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  1. Now TV Cinema only has the first two seasons, which was why I was asking. Already watched them.
  2. Before anyone says, no I don't mean some dodgy website with a 480p stream. But is there a streaming service in the UK showing season 3 of Rebels? I watched seasons 1 and 2 on my NowTV box, and that needed the cinema subscription for some reason. Just wanted to know if theres any other options out there.
  3. Pretty sure they're rumored to be bringing back the Specialist Games section at GW.
  4. I think people take offence at new accounts where the first or second posts are about selling their collections - that account has been created specifically to allow them to post about said sale on the forums.
  5. This was discussed and answered int he "Hyperspace and squadrions" (more or less what it was called) thread. No, they're not scarred, they merely count as destroyed for victory points purposes.
  6. Solution - buy from a physical FLGS rather than online retailers. Edit: But I will admit I'm not insensitive to your point, it is a valid one.
  7. Is there a timescale for the PC's to do something analogous to scanning another ship? If so, use that as a comparison to see if the Imp's would have had time to scan them for their ID codes, taking into account that the Imp's wouldnt have been "unaware" so to speak - previous rebel activity would mean they where on alert.
  8. Pretty sure this will come under the "unsporting conduct" section of the tournament regulations, similar to if he was stalling for time to delay an extra round whilst he's up on VP's
  9. His ignorant and smug dismissal of Common Core without having any ^#%ing clue of what it entails is really a pretty clear indicator that he's basically math illiterate and just another proud anti-intellectual. My experiences so far have led me to realize that the people who are most upset about Common Core educational curricula are also those least informed about what it is and what it accomplishes. Cant be any worse than the attempt to use the Chinese method of teaching math that they're trialling at a few schools in the UK. Lots of By Rote repetition of tables. Kinda like memorising your times tables, but applied to fricking everything.
  10. "rounding to the nearest whole number" - <0.5 round down, whilst = or >0.5 round up. "rounding up" - ANY FRACTION IS THE NEXT WHOLE NUMBER. On a side note, as someone in the UK - I feel your pain over Friday. Theresa May is almost as terrifying.
  11. Pretty sure there's a whole thread in here devoted to Mel's work, and a lot of people seem to have them.
  12. Yeah, 'cause snub-fighters and ace pilots are useless... Umm no. No to what? I do believe you're missing the sarcasm.
  13. So yeah, list tailoring. With someone else moderating the fleet lists, imo
  14. Not to head too far off topic, but that's not that remarkable of a feat for the Tau, just saying.Back on topic, just like in ww2 naval games, a good game assumes a "fair" fight. Otherwise it's much more difficult to come up with rewarding scenarios for both sides... But how often did equal fights happen in ww2? Practically never. I do believe someone important said "If you're fighting a fair fight, you've already lost/you're fighting the wrong fight" or something like that.
  15. Wow. Sounds like list tailoring and an abuse of admin priveleges to try and cover it up, to put it plainly. How big where the changes?
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