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  1. I play(ed) IA for the license. The intellectual property is what drew me to the game. If Gloomhaven was in the Star Wars universe I would buy 8 copies. As it is, I own nearly all the IA expansions. Between solo play, the app, table top simulator, etc I’m into both for nearly 200 hours. IA is fine and works well in my current gaming situation. I teach high school. Each fall I recruit 3-4 kids to learn the game and work through a campaign after school every other week. Inevitably, I play the imperial player and usually have to go easy on them. It’s a fun way to share the hobby with the younger generation, but I rarely feel “tested.” On the other hand, my weekly gaming group is more experienced and features a couple of guys in the 30s some with kids. Gloomhaven is perfect because no one is “stuck” being the imperial. Most missions are close. Unlocks and upgrades are exciting. The fantasy genre and world building are alright for me, I know others rave. The branching (non-linear) storyline is good. It works great when one or even two of our foursome is out and allows casual players to jump in. The only major downside to GH is monster focus and movement can be clunky since the AI isn’t particularly easy to grasp. Both scratch different itches for me, but if I could pick one, it’d be GH. I’m fine with the dice and the modifier deck respectively. Both work. Porting it would be a bit of nightmare. It is much more of a RPG than IA. I’d highly recommend finding a buddy who’s interested and diving in. I couldn’t recommend it more.
  2. I’m still in on Imperial Assault. I own all the expansions and most of the booster packs. I’m likely going to continue to play the campaigns for years to come. I was sucked in to the Star Wars IP, but truly enjoyed the team building, role playing aspects once I got into it. That said, I know many here are frustrated by the sudden, unceremonious dismissal of a game we all enjoyed. If you’re looking to scratch the dungeon crawler / rpg itch, I heartily recommend Gloomhaven. It is absolutely amazing. There are a thousand good things I can say about it, but you’re better off just googling / YouTubing it yourself.
  3. Is Legion lighting the world on fire? I’m way out of the my local scene and never played skirmish but I do occasionally stop by my local shop. Legion certainly isn’t flying off the shelf in my very limited anecdotal experience. I feel like Legion is going to blow up in FFG’s face. The war game mini space is so crowded. You can’t just slap a new skin on the genre and expect it to compete. They’ve spent a ton of money designing it, but it just doesn’t have the “Star Wars” feel. They can push Legion as much as they want, but that doesn’t mean consumers have to buy it.
  4. Similar situation here. My rebels are playing Gideon, Mak, CT, and Vinto. One has played a full mini-campaign. Another has played about a mission and a half. The other two haven’t played before but all are gamers with some table top experience. I’d love some advice as well. We start Jabba’s Realm next Friday. I own all the expansions and most of the boosters. I’m not interested in a few class decks for various reasons. I’ve recently used Inspiring Leadership and Overwhelming Oppression and Subversive Tactics seems a bit punitive for the two noobs so I’m skipping those three. My top choices are Military Might, Technological Superiority, and Hutt Mercenaries, but I’d like to hear suggestions.
  5. I played Duel on Devaron (?) with Implacable and Commence Landing plus a Rancor and Loth-cats. The Rebels had Davith with saber, but even with Pierce 3, it was impossible for them to get the big boy off the board. Loth-cats and the class deck provided a ton of blocks and evades. As soon as his health slipped, I just used feed on the nearby loth-cats to buff him back up. And with a cheap deploy cost the Loth-cats were back to providing extra blocks on the next turn. They spent too much time trying to kill him rather than rushing the objective.
  6. Let’s face it, some of the early cards were boned. RGs, Sabs, Vader, Luke, Han, Chewie, IG, BF... either overcosted or broken. For overcosted figures, skirmish upgrades were made available for “free” as part of another box. I really don’t see why they can’t / won’t do it for RGs or Sabs. The game has changed and it’s on FFG to anticipate the meta and when things get sideways to make the consumer whole. It especially makes no sense when it’s not costing them any money to fix...
  7. Why would I ever use the bottom half of this card? Am I unable to use movement points outside of my turn?
  8. It’s pretty bad. The troopers aren’t just taller, they’re “bigger.” The scale is clearly wrong.
  9. While using my I-pad, the app repeatedly crashed after completing the first mission of the Jabba’s Realm campaign. I complete the mission. Get my upgrades, credits, fame. Then it loads the galaxy screen for about 2 seconds before the whole thing crashes leaving me to have to reload from the last round of the mission.
  10. I actually think the Nemesis deck does a fair job of balancing the campaign for villains. Vader, Fett, RGC, and IG get a considerable discount and some really handy bonuses. The problem is that with newer villains (Jabba and Terro are my preference) it’s totally overpowered.
  11. Well, the rule would be if you’re not here, your hero isn’t in the mission. I’d still award XP and credits as directed in the campaign guide. To balance it for me, could I multiply every imperial resource by 1.5? What’s the downside that I’m missing? 2 threat becomes 3. 3 open groups become 4-5. 1 imperial XP or influence becomes 1.5.
