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  1. Weirder still using url you provided I can order it for $53 and I did, but searching I get the pages I saw. I am guessing Amazon is giving different prices depending on where you are??
  2. Interesting I have not scene it for less than $106 on amazon for weeks and it ships from Great Briton so costs an additional $21.
  3. Thanks for doing a open AMA for fans of FFG! I wasn't much of a table top gamer until I got into X-Wing I can't tell you ow much this game means to me now meeting lots of great people. For X-wing 2.0 how long until the original 3 factions will start to see new ships not just re-releases? Great to see card packs coming will there be more future card packs with more new pilots of 1.0 ships such as RZ1 A-Wing, and Auzituck as examples? I have been looking at Imperial Assault and thinking about jumping into it. Many have asked about new content in the thread, but I am concerned about starting to buy IA if it might no longer be re-printed. How long can we expect current IA products to be available and re-printed if needed? I am asking that knowing that ) IA products are available to purchase from FFG currently and none are listed as upcoming for a re-print. Is Imperial Assault being discontinued, or will FFG print more?
  4. Ethics can vary by personal ethos and community standards. To me I am a hard no on the entire scenario. By not playing the 3-1 player you are cheating him of the game experience. For the fast majority of players in a tournament the competitive experience is what they are paying for. Even for 2 players of roughly equal skill with well matched lists variance in 2.0 will swing the favor to one player or another. I view this the same as intentional slow play. An ethical no, but each person has to decide for them self. The least objectionable would be to concede before putting ships on the table. I for one hope FFG clarifies the rules on conceding a match. My read on the rules are that it is intended for cases for giving a loosing player an out rather than play out the inevitable, or as a way of dealing with cases when a player has to leave because of some external reason. It to me is clearly not the intent of a competitive play event for players to concede games in this manner.
  5. implied in stream they were going to go do it now., but how long will it take them to do the update?
  6. I am not familiar with it is their a link?
  7. I did not see this one yet. Understand to the best of your ability how your list works. What are the mechanics of your ships and upgrades so you will know how to play them and how to explain them. Had a guy playing next to me at the Denver system open day 1 flying separatist he had gotten buzz droids attached to his opponents Redline before Redline activated. Then after Redline moved his opponent was in a position to barrel roll and did so to move away from the buzz droids. The separatist player did not think you could do that called a judge and then after being informed that is how the Buzz Droids work and having the card text and mechanics explained by the Judge this player totally lost it. He went off thankfully not on anyone in particular just FFG. His tirade negatively affected the experience for all near by and he was not new to the game as he went on about how FFG has been doing players wrong for x number of years. If you are new to the game or a game component research and ask how it works if you are unsure before playing in a organized event. It will help you make better decisions in the game and improve your experience. Also, as others stated observe Wil Weaton's Law.
  8. Local Hyperspace mode Tournament Friday had a large number of Falcons from all three factions. The tournament was won by a Vader, Maarek Stele and major Vermail list. I flew a Poe Han list for first time and had a blast with it my only loss was to the above Vader list. I am really impressed with Rey gunner and Chewie crew for resistance.
  9. Does anyone know if this is the whole list for the first season of Hyperspace trials? Will any more venues get added?
  10. I agree that to be a dedicated bomber Scurrg would need to have reload ability. I only see that possibly happening when FFG releases a 2.0 Scurrg in a new title card or we get some other upgrade that adds a reload action. Personally I would rather see it get a points decrease, and a Gunner slot at minimum. I would like to see the Scurrg and Punnisher have about the same utility adding a Missile and Torpedo upgrades to the Scurrg would be a early Fathers day for me if it were to be on the points adjustment on the 28th. I would also be very surprised. I do expect it to get a points adjustment as others have pointed out it costs the same as it did in 1.0 but it has much less ability. I tried to build a few lists with the Scurrg but for the points you get so much more with other ships.
  11. From page 13 of the rule book "As mentioned in the “Performing an Attack” section, ships attack at range 1–3, which means a ship cannot attack a ship that it is touching because that ship is at range 0." From page 15 of rules reference "◊ After a ship partially executes a maneuver, it is at range 0 of the last ship it overlapped." Seems pretty clear that if 2 ships are touching they cannot attack each other unless they have a pilot or card effect that allows attack at range 0 such a zeb no matter the range in arc for the attack.
  12. Why didn't we get quick build cards for the wave 14 ships with the 2.0 material in them?
  13. The ship was not the problem with the K-Wing if it was the ship that was overpowered CANCER we would have seen more than one K-Wing used in top meta in the last year of 1.0. The issue was the interaction of Miranda's pilot ability and the TLT turret. Her ability to regen plus getting consistent 1 damage with TLT every round was the cancerous part. If the ship was to blame we would have seen double K-wings everywhere last year. In 2.0 we do not have a TLT turret or anything similar. I would hope FFG would know better than to power creep that back up. Miranda's ability has been nerfed to allow her to regen a shield only if she has no shields which seems to have balanced her in a fair way. I would wait until we see K-wings other than Miranda hitting the table in any numbers in 2.0 before I would say the ship is balanced at a good power level. I think it needs a better dial to be a ordnance carrier, or as others have said I would love to see it with a system slot. I have not seen enough to prove to me that Sabine is worth the same a trajectory simulator which is what folks are saying when you say that Rebels do not need a Trajectory Simulator ship because they have Sabine. Compared to the Scuurg the K-Wing is doing ok but I am not convinced it hasn't been beaten down to no longer being useful. Nerf to the Scuurg is just depressing.
  14. In my local group everyone is pumped for 2.0 Talked to a few who are converting only a single faction but most I have talked to are planning to convert fully. Most of the people I play with are pretty heavy into tournaments and are planning to remain so for 2.0. With the points being released we are seeing some players playing 2.0 lists now but we still have 5 store championships in our region so 1.0 is still getting played. I have 2 more store championships I plan to go to unless I win the next one ?. Overall Much excitement for 2.0.
  15. But we have not seen Seismic Torpedoes in 2.0 material yet. It will be interesting to see if they are brought back into game and how they might be different. Maybe they will require a target lock?
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