what he just said
  7. I meant new cause of the squall, sorry
  8. New nose punch strategy is probably amongst the most exciting... If you put Jendon, Mareek and Rhymer there... some good damage will go down
  9. Triple Quasar + Interdictor + Tie Swarm SO HYPED
  10. Disposable capacitators in an ISD II!! WHO CARES ABOUT RANGE? JUST THROW ALL DICE AT LONG RANGE AND WATCH YOUR OPPONENT CRY EDIT: HOW STUPID AM I... Although I can see some serious good on Vic II and Intedictor
  11. I love it...
  12. I agree with the 0, think it would work
  13. The token may just represent that it is commanding them in the comms for a quick strategy, it would mainly affect cards that mess with the squadron value, if there are no hangar bays, they won't have boarding troopers for example, but still can command squads from the bridge
  14. Squadron commands have absolutely no link with Hangar bays whatsoever (other than for RLB, where a squadron value of 0 is obviously correct) but relates to commanding FROM the ship, a bit like admirals talking with squadron leaders by comms
  15. 7 points + losing 1 dice against a ship? I don't think I'd pay that price for some extra AA