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  1. Well thank you all for the replies! The more I read into this book the more I find that this is definitely a good fit for the game type the GM wants to run. Going to touch on a lot of your posts and provide more info about our recent discussions with the group. We are currently wrapping up a Hunter: The Vigil game, about 2 sessions left in that. And there most definitely will be a "Session Zero" where we talk about the game and make characters. The GM is very good about making sure everyone fits and their characters shine at the appropriate moments during the game. He's usually the "Make whatever character you want, and I'll make it work in the story" type of GM. Preemptive party make up: Droid Mechanic, Human Pilot, Wookie "Muscle/Gun man", and 1-2 undecided, plus myself, also still undecided. I didn't mean for it to sound like THIS IS THE JOB/CLASS YOU HAVE TO DO when I, as the captain, go out and recruit characters. Its more of "I'm looking for a Mechanic, can you do that? Oh you also make explosives and can slice things? Great!" Just looking for someone that can fix my ship when it breaks. If they are a Fringer with the Mechanics skill that's fine. Politician with Medicine? Sure. They can do whatever class they want, as long as they cover something that I am looking for. Didn't notice that about the YT-1300, picked the 2400 to not be too cliche, but you do bring up some good points. Speaking of ships. Is there a section that talks about how much room a speeder bike/swoop would take up in the cargo hold? GM has stated for right now we will be using the 3 main books, so Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force & Destiny. GM has also stated that no one will be starting play as a Jedi or Force Sensitive. And told me that he will randomly select a crew member to be Force Sensitive at some point.
  2. In our gaming group we are looking to start an Edge of Empire game. The GM wants it to be more of a Firefly like game. Meaning the party chooses a Captain, he goes out and recruits his crew (rest of the group) and they do whatever missions they want and can find while trying to stay flying. Perfect fit for Edge of the Empire. I was elected Captain of the ship, which means I was able to choose our ship. GM is changing the starting stuff up a bit so I can start with a YT-2400. My plan is when we do character creation, we always like to do them as a group activity, to basically give them a list of what I, as the captain, is looking for to fill his boat. My character type will most likely be a Smuggler - Scoundrel, unless anyone thinks there's a better choice for a character type to fit the captains role, which will probably be a Face type character. Politician caught my eye as well as Trader for other possibilities. What kind of crew members do you think I should look for to fill my boat to keep it flying? I'm ok with multiple people filling multiple rolls or crossing over. Ideas I have come up with are: (Mostly stolen from Firefly) Pilot Mechanic Muscle / Hired Gun Medic (?) Face character (?) ----- Most likely me in the Captain roll. Hit me up with your thoughts.
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