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  1. I really hope not, it would basically force one clan to splash phoenix for a whole year
  2. Nah, I think there will be a similar role in all the other Clan Packs. The question is how to use it: is it an additional role that adds to the official one (I doubt it), or it's a free-to-use role that cannot be selected at Worlds, but it's valid for tournaments?
  3. http://www.edgeent.com/home/check_public_gallery/l5c08_gallery_1_es So the Role (Support of the Phoenix) allows to splash 8 more influence points if spent towards Phoenix cards The province cannot be used on the stronghold, and chars add their glory to the conflict instead of skills
  4. franzvong

    Next Expansion

    Imho the main reason for the 6 packs was to open up deckbuilding (or just enable it, if we consider the dinasty deck), not really for the "meta". Considering that we received no news yet, and that the lore side will be on hold during the winter break (as per latest official info), I don't expect any release in January. If the Deluxe box will be about Mantis, then I foresee the new pack cycle starting in February, with that deluxe released at the end of it. If the box will be about an existing clan (or clans, as I hope they will focus on storyline instead of a single faction), it may be the first release of 2018 in February, with the second cycle starting in March.
  5. franzvong

    Fireflies - Meditation of the Ephemeral Story

    any link to the story? The pack is not here yet
  6. Not just for the roles, but also for story choices, I think FFG should invest in an online platform (for L5R, but also other games would benefit too). Player registration with unique code assignment, to be used for every official tournament Clan selection with certain limitations in the changes (like, you can change when you want, but you cannot vote for 1 month after change) Tournament swiss and bracket management (so we can dump Tome once and for all), with result tracking like TLP Easy to find documentation, updates and erratas (could be merged with cardgame db) Possibility to vote, opening up also to intra-clan polls only (like the one at Worlds, should have been a Lion-only vote imho) Now that they have FFG Interactive, I don't think it's something that hard to create...
  7. franzvong

    Wildcats and Dragon Teeth - Dragon Fiction

    Completely missed that. Sad panda.
  8. franzvong

    Wildcats and Dragon Teeth - Dragon Fiction

    "Wildcats and Dragon Teeth" it's the first fiction of the new lore that I didn't like. I've found a lot of the actions/reactions unbelievable and very un-japanese: Sumiko in her role cannot be so scared of the prince, giving him a lesson may not make him friendly but I cannot see that causing such a big issue; at the same time, an imperial prince should have been trained in courtesy and etiquette and would try to respect both, at least as a facade. I blame a lot of it to the need to describe characters in a very strong and extreme way, due to limited space and "window" we get on their actions. In a few pages, we must get an idea of the character that has to stick in our minds, as who knows when we will see again Sumiko and the prince. Generally, I'm noticing more and more the difficulty in progressing such a complex narrative tapestry with the bi-weekly fictions. The only reason why the story seems to be progressing smoothly is due to the "six packs in six weeks", that gave us a lot of details and progress in a very short time. Imagine the same fictions in a 6 months-span, with the bi-weekly narrating a parallel story to not spoil them... Not sure how it was with the CCG, maybe I'm just impatient to see where all the stories are going...
  9. And what are you doing to prevent that this time, eh? Which role will you pick for Unicorn to screw them?? PS: sorry, could not resist
  10. franzvong

    The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    This. I see a shinobi/assassination war within the Scorpion clan more than a coup
  11. I took for granted that all clans competed, but we only see the final. So the unnamed Crane duelist tried and lost. On the Scorpion side, I see it more like this: - Kachiko: Go Aramoro and be my champion! Yoijiro, help him win - Aramoro: Sure thing, I'll cheat my way to glory and be closer to you *hint hint* - Shoju: we should be in the shadows and not ruling, Yojiro take care of that - Yojiro: Sure thing, I'll double cheat the cheater with pleasure
  12. franzvong

    The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    I really hope not, I cannot understand why they would follow the beaten path instead of exploring new narratives
  13. franzvong

    The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    I don't see the cause/effect relationship here: they could have linked it to a Kotei, and then never change the Emerald Champion again if they wanted. It's not a big deal, just a missed opportunity to increase the connection between story and players. Back to the fiction, mum and dad are clearly fighting now and I fear that us Scorpions will have to take a stand for one or the other sooner than later...
  14. franzvong

    The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    Am I the only one disappointed that this was decided in the fiction instead of as a result of a tournament? Don’t get me wrong, liked the story, but I really thought they would keep the appointment on hold until the next cycle to have it defined by which clan would win a Kotei...
  15. franzvong

    Madrid Kotei

    So maybe finally people will stop assuming Scorpion is OP and they will look for another flavour of the month (yes, I really hate playing the most common clan ;))