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  1. UndeadCrusader

    Force Charges

    You recharge one per round. Even if you have more crew members with force. You recharge just one per ship.
  2. UndeadCrusader

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I tried Gideon and Del with Kestal, Rhymmer and Vynder. They are still tie fighters and die too easily. Even if you have Iden, I don't think it's worth it, you pay 40 to survive one more shot and your 2 dice attack does not do that much. I would just sink points into other ships.
  3. UndeadCrusader

    Point cost of Delta 7

    Well Delta-7 2/3/3/1 Delta-7b 3/2/3/3 in lore, 7b is different in astromech placing, allowing full-size instead of integrated. It was bigger and thicker than standard D7. I expected to have 2 models, but it having similar role, same pilots and everything would be pointless to have. 7B should have more hull not shields but there things were together with Eta-2 custom to the needs of a Jedi, some had more weapons, others had more shields, hyperdrive. You had the chassis and made it whatever you wanted it to do. Afterburners, shield upgrade... this ship is more likely to have any upgrade in contrary to like imperial ships which were all made the same and almost no mods in them.
  4. UndeadCrusader

    Point cost of Delta 7

    Oh, I mistook that for Calibrated Laser Targeting the config+mod for Delta-7, my bad. There is small chance it would get 2, but atlas we know it has 1 mod. that can work well too.
  5. UndeadCrusader

    Point cost of Delta 7

    I have been thinking about it having 2, would be great, strong but I don`t thing it would be OP. But Mace in there.... 3 mods, 7B, shield, AB. That is crazy.
  6. UndeadCrusader

    Point cost of Delta 7

    Force is more white, like more full, this is double mod, Shield Upgrade and afterburners for Mace
  7. UndeadCrusader

    Homing Missle, BT-1 gunner and stressed target - is that a crit

    No. Homing Missiles " the defender may choose to suffer 1 hit" BT-1 you may change 1 hit result to a crit result. There is no (dice) result to change. He just suffers it.
  8. UndeadCrusader

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    I can rule out several out of seven factions that game has/will have just by personal taste. I don't like the new movies and most of rebel ships, including most things about rebellion, so 2/7 out. I started by the time TFA core set arrived. And in 1.0 TIE/SF and Omega Leader were just too good to pass on. Now? I just don't need them and FO as a faction does not appeal to me as much (FO interceptor and future ships might get me in. 3/7 out. I'm not really a scum player, I have a few ships but most scum ships just don't do i t for me. Yet I'm willing to buy the nice ones. (3/7 out, 1/7 in). Empire has been my main faction and well, I'm not really satisfied with it now, but as it is Empire I'm going to go on. It just won't get many new releases. (3 out, 2 in). CIS, except for Infiltrator just meh. (4 out, 2 in). And then.... Republic. As I see it, it is the only faction I'm really interested in playing. Then 4 out, 3 in, considering that Empire is not going to get many new releases and I just don't care about most scum ships... then I'm just stuck with buying Republic as the only faction.
  9. UndeadCrusader

    Do away with cards?

    I found cards in 1.0 a nice thing but over the time they became just a useless trash. We played just with printed A4 with all the cards or took out just the pilots and knew what everyone had. We played imperial aces so no brain dead. Going full app like in warhachine would push the game because they could change the cards and if you want them, just print them ad put them in a card sleeve with the original. Havin an app like war room where I can see what I have and my opponent has including health and everything before me would be much better. And if you want cards, you can, if you want app, you have it. But FFG would have to put some effort in it... the official app just seems like a trash to me. Well I used to defend 2.0 but after some time I just stepped down and don't play the game anymore because the transition between editions seems pretty poorly done and I don't see any reason to play for like next half a year until I see in what shape the game is.
  10. UndeadCrusader

    I'm in X-Wing!!

    I loved Interceptor as long as they were usable. Now I'm torn between Defender and TIE/SF and give it OLs ability "Enemy ships that you have locked cannot modify any dice when attacking you or defending against your attacks." PS reflecting my ability in x-wing? Sometimes I fly like I'm drunk, even before I start "drink and fly". Other times... "just as planned". So something between 3 and 7.
  11. UndeadCrusader

    Kylo with Gunboats

    Not really, he can assing evade this way when he needs it.
  12. UndeadCrusader

    That ship you never fly...

    As a mostly Imperial player I flew TIE Phantom just once. TIE Advanced never. But I have some scum ships and tried to pick some that I would play, so I got myself two protectorate starfighters, repainted and played them once. Never played headhunters.
  13. UndeadCrusader

    Defend the gunboats

    So, this is simple. I played alot defenders, TIE/SF, mostly 2 defs, bomber and FO, or ion cannon defenders with jonus, which I liked as I could get Nym out of map in a few turns. Well, what I have figured out. If you attack from different angles, you can keep enemy ships ionized for defenders to take out. It may be hard to pull off but when you do.... I don't run into large amount of missiles, but if I survive alpha I think it'll be ok. Have not tried yet, because I don't have second gunboat yet. I have also been thinking about switching one defender for TIE/SF (title, FCS, AO, LWF) which needs me to switch one ion cannon for flechette or further down and adding something. Flying monkeys, 100 points. Nu Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 18 Ion Cannon 3 Long-Range Scanners 0 XG-1 Assault Configuration 1 Ship Total: 22 Nu Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 18 Ion Cannon 3 Long-Range Scanners 0 XG-1 Assault Configuration 1 Ship Total: 22 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 28 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 28
  14. UndeadCrusader

    Obligatory film ranking thread

    V, VI, III, IV, II, I, R1, VII, VIII
  15. UndeadCrusader

    My Thoughts On the imperial performance

    Thats the reason me and my friend don't enjoy this game as much as we used to. I got this game for the fun of playing star wars with starfighters when FA core set got released. And now we just play it for the tournament prices and the models are quite well done. No longer we play just for the fun, but to adjust our lists to current meta. We were two empire players, one rebel and one scum as core of our group and now we mostly switched from empire to scum, because it is just easier and stronger... I still try to make imperial lists work, but making lists just to counter bombs and auto damage is not funny.