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  1. This is what I would do. Just make it a combined Mechanics/Brawn check, Upgrading a Difficulty die to a Challenge die (because sometimes when you force things, they break).
  2. Andja will look for a starport datapad, something for checklists and making rounds. The gffa version of “moving with purpose, clipboard in hand.”
  3. Yeah. Making sure Krydil gets away, and keeping a look out for more trouble.
  4. Unfortunately, the previous Athletics check left Drogos 2 Maneuvers shy of the lift, so no (no more Maneuvers available this turn)- but he can be right at the door when it cycles open.
  5. Okay, @Shlambate. The lightsaber disrupts the lift control panel and temporarily halts its operation (it may still be operated from within, but will require additional maneuvering). For the Advantage, the door to lift may cycle open, if you wish.
  6. Lightsaber is fine, unless you have something else in mind? The Challenge die Upgrade should cover “Lightsaber the turbolift, what could go wrong?!”
  7. Drogos is within range, but cannot see his target inside the closed lift, Engaged with Evon. The lift is just about to move, but a carefully inserted lightsaber (Hard check) into the control panel might be able to stop its descent. I will flip a Destiny Point, so vs 2eD+1eC, if you wish to attempt this.
  8. Medics are already en route to the scene. Someone must have reported the knife and the blood. Den may move toward the turbolift if he wants, arriving next turn.
  9. You are all up! @P-47 Thunderbolt We can assume the detainees have been secured, if Hale wants to call upon Banshee Squad.
  10. The message is legitimate, and not difficult for Briar to verify as such. Recover 1 Strain. For the Athletics Advantage, I’ll say Briar can Act next turn, but at the end (instead of at the top of the round, on her initiative slot).
  11. The assassin recovers quickly and rolls into a crouch, drawIng a molecular stiletto from his boot. “Well this is a pleasant surprise. There’s a bounty on your head too, torturer.” The man lunges and misses, but manages to regain his feet in the attempt. Just then, the lift lurches, a sure sign it is about to begin its descent. Outside, the tactical watercraft makes good on its escape, under cover of the flak gun. Some of the projectiles reach the resort itself, bouncing off the walls at seemingly random trajectories, obviously some form of non-lethal rounds. With Crispin down, the empire must have higher priorities at the moment- which suits the renegade unit just fine. The Omwati slicer Zyi speeds to meet them, boarding just before the stern canopy closes, and the tac-boat reaches open water. As soon as it has sufficient depth, the watercraft dives beneath the surface and disappears from sight. Banshee Squad escorts the Squamatan insurrectionists from the beach scuffle to holding cells. It is unclear if these brawlers have been indoctrinated into the rebellion, which obviously has a presence here- but they were most assuredly being groomed for it. The diminutive ID9 clings to one of the Stormcrow’s wings, capturing the entire scene below, relaying it to Yularen’s office in real time. The true objective of the mission had been very much need-to-know, and had to look real. Stroking his white mustache, the ISB Colonel wonders if the rebels are going to take the bait..?
  12. The stand down order was only directed at those engaging (lower case) the watercraft.
  13. It would be Daunting Athletics, to get you there to Act next turn. Average Computers to determine authenticity of signal. Add 2 Setback to the Computers check, and you can do it on the run (both checks this turn). edit: I didn’t specify, but Briar’s talents would apply. The 2 Setback are for trying to use your tablet/comms while moving quickly. @Imperial Stormtrooper
  14. I just figured they were securing/ transferring the beach prisoners into custody, so PCs weren’t tied up with such a mundane task. I’ll narrate it if you wish.
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