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  1. The Aqualish remains inscrutable, throughout the game, with only a few indecipherable guttural outbursts. Dex's cards aren't bad, but he's thinking the only idiot in the array is seated here at this table, passively awaiting a Hutt's pleasure... "So, what's your name..? Those are some pretty fancy optics on that piece you have, there. Do that yourself?" Dex makes some small talk, despite his opponent's reticence. The last roll of the dice almost throws him, but the other guy seems even more displeased with the outcome.. or delighted..? I have no idea how to interpret him, really... When he draws the Sylop, effectively ending the game, he is left holding four cards with a net value of +2. The Aqualish has five in his hand, netting him -4, decidedly further from the goal of zero. "Hey, nice game, pal! If it's any consolation, that jacket will look waaaay better on me." The Aqualish isn't moving. "Aww, c'mon, nobody likes a sore loser..." Somehow, Dex doesn't think the thug is too concerned about being well-liked.
  2. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Kai-wan will commandeer the other shuttle, and steer it into a Sith squad in the hangar. Planetary or Space? Difficulty? @Rabobankrider
  3. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    You must do what you feel is right, of course. @KungFuFerret Just my would-be squad leader telling you to shoot, because he can't seem to hit anything himself. I'm also going to issue some other orders everyone can feel free to ignore, in case I go down.
  4. I know, but I needed to move forward, and I'm Sidestepping. I'm already hit, for more than half my wounds. Another hit will put me down.
  5. Gunslinger charges forward, following their Commander toward the freshly arrived battle droids. Both pistols are blazing away, but firing on the run is a lot different than practicing marksmanship at the range, it would seem. As the enemy rifles raise, the unlucky squad leader prepares to sidestep the anticipated return-fire. "Spanner, If you're gonna pick that thing up, point and shoot!" "Forward! Double-time! Take out those towers!" We'll be in their range the longest. Don't need to kill all these B1s- just need to run the gauntlet...
  6. I may as well just sling my pistols at them, with rolls like these: Campaign Cyclone Squad Description Move, Attack B1s w/ both pistols, Sidestep Results 3eP+2eD: 1 failure [3eP=-, -, S] [2eD=F, F] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  7. Description Sabacc Results 3eP+2eD+1eS+1eF: 3 successes, 1 Dark Side [3eP=S, A/A, S/S] [2eD=Th, -] [1eS=Th] [1eF=DS] Copy pasta: link bbcode The Dark pip converts a Success and an Advantage, so: 2 Successes, which means I should win back my wager, plus an additional wager's worth (so.. the jacket..?!); the Sabacc chart interprets a single Threat as taking a Strain.
  8. It probably doesn't matter too much, but Gunslinger used his Side Step maneuver to Upgrade incoming ranged attacks (as a maneuver, this was in lieu of taking cover).
  9. Description Ranged light Results 3eA+1eB+1eD: 0 successes, 2 advantage [3eA=A, -, A/A] [1eB=-] [1eD=Th] Copy pasta: link bbcode (Any chance the 2 Advantage can pass off the miss as an accidental discharge, if she role plays it in the IC)?
  10. When the Trandoshan appears from the shadows, attacking Tucker, Hetaera flees shrieking toward the idling truck. "It's him!! Help!! Don't just sit there!! Let me in!!" Freed from the whip, the Twi'lek desperately tries the door Tucker had exited from, in a frenzy to escape the raging lizard man. The door opens, to her surprise, and as she raises the unfamiliar weight of the heavy blaster.. she fires it prematurely, missing the driver completely. "Shavit!! Here, take this kriffing thing!" She hands the weapon over to the rattled driver in a fumbling manner, 'inadvertently' ejecting the power cell, which falls to the floor. "Save me!!"
  11. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "The likelihood of us surviving this onslaught is.. well.." Kai-wan spins, then leaps toward another squad of the Sith troopers, extending his staff as he goes. This time, the troopers are ready for him, and there are more of them. Landing no solid blows, he whips out a repair patch, and applies it on the fly. "..approximately.. not very likely."
  12. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Should J just try to finish off the last 2 in Squad 4? What are ranges to the other squads? @satkaz @Rabobankrider
  13. Character Hetaera Campaign Kings of Nar Shaddaa Description Initiative Results 3eA: 2 successes, 1 advantage [3eA=S/A, -, S] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  14. Het failed her Deception, but with an Advantage that stopped the truck and moved things forward. She succeeded her Charm, which got Tucker out of the stopped truck. Distracting Behavior is a Maneuver, and does not require a check.
  15. Hetaera bites her lip, as Tucker helps unwind the whip twined about her, hoping her team understands what a distraction is.. and what it isn't. This is it, guys. The truck is stopped.. Tucker is out..