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  1. We keep them in. Love em! Nothing as amusing as one of your players trying to coax you to join them alone in a room, or chasing them down as they light fires in every room while the rest of your party frantically tries to put them out. I think you're just not roleplaying your character and getting lost in the mechanics. I will admit, however, that every scenario needs to have a "Player went Insane" ending. We don't losing because we're treated to a little story at the end. The problem with these cards is that they offer no resolution other than laughs at the table.
  2. Although logically it might make sense that you cannot use the door because you haven't solved the puzzle, you would need to assume that the bad guys can use it at will as the cultist does when you first enter the room. A technicality like this shouldn't impede the monster. Just move him as if it is a door.
  3. Now it makes sense. Thank you for that info.
  4. Am I the only one completely unimpressed by her "reformed" status as a cultist? Or even as a cultist at all? According to her biography, she was hardly even a cultist to begin with. She seemed more like a secret society member who had second thoughts. I was kind of hoping for a deeper story for her, I guess. Like perhaps someone she knew/ maybe herself was to be sacrificed to some evil creature, and upon seeing it, fully realized how depraved her fellows were? But her printed story is so vague in its details. Just a gripe. Nothing more.
  5. I know this will be a vague post, but bear with me. We started the Rising Tide mission. At one point the game said "This mythos event affects the investigator... ect. ect." And then it just skipped right to the Horror Checks. When I went back into the Message Log to see what was skipped, there was literally an empty text box.
  6. It's both the damage and horror. A successful roll would allow you to avoid both.
  7. I finally got around to ordering some new bases. I have to say I do not regret it at all. They already look a LOT better. I am using super glue too, and as long as you use a tiny amount, you'll hardly notice the fogging.
  8. The changes are subtle. Even so, you would be seeing requests for alternate tiles. Instead of the tentacle icon, it should ask for keys... Or moons, I forget which. Which operating system are you running the app on?
  9. I have to agree. If there's a monster on the board, there are 3 things that can affect you in one round. The mythos event, the monster, and the horror check. If you roll bad all three times, you could start to unravel pretty fast. My group got SO FRUSTRATED with bad rolls in Escape from Innsmouth, that we started allowing rerolls when it became obvious that the situation was impossible. Even then, with 4 players, we lost. We've tried that scenario twice and to this day we refuse to play it. However! We are forgetting the spirit of the game. Hopelessness, despair, horror... We may just need to come into the game with a better mindset. Have fun experiencing the insanity and ultimate defeat at the hands of greater things.
  10. They could sell limited use key codes that unlock the dlc on 2 devices
  11. Found another one the other day. Scenario: What Lies Within Starting Tile: Entry Hall Device: Kindle Fire App text requests Root Cellar (Tentacle Icon) and Tool Shed (Tentacle Icon) But the tiles are actually Root Cellar (Key Icon)
  12. Often your character will be able to roll 6-7 dice, which means rerolling 2. People also just like to have 1 set for each player so you don't have to pass them around the table.
  13. They posted the front on their own website. I'm just trying to make a monster spreadsheet for when I rebase them onto acrylic disks, so all I really need is the info.
  14. I'm trying to find the flavor text and brawn of the creature for a spread sheet I'm working on.
  15. Hey those Acrylic bases on you ghost... are those 1.5mm thick, or 3mm thick?
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