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  1. Which means 18:00 in UK terms for the Europeans here just in case
  2. I'm assuming we're counting Aftermath? Cos Commodore Agate is definitely a Rebel candidate despite the... unconventional strategy at the end... and the fact she's New Republic...
  3. I thought that it was officially canon that the Sith Wars happened after the Mandalorian Wars (despite all the stories on it becoming Legends material) and only then they went into hiding, or did Disney completely cancel that out?
  4. GG guys, there were some bits where I was properly sweating cold, so close of getting caught...
  5. I took so many risks that were too big, if town stopped claiming too early and then only trying to make plans instead of actually analyzing and looking at initial posts, they’d have definitely caught me out. You on the other hand absolutely nail that aspect on hiding you’re scum
  6. Ok if so is consensus ##vote Caldias @EbonHawk it’s hammer time
  7. You warned you wouldn’t have Internet so I’ll take your word on that Please explain how clear things are?
  8. @TheToad errrm, why didn’t you protect Pod? He was the most valuable target
  9. Correction in Bold
  10. I was going to keep that a mistery like , otherwise scum can make the other do the kill or even choose not to attack one.
  11. 40 minutes, we may not get the same luck of no night kill, so if I’m willing to swing my vote in order to avoid a second no-lynch... but I’ll tattoo “I told you so” on my forehead if he flips townie
  12. I don't think he is the scum, and specially after a re-read, I'm growing more and more suspicious of you actually... You start of that initial swing of feeling... Then despite the other conversation and Gnips saying he was leaning to vote you, your comment is about your opinion on my post and ninja's, without caring to explain why the swing that other players are questioning about You are then back for the no-vote, makes some calculations and unvotes, and just like the majority your worry is the lylo situation, but despite first to unvote, you waited for someone else to place the first no vote. Scared of becoming the target for doing a generally anti-town practice? Then D2 starts and after your initial list of possibilities, you follow the wave and questions about the night targets of claimed roles, and your thought is entirely based on the thought that Cal might have been blocked instead of protected, so much that you throw around the first vote seeming even more convinced despite him not having showed up since the first time it's mentioned as possibility You then go into your line of thought that you don't need what others believe because you have a line of 4 votes because you just think he is scum. Then why did you never follow up on him? Why have you always gone for someone else even when you say you think he is scum? Then say how you want town to examine the easy path to victory, I don't think you pointed out any actual plans or helped to shape the one we seem to be currently on And then you are still with mind set on Cal But you are the most into thinking that Cal is scummy, why have you not yet looked back on all his posts and analyzed, looked for something that helps on how his actions look scummy, because you seem too convinced for someone that is completely relying on a complete speculation of what happened at night, almost as if it was the perfect opportunity to push on a town lynch... ##vote Madaghmire
  13. Something urgently came up today, and I won't be able to attend, and my schedule has been annoyingly tight, sorry Mat, I'll have to forfeit this match :/ (also, yep, it's UK)
  14. I’m not buying Cal as scum, in my opinion, EITHER -Pod and Toad are scum, and have planned all the “verifying” and targeted Cal because they followed the same lead I did of his “ I AM a tool” taking it as if he had a role OR -The scum thought that Toad would be under doc protection so went after Cal following the same lead I did. Those for me are the most likely outcomes of the night, and I’m believing that Cal is town