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  1. Count me in
  2. I need one on the MC75, that spanish preview got me, I NEED TO PIXEL READ'EM!!!!
  3. Perfect timing, the next games were going to be simpler so that some players that joined in the madness got a better basic understanding of the game
  4. This made me die laughing more than it should
  5. Dras, Broba, Ovi, Oni and Cninja win as town
  6. It was a very difficult decision, took a long discussion in observer's
  7. I do although share the disappointment of some from observers that wanted to flood dracarys memes if Norell managed to pull a no vote and burnt both tomorrow
  8. With a last draw og the pistol, another corpse to the list, this one quite recognizable... @Norell died,he was a fugitive Inferno Squad member, a SELF-aligned Hated (Ascetic) Arsonist! And the mission successfully gets the New Republic to fund the further hunting of local warlords! Town wins! I do belive I owe some apologies due to the setup... CHATS Observer's : Black Sun : Red Key : Hutts :
  9. Unfortunately, lots of things came up, and I won't have any free time to play my match, so I have to concede this round to @Doppelganger. Although I do hope once my schedule clears we may see how this would have gone, but I don't think it will be anytime soon
  10. Suspicions rising, you all walk back in this exhaustive mission 3 players alive, 2 to hammer 1- @CaribbeanNinja (0) 2- @Onidsen (0) 3- @Norell (0)
  11. fine with weekends, except this one
  12. OVER A 1000 YASSS Now a lot more to catch up on post count...
  13. As more bodies are dragged in, you re-start the investigations @Drasnighta has died, he was New Republic Security Agent, a TOWN-aligned 2-shot vigilante @GhostofNobodyInParticular has died, he was a CULT-aligned cult leader for the Hutts D5 is now on! 4 players alive, 3 to hammer 1-@Norell(0) - 2-@PodRacer (0) - 3-@Onidsen(0) - 4-@CaribbeanNinja(0) -
  14. In the light of indecision, the room is illuminated as two people burst into flames, the tattoos exposed by the burning clothes. The man responsible this time leans back in his chair. @JJs Juggernaut has died, he was a CULT-aligned Encryptor working for the Red Key @Caldias has died, he was a CULT- aligned Vigilante working for the Red Key It is now night, it will last 24 hours or until all actions are in 1-@Drasnighta(0) - PodRacer 2-@Norell(0) - 3-@Caldias(3) - PodRacer, Gnips, Norell, Onidsen 4-@GhostofNobodyInParticular(0) - 5-@PodRacer (3) - Drasnighta, Caldias, JJsJuggernaut 6-@JJs Juggernaut(0) - 7-@Onidsen(0) - 8-@CaribbeanNinja(0) -