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  1. Roger that! Buzz that ground, Rogue Two. BUZZ IT!
  2. Happy to contribute. Did it arrive yet? When I mailed it, the lady at the post office asked the standard "anything fragile or hazardous?" question and I responded without thinking "nope, it's just a ground buzzer." I said it without even thinking about how ridiculous it would sound and she didn't react at all. The fact that I haven't been questioned by the authorities gives me hope it will eventually make its way to you.
  3. You're welcome to my spare! PM me so I don't forget when I get home from work.
  4. @serrate Good to hear. I'm sure they're working on it as fast as possible.
  5. This must be happening A LOT. My replacement AT-RT handlebar's status changed from "In Process" to "On Hold" this morning because they temporarily ran out. Since the design is pretty simple, I may try to mock up a temporary replacement in Tinkercad and print it on my 3D printer. If I go this route, I'll be sure to share the .stl here.
  6. To distinguish my scouts from each other, I went with a unique paint scheme on the tarps/tiedowns behind the bike's seats. I tried to keep the tones earthy and muted, but they're different enough.
  7. Something I'm considering is rebasing some of my WotC Star Wars Miniatures onto a Wampa-sized base and using them to sub in for IA minis that seem out-of-place. For example, the Rakghoul or the Vornskr would be a good all-weather monster and wouldn't break the visual theme. Just use the Wampa's stats and AI and sub in the non-yeti miniature. I agree, though. This is something that FFG should fix. I hate to be that guy, but I really struggle with the cognitive dissonance in X-wing in seeing Poe Dameron face off against Darth Vader in a dogfight.
  8. Got it! Any advice on the home-made dips? I'm looking for videos/recipes now. Any thoughts?
  9. Which tone would you recommend for Stormtroopers? I have some small dropper bottles of these shades.
  10. How about this? I have one coming Tuesday. (Check 2nd picture!) https://www.ebay.com/itm/112241519913
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