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  1. Edgehawk

    What's this? A new pbp?

  2. Edgehawk

    What's this? A new pbp?

    Thanks for reconsidering! All yours @Tramp Graphics ! I actually meant attachments. That's how clueless I am about mods. I can't seem to distinguish them from attachments.
  3. Edgehawk

    What's this? A new pbp?

    Hmm.. With offensive driving.. not much defense going on with smaller planetary vehicles.. I have virtually no experience with crafting or mods. Anyone in the group looking at Rigger or Modder as a possibility? Also, @Shlambate - were you looking at Shipwright? @Rabobankrider Can starting ship credits be used for mods?
  4. Edgehawk

    What's this? A new pbp?

    If we're doing swoops, or some other individual vehicles.. I'm bringing a contender! Sort of, at least. Thinking Operator for All-terrain and offensive driving. I'd also have piloting space and astrogation, if we make it off-world. Could assist in a security role.
  5. Edgehawk

    What's this? A new pbp?

    If there is going to be a forcie in the group, it would be a shame to not have a Racer in this particular campaign? As Force specs go, it is pretty light on Force talents, all out of reach with starting XP. If it is a matter of PC balance, I'd be fine with making an exception for this one spec. Requiring a 30 XP expenditure (as an ooc 3rd spec, after fse) just to pick up the spec, chargen might be our only realistic shot at having a Racer in the party. Maybe just restrict Force powers? And of course.. I'm just playing devil's advocate. @Rabobankrider Your decision will be respected.
  6. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "I find that answer vague and unconvincing."
  7. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "Perhaps you might begin, Admiral, by speaking candidly of your past criminal activities? Specifically in regard to the subsequent sealing of those files, and your.. fortuitous rise through the ranks?" The Investigator hopes to catch her off her guard, push her buttons, gauge her reactions. And just let her try any of her pheromonal mischief...
  8. Sorry to have led you astray, but I should have only rolled one purple for Short range.
  9. Edgehawk

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "You seem agitated, Admiral." It is an observation, not a query, but it begs a response. Something within Kai-wan's circuitry almost.. empathizes.. with this woman. Perhaps it is due to the emotional analysis algorithms he had been programmed with, but he feels a connection to this distraught officer. She is an outsider, here. Just as I am, amongst these Jedi. Always an other. Never belong. Never truly trusted. Nevertheless, she does make a likely suspect. And she does seem agitated.
  10. Gunslinger finds a perch from which he can fire over the barrier, yet still duck down when it gets too hot. He finds himself distracted again, however, by the new Commander. Not so much her mystique, this time, but rather her seeming disregard for her own safety... Whereas Anler would deftly swat the incoming fire aside.. she seemed to be wading right into it..?! The incredulous Sergeant turns back to the task at hand, but his pistols have little effect.
  11. Or maybe bounty hunters? Anyone else care to weigh in?
  12. Cool initiative Results 3eA: 2 successes, 3 advantage [3eA=S, S/A, A/A] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  13. I could be interested in any of those options, but if I had to cast my vote.. maybe the second one listed? I have yet to play in such a classic Star Wars scenario.
  14. It does seem like this game has been struggling more so than the others, for whatever reason. I'm still prepared to continue.. but if you ( @Rabobankrider ) have other ideas.. I'm also game to let this campaign go, and try something new.