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  1. So.. it's a small moon. I am also somewhat puzzled.. who knows who.. through whom.. from when..? This is what I do know: Hetaera and Shura were friends, surviving together on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, as girls. When slavers kidnapped them, Shura fought, and was badly beaten. Haetara was more submissive, and quickly sold, presumably while Shura's face was healing up for the auction block. Shura was rescued by Zay.. ..who is Leto's eldest brother. These events all took place.. about 10-15 years ago, maybe, give or take..? In more recent events: Hetaera just recently helped manipulate her own independence, following years of servitude. Hetaera recognizes Shura's distinctive scar running through her eye, at a table full of mercs, and they quickly reestablish their childhood bond. Hetaera lucks into a life debt, finding Usshkr near death, and now the hapless Trandoshan follows her around. This is where it gets fuzzy for me.. not sure the order of these last two events, or how the courier service fits in..?
  2. Hetaera's eyes meet those of a human nearby. She is quite used to the eyes of men upon her, but she senses his appraisal of her is somehow different than the usual. Still dancing, with her arms in the air, she permits the corners of her mouth to quirk into a smile. His lips move, but his words are drowned out by the pulsing beats of the club. And.. Here comes Usshkr.. "There is a Big Lizard behind you!" she replies, wondering if the young man with the perfect hair can read lips.. Making eye contact with the Trandoshan, she shakes her head, to his obvious displeasure.
  3. "Where to, filthy bipeds..?" And I thought we cleaned up rather nicely.. Astrid is back in her usual attire, though it as has been cleaned and patched since their latest escapade. "I know Bennar, here, has a hot date at the Citadel.. and Shard probably could use a bacta tank.." "I'm biased, of course, toward the discovery of ancient libraries.. but we really do need to find the original manuscript of the Hutt code."
  4. I'm still here, and I'm pretty sure @Cartergame and @Imperial Stormtrooper are, as well.. think we're the only 3 PCs currently active, though. Good to have you aboard!
  5. I'd say go ahead and roll Destiny. I completely forgot about pocket credits (not for the first time).. good question..?
  6. Alchemical Problems OCC

    The last collar you frelled with started beeping.. But I think Rico kept them off (no collar, unless I'm mistaken).
  7. Didn't want to speak for your character, if you weren't quite ready.. but of course!
  8. Gunslinger runs at the corner of the short wall, and tries to use his momentum to carry him up, stemming off the other side.. It almost works, but he doesn't reach the lip. Instead of tumbling to the deck, however, he finds himself landing on Slugger's shoulder.. if he can manage to straighten out, I might just be able to mantle onto the top! "Stand up!" he manages, standing precariously on one leg, while reaching upward with the opposite arm, scrabbling desperately to keep his balance.. "Cyclones, help him!" With the assistance of his squad mates, the trooper stands tall, allowing the flailing squad leader to grasp the top! Pulling himself up, he lies flat upon the top of the wall, and reaches down to help whoever follows.
  9. Hetaera has no engagements scheduled for the evening, so she decides to take some time for herself. She is dressed casually, in leggings and a short tunic dress, beneath a rather more flamboyant cloak. Her makeup is.. more subdued than usual, but still a bit more garish than the norm, even for the club. Tonight, she will dance.. however she pleases. Usshkr would be by, to escort her home, later. Probably just behind me, actually.. She had found the Trandoshan in an alley, deep in the bowels of the city. She had seen the huge lizard-man on the ground, and thought to take advantage; upon closer inspection, she was certain it was one of the many corpses, that turn up on any given night. Rifling through his scant possessions, she was startled, as he tried unsuccessfully to speak. Against her better judgement, she summoned a ride, and took him to a doctor she had.. well, a professional relationship with.. As it turns out, the whole Life Debt story really is a thing! He had been following her around, ever since.. which solved her ever-present security issue, which had had her looking over her shoulder, since she had regained her freedom. Approaching the entrance to the Sound, she smiles brightly at the bouncers, and they wave her in. The pulsing lights and bass speak to her body, and she sheds her cloak.. and her leggings.. and makes her way to the dance floor. Weaving sinuously through the already bustling crowd, she begins to sway, and the tips of her lekku start to undulate. She is in her element.
  10. Any chance I could have accidentally "discovered" (in my unsuccessful attempt to scramble up the wall) an emergency release, which causes the wall to lower.. or would that be too much..?
  11. Description Athletics Results 2eP+1eB+3eD: 0 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph [2eP=Tr, A/A] [1eB=-] [3eD=Th, F, -] Copy pasta: link bbcode Pass Boost to next PC.. Triumph..?!
  12. A Trandoshan life debt would be extremely valuable to my character... I could have heard you groaning, when you came to.. figured you'd keep your hands to yourself.. seeing as you didn't have any arms.. summoned a taxi.. She is manipulative, and may have even been aware of the life debt.. and been willing to risk involvement, in order to obtain affordable security.. 😀
  13. I will use 1 advantage to boost next PC action, other 2 to boost my own next action. edit: Unless the 3 advantage could benefit the entire squad, by countering difficulties with the terrain (3 can usually mitigate difficult terrain.. but without setbacks, it might not prove useful).
  14. Very much thinking this would be her contribution to the gang.
  15. With Slugger already assisting Doc, Gunslinger busies himself helping their new squad mate free himself. "Hang in there, Cyclone. Almost there.."