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  1. I just rebuilt them. I was able to match everything on the sheets with judicious use of XP
  2. Are you that Aramis? (Yes, I think we know each other from the old TML)
  3. The ultra-classic Rebel Breakout from the first edition of the game with good ol' ISB Agent Mar Barezz
  4. Does there exist abyway out there in fan-land a "quick and dirty" way to upgrade a Beginner Game character to full rules status?
  5. Do stats for this type of ship exist elsewhere in the system? Allen
  6. I really wish we had extra characters. I have six people in my group.
  7. Will there be a Last Jedi Beginner Game? Allen
  8. I got this today. The galaxy map is great and the adventure looks fun. I was a wee bit dissapointed there were not two more downloadable characters. Allen
  9. A question for an upcoming part of a certain adventure... How many TIE fighters constitute a "wing"? Allen
  10. I think I will do stats for her using the Colonist career and Scholar specialization from Edge of the Empire. Allen
  11. I may have them juat be rules that apply in the temple.
  12. In the Lure of the Lost adventure for the F&D beginner game, it makes reference to gaining 5 Conflict lowering a PCs strain threshold by 2, and also mentions gaining strain threshold if Conflict is lowered. I am running this adventure but using the full rules. Do these rules exist in the core rulebook? Allen
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