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  1. TheShard

    Jedi Star IC thread

    Excuse me! It was to be examined not waved around! This is a family establishment. He nods at the tavern keeper, acknowledging his objection. (What roll @Rabobankrider would i need to make to catch the blade in mid air with barehands, or to parry it away with my walking stick?)
  2. TheShard

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    Well it would be canceling both. As success is the damage and sets up the ability to use those adv.
  3. TheShard

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    A dispair never cancels successes. Spending dispairs to avoid being hit is canceling the successes. This isn't RAW. To each there own however.
  4. TheShard

    Alchemical Problems OCC

    Your on there i think... https://discord.gg/tuh4sa
  5. TheShard

    Alchemical Problems OCC

    Hey @Edgehawk @TheGuardian118 @Cartergame Check the discord we are starting back up! Anyone else from the past hollar if you want back in!
  6. TheShard

    Playing by VoiceChat

    For a game table i use posted pictures and theater of the mind.
  7. TheShard

    Playing by VoiceChat

    Swsheets.com+discord+dice roller bots
  8. (You all tell me what his name is!)
  9. TheShard

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    @RabobankriderLore check on that sword please?
  10. Meaning narratively he is fully borged, mechanically he has 3
  11. You have a name that's it.
  12. TheShard


    Well I'm actually opposed to the idea that the gm is the rules gate keeper. This is RAW, a gm should have the discussion with players if they want to house rule it differently. Its ok to houserule but players should also help decide.
  13. TheShard

    Armor and kit

    Its done purely for game balance which isn't a thing realty has to worry about. So the system is an abstracted system not intendedto emulate shadowrun like simulator or a d&d tactical show.
  14. There is a boarding tube that forcefully opens a hole for you...