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  1. "I don't know, Kry... But we can't let this opportunity just slip away. Cormil needs his swoop back. I'm sure the two of you can turn their heads long enough for us to sneak in. Unless you have something else in mind?"
  2. "Pretty sure the Blues boosted it, but my sparkling personality was not enough to secure its return."
  3. When they have the shop to themselves again, Zara outlines a basic plan. "Cormil and I need to get into that yard for a closer look. Krydil, you can occupy them, talk shop, inquire about obscure parts, whatever. Lei Mei.. just be yourself.. sure to help divert their attention away from us."
  4. "Death happens often here. Tending to the fallen while a match is ongoing does not. The collars we use are cortosis weave and have never failed before." Scarpa faces Den. "I will show you the way beneath the arena, that will take you to the access hatch nearest the pillar."
  5. Under the circumstances (holding his breath), I'm not sure he'd have been able to communicate anything. I'll post getting the helmet back on, and acting, when it's my turn next.
  6. Gunslinger just stumbled into a zombie horde (which rolled 2 Triumphs), then generated 4 Threat. I suspect Rabo will throw something more than a headache my way. Maybe the com unit in the helmet got damaged, or he lost a blaster.. or something more awful and zombie related.
  7. Jocinda does not reply, but rather seems distracted, agitated. Activating her comlink, she hails the Melitto below. "Flek. Wesk-1 is unresponsive. Wesk-1 unresponsive." Turning back to Veitra. "This is brutal, but I'm doing what I can here..." In the arena, the downed Wookiees are groggily regaining their feet, with the exception of one lying crumpled at the base of a column. Scarpa Flek turns to the imperials. "You are men and women of action, yes? No one is paying attention to the single fallen Wookiee. If you check him out, check his collar, you might save him? His life has value. We would pay. There are access tunnels beneath the arena."
  8. Daunting Resilience w/ Destiny flip: 2eP+4eD 2 successes, 4 threat
  9. Yes, sorry for the lack of clarity. If you intend some sort of direct interference with the events unfolding in the arena, it can be written in. Otherwise Den, Briar and Castar are with Scarpa, observing from one of the dugouts set around the perimeter.
  10. "Right! Now without further ado, let loose the first wave of Wookiee Warriorrrs!!" "Alas, the show begins, and I must attend to it." All business now, Jocinda turns back to her instruments and proceeds to track the action in the arena, with the datapad and attached optics she has set up. Wroshyyyrka grips his spear tightly, a weighted net draped over his other arm. The helmet he has been given is somehow too large for even his head, and the Wookiee fleetingly wonders what manner of warrior had worn it before him. Krrrtac wields a great glaive, while Lewbok holds a teardrop-shaped shield in one hand and a traditional Ryyk blade in the other. The trio form a rough outward-facing triangle in the center of the Ring, as they know not what they face, nor which direction it might come from. What they do see is thousands of faces in the stands above them on all sides, eager to watch them fight and die. A number of columns rise from the floor of the arena, partially blocking their views of the various entrances. "And now entering the Ring, The Gar-gan-tu-aaaan Gig-or-aaaaan!!" An immense humanoid densely covered in white and gray fur ducks into the arena from one of the dugouts, raising a great knobbed war club in both hands over its head. "Awwhhhrrrr!!" The reigning contender swings the weapon in a mighty arc, shattering a duracrete column and sending the shrapnel flying into the shocked fighters. The Wookiees charge in with their own battle cries, but their looming adversary recovers from its swing with surprising speed, and swats away their combined attacks as one. The next exchange sends one of the Wookiees flying into a column, but the Gigoran's foot gets tripped up in the net, opening it to a jab with the spear. Howling in pain, it grabs the spear and breaks it over the attacking Wookiee, sending him to his knees. "Next wave!!" Three more Wookiees enter the Ring, displaying some hesitation, but fighting nonetheless for it... and with no more success against their opponent, who towers a full two heads over the tallest Wookiee present. The laminate plate cuirass protecting its vitals has kept the Wookiees from landing any telling blows. When the final four Wookiee warriors are loosed into the Ring, all frek breaks loose, as a truly behemoth creature erupts from the floor of the arena and scoops up the Gigoran with one great tusk. Flipping the contender into the air over its back, it turns to face the remaining Wookiees. "Behold Voooor-ti-kusss!! Here to fell all these furred fighters like vermin!" The creature stands on two short legs, with long sweeping arms, not unlike a Rancor- and nearly of a size! A single tusk juts upward from its elongated snout, with a series of similar spines armoring the posterior of its upper body. It wields no weapons in its enormous talon-like claws, but it does not need to.
  11. "Ttthhat is a dangerousss word..." Jocinda hisses sultrily, though her body language stiffens somewhat. Her slender neck pulls away and she tilts her head, so that her slit-like pupils might focus on Veitra's own eyes. "I am asking you to.. question.. and perhaps influence.. to support the enfranchisement of the marginalized. Not through military or political action, but rather a populist movement. We the fortunate few should do what we can to try to effect change, don't you think?" Below, the Melitto replies to the discountenanced Duros: "I work for the Empire, indirectly mostly. Also for the Ring. I am hunter and guide for private clients. Scarpa Flek is many things, for those who pay. Contract work."
  12. Horde of Gungans.. with something off..? Gunslinger lays a hand on the Commander's arm. "Unless that thing has a stun setting, I'd best see what's going on down there first." To the others: "Make sure you're set to stun, and cover me." The sergeant makes his way down and continues through the obscuring mist, until he he can gain a closer look at what's happening on the ground.
  13. Towering over the Mandalorian, Kai-wan tilts his head and regards the captured assassin curiously with his white photoreceptors. "The idea of redemption is a uniquely human concept, but I like to think it is possible. If you are true to your word with us, we will be true to ours."
  14. Kai-wan approaches the Mandalorian. "I fear we may have started off on the wrong foot, what with the untimely assassination, and have not been properly introduced. I am K-1SO, security and protocol droid. Mostly security." The droid's subroutines are still trying to make sense of recent events, but the immunity for cooperation terms appear to be binding. "Your freedom depends upon your continued cooperation in this case, so I will request you be remitted immediately into our custody. You will be expected to assist us to the best of your limited organic capacity, until this investigation has reached its conclusion."
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