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  1. I have 570 xp and yes i can get 10 extra xp from obligation I just joined but the group had posted once a week for almost 2 years.
  2. What specs would you combine with it?
  3. No medic he's not much of a healer... I'm thinking talents that aid the team offensively, defensively, or Maybe even socially.
  4. So my charecter Major Moz Fenris was built hurriedly to join a game. His specs are scout, big game hunter assassin. I'm not sure if i picked the right specs to mechanically represent my charecters fluff... And has given me the go ahead to retool if i want. So the charecter has gone through three distinct phases in his life I'm trying to represent. First he's a shistavan, whoop seed in the waining days of the old republic. Young eager idealistic believer in the best of what the old republic stood for. Trained in the old republic as a scout, was recruited into the Antarian Rangers and worked along side the jedi explorer corps. Recruited to lead a commando unit during the clone wars. He was in heavy combat, often in inhospitable areas or behind enemy lines. 3rd phase is him going AWOL after order 66. He already became disillusioned over the growing beaueocracy, the use of clones as cannon fodder pushed him to his limits and order 66 was the final straw. He hid out in the far outer rim eventually settling down as a hermit survivalist living among a tribal Inuit like people who live off the tundra. What 3 specs would yall suggest? Things i want Stealth, good shooting, and helpful to allies
  5. (I was hoping to narratively mitigate the dispair a bit, if that's not acceptable I'll recover strain and pass myself a boost)
  6. Cocking an eye brow he asks, Care to place a wager on that bet?
  7. (Alrighty I'm gonna try and post more... And well this might of ended it right here... Feel free to narrate this how you will @awayputurwpn ) Grabbing his pack 2 strain to aim twice: 4eA+3eB+4eC+4eS 1 failure, 2 advantage, 1 Despair
  8. Its been mostly my fault. And i guess I've been playing it more as a chess match then i have time for. I can try and hurry up or I'm glad to just bow out.
  9. Not sure yet, dad says officer but i guess I'll see when I get there.
  10. Looking for a Teacher

    Hey @JMBownz join sector force lantilles! Its a series of one shots by different gms and worth rotating cast of players, you can just jump right on in or listen in on a game being played its hosted on th swrpg discord server... Here's the link: May the force be with you, always....
  11. Not much more than beat up freighters, I mean its no snubfighter but that's a nice bird that sentinal! Do I fly? Lets just say i'll thread the needle in begger canyon over there, while still bullseyeing a wonp rate at a 100 meters! My T-16 is down at the end she's a beaut, been working this gig for parts money the last few summers and to get off dad's farm. But this is just practice. I'll be getting off this rock, headed to the academy after summer!
  12. "Uh... Hello. Biggs, how long you staying?" He adjusts a cheap name tag that says "Darklighter". He's looking your posse up and down. "Where are you all from?"
  13. You two, shizz... He shakes his head, playfully chastising the blatant flirtation.
  14. The hanger is much bigger then what is current usage requires. A dozen or so T-16's line the walls, a half dozen more in various states of disrepair. A young man in his late teens heads towards you as you disembark, he's already sporting a thick dark mustache.
  15. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I hope we also get noble's antithesis something like street urchin