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  1. He sorry I'm so swamped with life I'll post after work tomorrow I gotta catch up.
  2. I'm sorry I've been awol. Let me read over all these mentions.
  3. Yijz "Make that two shots" of Gand My gunslinger\performer
  4. Do people wanna just have all characters at 2200 xp and just say no more master xp? I'm not asking anyone to change their character beyond the xp mechanics. So again I need votes for whose second.
  5. Elias and tramp please drop this. Tramp your being pendantic about details that don't matter. Elias you can't stop poking at the hornets nest. Let's move on. I offered to make a mechanics check to modify the ship or we hand wave, otherwise enough of this.
  6. So do you wanna bring on all 3? Or which of the two?
  7. So it's equinox, what about Seth and Titus? Those are my choices for second. @Tramp Graphics @EliasWindrider @Jonas Shaaf Your thoughts?
  8. I haven't been very active recently. I'm gonna look through ic and catch up. Looks like we'll need to modify the Jedi star to have docking work without issue. @Rabobankrider what would be the appropriate roll to modify the star so as to resolve @Tramp Graphics concerns? Feel free to narrate the successful results however you want tramp in order to satisfy your needs for emersion and suspension of disbelief. However the ship will be able to dock somehow if I'm successful. Perhaps even assisting with Korath in this effort?
  9. @Tramp Graphics @Rabobankrider @Jonas Shaaf @EliasWindrider So I'm looking for everyone's top 3. This is the background for exit pursued by a bear's PCs 8 didn't know he didn't put it on the sheets. Ok, my character concepts are as follows: For the Jedi Master Character, I have in mind an idea inspired by Star Treks II and III. This character was never taught how to use the force, but through a chance of fate: they gained the knowledge and experience of a fallen Jedi Knight. After the Clone Wars, this old soldier would retire to a relatively peaceful life tending to vehicles as a mechanic. Then, during the Galactic Civil War, their connect to the Force sparked: and they were forced to teach themselves the way of the force, guided by the memories of their fallen Jedi comrade. I can envision this being a particularly long-lived Clone Trooper (CT 5711) who can't remember whether or not he pulled the trigger, killing his Jedi partner, or a young fighter named Eli who joined the Jedi's side when the war came to his home planet. Statswise: this would be a Guardian Career Human, with specializations in Warleader, Armorer, and Soresu Defender. For the Apprentice, I am proposing a youn Human from a heavily Industrialized Core World named Tycho. Throughout his adolesence, he has floated just above the poverty line by racing whatever he could for whomever was willing to pay him. He could have made more money as racer, but always cared too much for his friends who were still struggling to eat. This was not simply charity, however: they had saved his life (or at least his freedom from incarceration) a handful of times and has supporting him when he needed helm too. During his last race, there was a terrible accident wherein many racers lost their lives. There was no way that Tycho should have lived, but he did. He couldn't explain why, but he knew--in the blink of an eye-- to overextend his port ailerons. Normally when he flew, he could "feel" all the different paths he could take, but this time there was only one. Most said he cheated, or that he acted malliciously. Even if Tycho had wanted to, there would have been an uproar had he tried to claim the grand prize for finishing the race. All Tycho wanted to do was retire into the shadows and learn more about the strange abilities he possessed. Statswise: this Human Character would have the Sentinel Career and the Racer Specialization. At the point of character creation, he will be very middling in any combat situations. He's very much still a kid no matter how resourceful of a pilot he may be. Equinox is top as they are interested in apprentice only. I prefer a smaller group of characters. Equinox is enthusiastic and will hopefully help keep up a good pace with the pbp. Seth is a close second. I think his matter character has a lot to say about what it means to be a Jedi in a time of chaos. Followed by titus or bear tied at third.
  10. Yup. I may have misremembered. Well it's to your advantage.
  11. I'm voting for the apprentice only candidate. I'm looking over the others. I'll make a choice by Friday.
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