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  1. (Possibly, if he wants to flee then yes, if not I'm trying to get a jist of what happened to him before i flee]
  2. At the suggestion of the old man Shard lets the smoke obscure the female figure and disappears. The stealthfield seems to be working well. He moves to the small man as fast as he can. "Do you want to come with us? What's going on here... Quickly tell me?"
  3. Presence is typically for combat charectets, but thats at the expense of cool
  4. Sorry its been more them a tomarrow. Busy with house stuff i will post with search results as soon as i get a chance.
  5. This is what I'd do. Initial story is a platoon of local army people on a planet that's just been placed under imperial control. Something out of the way but not to far out. They are good soldiers following what seem to be regular orders till they are asked to arrest people who are deemed rebel terrorists. As they transport them to prison they find out that the empire isn't benevolent but malevolent. This prisoner has important info to give and doesn't want to be interrogated and give up the crucial information under torture. They have a choice become fugitives and free the rebel or choose to be complicit in the horrors of the empire.
  6. Its a classic party. A face/talker character, muscle/mechanic, pilot/driver, leader/organizer. For Hannibal, mercenary soldier mon cal Wookie, outlaw tech or rigger Bothan charmer face Sullastan pilot
  7. Perception check: 2eA+1eP+2eD 0 successes, 3 advantage
  8. Hes a sandperson, basically a reskinned shistivanan. Plays sneaky sniper, support, and suppressive fire from the explosive rounds of his rifle.
  9. I'm trying to plan a 3 spec spread and I'm looking at both scout and big game hunter... But also like sharpshooter... And for an odd choice I'm thinking saboteur, so i can use both disorient and the blast blast from explosive rounds... Ah to many ways to go.
  10. This is so cool that your doing this for your son!
  11. Download oggdude's character creator
  12. He sets down his "bag of tricks"... He finaly gives in to his urge and steals a glance at Astrid trying to gauge her reaction. He isn't one to wait for or default to others, he isn't one to follow a leader just because of a title, but Astrid's even temper, clear headedness and judgment has made her a default leader. He didn't notice till now his willingness to follow her, a brief pause in his anxiety leaves him a bit in wonder, how we went from strangers to this... It hasn't even been that long.