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  1. Besides one of the roughnecks that gets up and accompanies you, there is someone from the same table who decided to tail you. It's not obvious of they are trying to remain unnoticed or just lagging behind.
  2. I'll wait for Cartergame
  3. I would make the user of the power have to spend xp to give the fr increase maybe 15xp
  4. I figured you can build a specialty tool (giant war-wrench) and build in a weapon... In this case a philaxian blade... So its basically like a throwing ax or he can duel wield.
  5. Hows this look? The saber is supposed to be a bit wild from the dragite gem crystal.
  6. Anyone who is currently leaving the resturaunt with the ithorian
  7. Any suggestions on using gimp (editing software), to remove the wrench and sub in a saber?
  8. I still have to spend the awarded xp but ill get things rolling with Destiny we initiative. Destiny roll: 1eF 1 Dark Side Well i shouldn't have rolled 2 yellow should i re-roll or just eliminate over yellow since they are the same? Initiative: 1eA+2eP 2 successes, 3 advantage
  9. Make me a hard perception check or an average vigilance check with a setback...
  10. Is that table in the core rule book?
  11. I gotta fix the hands but its good enough for now
  12. Is everyone on the discord server?
  13. Bercilak, Green Knight of Corellia Drall Soresu Defender/Armorer