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  1. The Pau-an cringes, shaking his head in discomfort at the dinging droid. Replacing the earcap, he observes as the bulkhead slides upward, revealing the suspended woman. "Valem Sabir, Mistress Occa, pleasure. Time is of the essence, but perhaps your possessions are in the room where we just found ours?" Extending a long arm, he gestures from whence they had come.
  2. "It seems to be more interested in whatever lies beyond that bulkhead." Valem approaches the bulkhead that has so aroused the little droid's excitement. "Quiet, friend." Lifting away his earpiece, he presses against the closed hatch, in hopes that his keen hearing may pick something up from the other side.
  3. Not Zando..? As soon as the child begins her withdrawal back into the smoke, Astrid rushes forward, tugging her goggles into place. If she is not Zando, I have to try...
  4. "Kssk-kssk-kssk.." Kai shakes his beak at the Rodian's lack of comprehension. "I think he means careful where you tread," the wise Sathari explains, continuing: "Have you ever stepped upon a fork? Skaaaak!" "Now let us go, vigilant for cutlery in our path!"
  5. Description Negotiate an alliance with the droid Results 1eA+2eP+1eC+1eS: 2 successes [1eA=S] [2eP=S, A/A] [1eC=Th/Th] [1eS=-]
  6. "Hmm.." Valem surveys his fellow escapees. Unless there is a pilot amongst us, it may be wise to befriend this little droid. Approaching the astromech, he crouches down. "If you are as anxious to get off this ship as we are, perhaps you might lead us to the hangar?" I hope it can understand me? I certainly don't comprehend binary. "I am afraid we are the only remaining detainees here, if you are looking for someone?"
  7. There may possibly be a 6th PC slot open. @killerbeardhawk ?
  8. "Okay, well if we're not going for subtle..." The gangly Pau'an finds his crate and pulls out his brilliant bright-rust-colored robes. Surprisingly, he hears the satisfying clink of his few credit chips still in the pockets- and more importantly, his ear-caps, which he eagerly slips into place. The Shistavanen might be almost tolerable, now...
  9. I have to admit, though... In a current campaign I am quite fond of, there have been a number of thinly disguised pop-culture references, from The Hobbit to The Sex Pistols. These infrequent allusions to the real-world have thus far seemed to have a positive impact on party cohesion, creating comraderie, as opposed to detracting from the experience. I guess it depends on the group (your mileage may vary).
  10. I should think it obvious that Zando's current physical host is ill-suited to such rigorous adventures. At this, Astrid juts her chin in the direction of the young girl before them. Addressing Zando again: If you are finished with your mouthpiece (indicating the sobbing creature, now disconnected from its hydraulic contraptions), perhaps it might prove useful to us in our endeavors? Bennar-give it a full physical, once we're back on the... Hind? Turning again to the girl, questioning. Or have we been demoted to crewing with Yellowhiskers and his explosive.. personality?
  11. No, I did not edit it because of this thread (the post is from several days ago); but it was edited for the same reasons that prompted you to start this thread. I'm not even certain I typed it out, but after mulling it over, I decided it did not belong in a galaxy far, far away. Oh, and thanks for the compliment! Another borderline offense is using Star Wars quotes from the movies... Apart from the occasional, mandatory "I've got a baaad feeling about this.." I try to steer clear of them.
  12. Astrid hardly notices the poor emancipated creature, so transfixed is she by the small figure who looks so much like the images she'd seen of her mother. Except my mother should not be a young girl!? Latest incarnation of what? Who are you?
  13. I almost wrote this as: I managed to self-edit the inappropriate simile, prior to posting, but since you brought the subject up...
  14. Description Perception Results 2eA+1eP+1eB+2eD: 2 successes [2eA=S/S, S] [1eP=S/A] [1eB=-] [2eD=F/F, Th] (You didn't specify difficulty, so please let me know if I need to re-roll) @April
  15. And with that, Astrid shuts her mouth, finding herself at an uncharacteristic loss for clever responses. Not exactly the reunion I'd envisioned... Eventually she manages: Your latest incarnation is.. terrible to behold, indeed.