  12. I’ve got a group of rebels who are presenting some unique challenges I haven’t encountered before. We just finished a mini-campaign that took 3 months to complete because of busy schedules. Additionally, they were way too deliberate in their planning. We met regularly but never finished a mission in a single session. I will start having to put them on a timer. There are 6 in the group (plus me) but usually only 4 who can make it regularly. Unfortunately, it’s not always the same 4. I like the idea of everyone playing their own characters. One was stuck playing an ally and another had to basically get to know two heroes because they were kind of in the “fill-in” role. I’ve outline a few options below. Please share your thoughts. Option 1 - pick 4 heroes, whether 2 players show up or all 6, that’s what we play with. Pros would be that we get it done in decent time, we could set a weekly or biweekly time and anyone who could make it would, we could just play a traditional campaign. Cons would no one would really be connected to their hero and lack of dice rolling for individuals. Option 2 - everyone (all 6) pick their own hero. They would earn regular rewards and share gear. When more than 4 are present, I would bump up my threat (1-4?) per round to account for the extra hero health on the board and more activations per round. Pros - as long as we have 4 we could play. Everyone would be connected to their hero. Everyone gets to roll dice. Cons - it will more difficult for me to manage threat and keep it competitive on both sides. Some people might fight over gear. So what am I missing? I think I like option 2, but I’d love to hear from experienced Imperial players.
  13. Syncing up map setup time with Rebel upgrade time is a good idea. They have significantly more choices (especially with 4 heroes and 4 players) than the Imperial player. Picking class deck upgrades and Agenda cards is pretty straight forward. With the left over time you can be building the map while they debate between weapons and items. If you’re playing 2 missions in a session, sequence it so that you can have the side mission chosen before adjourning from the previous session. That means the Imperial Player can pull the appropriate tiles for the side mission and next story mission before everyone convenes. That doesn’t work for every campaign, but it can significantly cut down on wasted time. Alternaively, if your group plays 2-3 missions per session you can always use the time between missions to eat, drink, and debrief, an essential part of any good game day.
  14. I think that's exactly how it could work. Some wouldn't work (Han's is one notable example). But it might make taking allies / villains a lot more viable. Vader would get a legit gap closer that allows him to use Brutality. IG-88 gets very scarry. Dengar would be even more able to deliver conditions. Chewie and Leia get appropriate boosts.
  15. Maybe that's a solution for some of the overcosted allies / villains from the early waves. I'm not a skirmish player, so if I'm way off base, let me know. House Rule Idea: Spend threat equal to the point value of the skirmish command card to gain that ability. It wouldn't fix all the early allies, but maybe some. Thoughts?
  16. And I thought there was a theme called Star Wars and not some mediocre kids' show dressed up in Star Wars clothes to appeal to those who can't tell the difference. People love Star Wars for the main characters. Fix them first. Release new versions or IG fixes. I swear to God I will eat a laser if one of my kids says, "I want to be some worthless droid" from a show no one cares about instead of Han, Luke, Boba Fett, or Darth Vader.
  17. This is what doesn't make sense. FFG paid a small fortune to attain the licensing rights. You spent that money to make the most recognizable characters come to life. Why waste it on characters that your average Star Wars fans aren't familiar with? The goal is to achieve some sort of broad base appeal. How are you going to do that when icons like Chewie, Han, and Darth Vader are on the sidelines in favor of these characters few of us have ever heard of? Please return to the movies (you know that thing that millions of fans have spent billions of dollars on). Please offer fixes to overcosted figures. Please give away errata updates for core deployment cards.
  18. I don't know how I've missed this post in the past, but stumbling onto this today / last night was great. Thanks for the research!
  19. The temptation to making MHD hybrid is the autofocus half the time, but don't overlook the value of having his starting weapon be able to stun. MHD's best value is bacta radiator and adrenal vapor. I almost dread pulling explosives from the supply deck especially later in the campaign as their use is usually pretty neutered by then. Murne is a marginally better hybrid, although I think lead from the front is too situational to be super effective. Consider spending your credits giving Loku a strong Pistol as his natural accuracy boost allows you to roll a red die with abandon.
  20. I used to use the following for cards and minis: http://www.planomolding.com/fishing/guide-series-systems/787010-guide-series-angled-tackle-system. The two sides containers were ok for tokens, but they were a little too deep and there weren't enough of them so I had to put similar tokens together. Not a deal breaker, but it could be a hassle. The three center containers are perfect for minis and cards. For tiles and literature I used a couple old binders and http://www.c-lineproducts.com/qz6041-binder-pocket-assorted-58730-cli58730-cli-58730.html. After Jabba's Realm, I purchased: http://www.planomolding.com/hardware/storage-systems/double-cover-lockjaw-organizer. This has revolutionized how I store tokens. The top stores all the tokens easily. There's plenty of space underneath for heroes and their class cards, plus those super sized minis (that unfortunately need to be disassembled for storage). This has saved me so much space in the above mentioned tackle system. Instead of multiple groups being shoved into the same compartment, each group of stormies gets their own breathing room! Unfortunately, carrying everything can be a bit unwieldy, but frankly it works perfect for me
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