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  1. Brilliant Evasion is 6 points for most of the pilots as it has variable cost. But so far Hate is cool, used it even on Grand Inquisitor and it helped him survive for like 2 rounds more because of force regen. SNR is just too expensive to take most of the time. But Ini3 Inquisitor with this can be a beast, with 3 actions per turn, repo and super dial. Sense can be usable but I don't see myself really using it. Predictive shot is just useless as you have to use it before rolling dice and it counts on you rolling badly. Brilliant Evasion looks good on paper, not that great in use, but can be really useful when you take TL or whatever and roll two eyeballs on defence just to spend one force. But I would like it to drop i bit. Hightened Perception is great if you ask me. I run Windu/Saesee/Luminara with it as triple ace list and it works good. Instinctive Aim, is not just about taking a lock but actually shooting at someone else in case the ship you locked gets out of arc or whatever. Make yourself a bigger threat by having the opportunity to target anyone. Battle Meditation works well, could be cheaper, but worked well when I have tried it. As for all force talents and even force using pilots is that everything wants you to spend force. When you have 3 force it is much easier, but for most of them having 2 force... having to spend force for your Pilot Ability and Force Talent? Nope... yes if you are Windu and can do a red maneuver next turn.
  2. Amidala + R2-C4 and Anakin + Plasma Torps are 108 points total
  3. What are you talking about? Rebels are in a really good shape. Fat Han, Y-wing spam.. Wedge+Thane+Jake+Dutch, Leia is quite broken for her price.
  4. And where do you take that from. Because neighter rulebook nor rules ref say that.
  5. Hi, I went trough rulebook and rules reference, but I'm still not sure about this. So here I am. Can I do ensnare like once per end of activation phase or each time I am tractored during end of activation phase? Lets say, I have three, or for easier example, two nantex fighters. One of them has tractor, he passes it to the other one trough ensnare and boosts itself, then it is tractored and can pass it back to the first one and repeat?
  6. My playtime got longer in 2.0 but thats because I'm more cautious. With certain lists I was able to table my opponent in like 20 minutes in 1.0, which I wasn't able to do in 2.0 most of the time. But 8/10 games end before time.
  7. Anakin - quite expensive and I'm not that much sold on his ability. Obi - great for... reasons Plo - can do some crazy things or not... depending on your list and your opponent Ahsoka -useful, even at I3 Mace - I just find great, slap hightened perception, 7B and R4-P17 on him and he is just beast. Probably my favourite pilot of all, good ability, 3 force and solid price. Saesee - maybe useful, playing him, Mace and Lumi with hightened perc each against 4xI5 squadron was really strong but moving first didn't net me use his ability once, still I didn't need it. Luminara - I found her to be quite good. The turns I didn't use HP and shot second made my opponent use his focus/force to push more damage trough or just settle with one hit which I evaded. Less useful when I engaged at I7. Barriss - That one force is just bad and too expensive to even consider her in a list for me as I see Luminara just better. Jedi Knight - 3x with Battle meditation, R3 and 7B were quite solid but not that great I won against high ini rebel list but my opponent just rolled bad. And as a support ship with cheap battle meditation pretty solid. But I agree, better to find points for named pilots with atleast 2 force.
  8. Yeah, I don't know what I have been thinking about.... screwed up. But still, if Snoke, Informant or whatever flips your dial, you don't get to change it until it is you who reveals it. So no changing maneuver in systems phase.
  9. There are things that specify "reveal" your dial and "flip" dial... that is a difference... Most of the time you "reveal" while your opponent "flips" your dial... but even if he revealed dial... Hera still specifies " After you reveal " .. you like YOU the player have to reveal the dial. With Snoke/Informant your opponent does it so YOU don't have a dial to reveal as it already is.
  10. Hera specifies after "you" "reveal", while your opponent "flips"... even if Snoke revealed, the condition is that you have to reveal it. As I read it...
  11. Works, it is still a primary attack, so he gets to roll his additional die.
  12. You recharge one per round. Even if you have more crew members with force. You recharge just one per ship.
  13. I tried Gideon and Del with Kestal, Rhymmer and Vynder. They are still tie fighters and die too easily. Even if you have Iden, I don't think it's worth it, you pay 40 to survive one more shot and your 2 dice attack does not do that much. I would just sink points into other ships.
  14. Well Delta-7 2/3/3/1 Delta-7b 3/2/3/3 in lore, 7b is different in astromech placing, allowing full-size instead of integrated. It was bigger and thicker than standard D7. I expected to have 2 models, but it having similar role, same pilots and everything would be pointless to have. 7B should have more hull not shields but there things were together with Eta-2 custom to the needs of a Jedi, some had more weapons, others had more shields, hyperdrive. You had the chassis and made it whatever you wanted it to do. Afterburners, shield upgrade... this ship is more likely to have any upgrade in contrary to like imperial ships which were all made the same and almost no mods in them.
  15. Oh, I mistook that for Calibrated Laser Targeting the config+mod for Delta-7, my bad. There is small chance it would get 2, but atlas we know it has 1 mod. that can work well too.
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