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    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    wish I had the time have been ultra busy recently, send me an observers tho
  2. Hey guys, very sorry, I know I shouldn’t be posting, but I owe you guys explanations... I was away and wouldn’t have any possibility of wifi nearby, but my data out of nowhere stopped working (a good thing in the end, internet detox is quite good for the head) and I had no way of checking here again, VERY sorry about this guys
  3. Would have been pretty fun if me and Gnips were scum buddies again considering last game, even funnier if LTD were too?
  4. What the h e l l is going on in those last few pages?... ##vote Lord Preyer the Pazaak is a massive distraction from our actual objectivw
  5. This D1 is going be the hardest... we need talking
  6. ##role confirm who needs nights when you’re always half-asleep... **** space always looking like nighttime
  7. it was a great game Clon! and no bias but I think the special events were the best Town got very lucky...
  8. Aight I’m here after some sleep I’m just a standard crewman, in N2 I watched Cal’s quarters and saw him leave with a scanner, and then return nothing much from me really
  9. I’m down for that, can we please have a doc on Pod tonight? tho Sk/scum could no kill to incriminate me if the action is planned?
  10. oh his name is after yours, I thought he had voted 2nd then, my bad then
  11. of which: Ovi wasn't known to scum as deserter Gnips looked like a lost case and you followed the train saying that you preferred to vote someone else (me) fact manipulation to your own favour is quite easy my friend
  12. ##vote LTD I think he's our SK, he and Gnips were at each other in the group, and didn't seem throughout the game to have any ties and then his thinking that I looked suspicious because I hammered Gnips, like come on, if the guy is clearly scum, obviously the best is to stand aside amirite?
  13. I can see how easy it would look for me to be the SK, but I'm not it unfortunately (tho I had a sick backstory hoping I'd be it, was heavily disappointed on how it turned out...) This forgets the (slim) possibility of there having been 2 attempts on N1, unless Doc only protects against one attempt?
  14. He claimed coward, ergo can’t be doctor which also makes me REALLY lost on who the **** the doc is