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  1. So you could try to claim the jacket...
  2. TheShard

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    My life is currently busy so i don't mind the chatter. If people wanna skip ahead... Why doesn't tramp and whoever work out a conversation over pm or email. And just have it as 1 or 2 long posts.
  3. TheShard

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    1 pc interacting with 1 pc. My life has been been busy i don't mind the pacing, however if its bothering people i agree with elias... Lets get everyone together be it masters or otherwise so everyone has at least a character involved. Could be a mix of masters and padawans, whatever allows the story to flow.
  4. Sorry for the delay life got crazy. If say he's not that smart. So 2 purples and a setback.
  5. Sure, im gonna trust you to let me know what those rules are I'm unfamiliar...
  6. Can we talk about the most amazing of cheesebuilds please? Sil 1 10 armor vehicle (flight suit?) with an autoblaster? Use droid brains for piloting and gunnery, ranks of speak binary and use a drall scientist, droid tech or rigger or modder and trick this thing out. Lets build the new Crotosisman! Hey you can even give it vehicle legs!
  7. Ok narrate this out for me, feel free to insert a grunt or two from the Aqualish
  8. @Absol197 you mean, ...again.
  9. Ok so no go at charming him, but I'll let you spend the advantage on getting him to still play?
  10. (Make me a charm check 2 reds and a setback)
  11. Which doesn't at all behave like this.
  12. TheShard

    Defending against multiple targets

    Its at least a boost die.
  13. Could you flavor enviroment as tech and have it behave like a technomancer? Calling on technology?
  14. They offer you a seat at a large table. The disfigured man leaves, the Aqualish stays. The Gamorreans stay at the doorway along with the Aqualish.