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  1. Valem strides in after the menacing entrance of the archer and the Gand. The Pau'an shows his teeth, but then speaks: "Think very carefully, before your next move.. We wish only to live. You can, too- if you can be reasonable." The shaft loosed from Master Sunrider's archaic weapon quivers as it sinks into the control panel, lending weight to his words.
  2. Dex starts to follow, warily, when he notices something..?
  3. Hey, Mr. Perceptive! @Cartergame (never mind!) Description Avg Vig + Boost Results 2eA+1eB+2eD: 2 successes [2eA=S/A, A] [1eB=S/A] [2eD=Th/Th, Th]
  4. The cathedral issues a continuous scream, from the agonized faces of which the walls are formed. Undeviating, but impossible to push to the back of the mind like white noise. Do you know what horrors lie beyond that wall..? Then you go first. Astrid feels a revulsion akin to that produced by the grimoire on Tython, intensified a thousandfold, as she follows Yorik.
  5. @Rabobankrider could permit you to participate as a member of Acklay, to keep you involved, perhaps? Or the opposition, even?
  6. "Your six is clear, Slugger," he informs the gunner, checking first to be certain. CT-5472 weaves his way forward, blasters blazing. When Slugger opens up with the cannon, the Gunslinger spies where their opponents have ducked behind cover, and waits for them to reemerge. Whenever the enemy clones pop out to fire, he is ready for them, keeping them pinned down with well-placed shots. The tactic appears to be working- too well, as they are not presenting a target, and he can't land any solid hits.
  7. Description Maneuver-Short,Aim& fire both blasters(w/destiny flip) Results 1eA+2eP+1eB+2eD: 0 successes, 2 advantage [1eA=S] [2eP=A, A/A] [1eB=-] [2eD=F, Th] Much ado about nothing.. I've already maneuvered twice, so unless there is fortuitous cover, I will pass a boost.
  8. I can pretty much always find a few minutes for a pbp, but I don't think I can commit a slot of time for the live play sessions. Since the entire premise for this particular campaign concept involves hybrid play, I assumed I should probably leave it to those who were available for such a game. If the invitation stands, for a strictly pbp participant, I'd be happy to join- I just don't want to detract from the idea behind this game.
  9. I just find that in the pbp format, letting people post when they find the opportunity keeps things moving.
  10. Inspiring and Scathing? You've sold me on the Archaeologist/ Politico concept, though the different careers may be difficult for starting xp.
  11. Are we taking damage as Wounds or Strain in this exercise?
  12. Guess you guys won't be calling me Quickdraw.
  13. Penny Dreadful is a show I caught on Netflix a while back. Timothy Dalton plays a Victorian era explorer (Big Game Hunter?) turned monster-hunter.
  14. Your description for this character has me envisioning Sir Malcolm Murray, from Penny Dreadful, on the folio cover.