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  1. Actually, only HIE. you can use FCT to trigger a standard crit along your ACMs
  2. Well, at least we know that Wave VII wasn’t even the something big coming
  3. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Visovics and Pod shall play at 18:00 GMT on Friday! Tune in to witness the showndown between Thrawn’s 7th Fleet and Inc. of Mercenaried and loyal pilots against Sloane’s ISD and Interdictor with masses of squads, which Grand Admiral shall prevail in this bloodbath?
  4. Sounds thematic and good to me! (And slightly helps my 4 defenders ) thanks Ras
  5. New Q2 OP Kit

    Awhh... I was thinking it was just a weird angle on it... still, Bellator/Assertor card at this point means that we can potentially see them or other legends SDs in the future!
  6. New Q2 OP Kit

    Am I going crazy or is that the SSD on the Hangar Bay Alt Art?...
  7. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    @GiledPallaeon lil’ mistake on mine, but it was probably my fault from submission, the Kuat Ion slots are both supposed to be HIE, I used NK7 and OP for the point tracking on warlords cos it still hadn’t added all cards and I think I forgot to correct them to HIE when submitting the list. Is the correction possible?
  8. Apologise for the delay of the write up After a hard-fought battle (for my side, his was much calmer) the rebellion keep their mines protected by Rasproteus! With ackbar leading the Assault Frigates, the Interdictor and Raiders stood no chance, as the Combat Interdictor Ares was captured by enemy forces, while the Raiders Phonoi and Bellona perished, luckily, Kratos the last Raider managed to escape, along with all the squads, except an Aggressor. The only imperial who brought back the glory of destroying an enemy starfighter was the Firespray... And so I curse engineering that saved his AFs from my intensive bombardment from the Defenders, which were impeccable not missing a single shot, and yet it wasn't enough...
  9. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    I have Thrawn with 4 ISDs from his Seventh Fleet, along some...mercenary help... and very loyal imperial pilots. @PodRacer you're in for a ride, the first of many to succumb to this in the Euro sector of the galaxy
  10. I still need to play against Ras, sorry for the delay and lack of notice, had periods of exams, I’ll see if I can get it done tonight or this weekend with him
  11. Well he can't do this forever, so better to have a point where you just decide to be your last and take a rest from it, with that he'll have 3 trilogies of Star Wars, as much as we all love him for what he did and want it to go on for eternity, he deserves this break from it, he is getting quite old, I'd rather not have a trilogy or series only an incompleted part by him that he can't conclude
  12. Yet Another Imperial March - Steel Command

    Sorry to break the news, they have been a major discussion ever since Thrawn was announced (or was it once we got Taskmaster Grint and people started discussing it?) Just as a word of warning that this thread may go mayhem if people started discussing that here...
  13. What should U-wings "count as"?

    well unless you want to get your crew sucked into the void of space I don't recommend using that side gun in armada...
  14. yeah, but each of those TIEs would need to survive and get some kills, so getting them would be quite hard